$BTC Blows Past $50K as $ETH Nears $3K and $GFOX Targets $5 Million in Presale

Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH), the leaders among the top 10 crypto coins, are moving more violently than almost anybody expected. The market leaders’ aggressive rallying sets the stage for smaller altcoins to make serious moves to the upside. At this stage in the bull market, investors want to be accumulating altcoins- especially small-cap altcoins. These are the best cryptocurrencies to buy this quarter.

$BTC blows past $50K as $ETH nears $3K and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) targets $5 million in presale. Things are getting exciting again, and the next twelve months will get ridiculous. Buckle up and enjoy the mania of the bull market.

Bitcoin ($BTC) Blows Past $50,000 As Ethereum ($ETH) Nears $3,000

Majors are moving, and the Bitcoin ETF inflows have pushed prices higher and higher. This constant source of multi-million dollar buy pressure has massively outstripped supply from miners, resulting in an up-only paradigm. Ethereum will soon enjoy similar inflows when the ETF is approved in May.

The technological upgrade (Dencun) coming to the Ethereum mainnet next month will likely be the trigger to push $ETH above $3,000. The 2024 cycle is being driven by TradFi money, and the reality of how much capital exists in the traditional financial landscape is being felt across the digital asset space as they aggressively wade in.

Large moves like these coming from $BTC and $ETH alongside the rest of the top ten cryptocurrencies are prototypical of the early innings of a bull market. $BTC is up nearly 15% on the weekly, and $ETH is up over 17%. These assets are enormous, and small caps can easily print 100% returns and more in a similar time frame in these conditions.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Targets $5 Million Raise

Galaxy Fox has set its sights on its next milestone of $5 million. It has already raised an impressive $3.4 million, and funding shows no sign of slowing. Launching in these conditions will lead to a blockbuster price discovery phase. If the top 10 crypto coins with multibillion-dollar valuations post double-digit gains, $GFOX could easily post triple-digit gains daily.

This new twist on a memecoin has come at the perfect moment and perfectly encapsulates this year’s strongest narratives. Its memecoin exterior and tokenomics model give it that viral flavor and quasi-limitless upside. While its P2E component gives investors a reason to enter and stay in the ecosystem. Especially because a prize pool is paid out to the top 20% of the leaderboard at the end of each season.

Blending entertainment and upside is Galaxy Fox’s specialty, but most impressive is its staking reward program. All $GFOX holders can head to the Stargate module and start earning passive rewards for staking. The clever thing in this ecosystem is that taxes fund payouts. This grants two large advantages. Payouts are correlated with ecosystem activity, creating a community of stakeholders. And there are no inflationary emissions for $GFOX.

The token burn removes $GFOX from circulation, and Galaxy Fox’s total supply will constantly decline post-launch. A small cap packed with value launching in these kinds of conditions is not something investors want to miss.

Closing Thoughts: Altcoin Season Loading

Bitcoin’s price appreciation has been great for holders, but things get really exciting when TradFi starts to pump money into Ethereum. This excess liquidity will flow directly into DeFi, and this is when altcoins begin to break out.

Investors should forget about the top 10 crypto coins in the final months before full-blown mania and focus on small caps. The Galaxy Fox presale is a once-in-a-cycle opportunity, and getting in on the ground floor will look like a genius move in six months. Participate today!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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