Avalanche (AVAX) & Chainlink (LINK) Left Behind as DeeStream (DST) Takes Pole Position – Anticipating Massive 30X Gains

The crypto marketing has been surging over the last few days. As it rises, so do old and new projects alike as they begin to see their income and not just their expenses skyrocket over the last few days. But even in a market where some projects are starting to appreciate, investors are always on the lookout for the best possible projects.

They keep an eye out for projects that have a chance of giving them not just regular returns but massive ones. Three projects that have investors looking at them with interest are: Avalanche (AVAX), Chainlink (LINK), and DeeStream (DST), the world’s first-ever decentralized streaming platform.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche (AVAX) short-term holders and traders have been benefiting from the surging markets as a look at the charts shows that the price has risen by 27.64% in the last one month. However, long-term Avalanche (AVAX) holders haven’t been left out as the price has risen by over 147% in the last year, effectively doubling investor returns.

Chainlink (LINK)

Luck for Chainlink (LINK) holders, they haven’t been left out of all the good returns from the recently surging crypto market. Chainlink (LINK) has seen the price rise by 15.96% in the last seven days and just around 26.4% in the last thirty. Long term it has appreciated by a whopping 194% in the last year.

DeeStream (DST)

Now let’s talk about DeeStream (DST). DeeStream (DST) is the world’s first-ever decentralized streaming platform and it plans to take over the streaming industry. They plan to do this by solving the problems conventional streaming platforms like Kick and Twitch do not.

First, when it comes to their creators they plan to have fewer restrictions when it comes to creating and streaming content, they also plan to have lower fees than traditional streaming platforms. Finally, they plan to give their creators access to an instant withdrawal button so they can have their earnings whenever they need to.

Then they plan to grow their platform by offering the users rewards in exchange for completing tasks that have notable effects on the growth of the platform. DeeStream (DST) Investors aren’t left out however as they also have certain benefits not found elsewhere.

First is that they get to play a part in the platform’s decision-making and help decide what gets added or changed on the platform. They also plan to give all investors and presale token holders a share of the profit of the platform for as long as they hold the tokens.

Other innovations they have include how they plan to lock the project’s liquidity for life and how they plan to have their team tokens locked for 1,000 days after launch. Considering all this, a presale price of $0.04 sounds too good to be true.

But that is why investors everywhere are speculating that DeeStream (DST) could hit 30x. At the end of the day, we think DeeStream (DST) is an interesting project that you should check out.

Find out more about DeeStream (DST) by visiting the website here

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