As Kraken to Delist Monero in Europe Soon, Quant and InQubeta in Rally Mode

Monero’s (XMR) struggles continue as Kraken recently announced its plans to delist it on some of their European exchanges starting on May 10. XMR will be entirely removed from its Belgium and Ireland exchanges on June 10.

XMR was once one of the top altcoins to invest in, but it has been losing its battle against getting delisted on major exchanges. Regulatory bodies worldwide have been going after privacy-focused cryptos like XMR, since they offer users anonymity. Kraken’s recent move follows new developments in the European Union that ban crypto exchanges and other services from providing accounts to anonymous users. XMR’s price has dropped by over 7% since the news broke.

Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE) is poised for the biggest price surge it has ever enjoyed as tokens have launched on Uniswap. Some analysts have the emerging crypto’s price growing by over 10,000% as the market determines QUBE’s real price. The consensus is that tokens are presently undervalued.

Popular NFT Project InQubeta (QUBE) Expected to Surge 100X as Token Hits UniSwap (UNI)

InQubeta’s critics are quiet these days as its presale showcases the massive interest in artificial intelligence (AI). Its presale raised $13.6 million. That’s almost as much as the combined $16.7 million the fifth-ranked Solana (SOL) and the fourth-ranked Binance Coin (BNB) raised during their presales.

InQubeta has emerged as one of the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in, and it’s perfectly positioned to grow tremendously as it uses blockchain technology to give everyone access to AI investment opportunities.

Investors will no longer have to put up with the arbitrary net worth and income requirements many mainstream investment entities have. They’ll be able to get direct access to equity and rewards-based investment opportunities on the InQubeta network.

Decentralized Crowdfunding Meets Artificial Intelligence

AI startups can generate the capital they need in InQubeta’s investment space by creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital tokens of investment opportunities these companies offer. InQubeta’s blockchain inherits this capability from the Ethereum network.

The tokens made by the fundraising startups are sold to investors on the marketplace. QUBE, the ecosystem’s currency and governance coin, is used for these purchases. Tokens bought can be resold to other investors, creating an efficient liquidity pool.

Investing in some AI startups emerging today is like cashing in on the internet revolution by investing in companies like Netflix in the early 21st century.

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Monero (XMR) Loses Another Prominent Listing

XMR’s price will likely continue to plunge now that another major exchange has revealed its plans to delist it. Binance, the largest crypto exchange, delisted XMR in February, sending prices crashing by close to 50% before it recovered.

The crackdown against true cryptocurrencies that provide complete anonymity dates back to 2018 when Japanese lawmakers banned them. Other countries have followed suit, leading to exchanges like OKX and Huobi delisting XMR.

XMR getting delisted makes it harder for users to acquire and trade tokens, but it might find a haven in decentralized exchanges.

Quant (QNT) Is Expected to Rally Soon

QNT’s price has declined by 17% in the past month, but solid support was found at $8.87, and reversal patterns are forming on price charts.

Quant is an operating system created on a blockchain that helps to connect decentralized networks and applications. Its utility should lead to its price growing considerably when Bitcoin’s price recovers from its recent slumber.


As analysts expect their prices to surge soon, QUBE and QNT are altcoins to watch. QUBE is the best investment option for building generational wealth, given the 100x growth projections for 2024 and the tremendous long-term growth it is positioned to enjoy as the AI revolution pushes forward.

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