Crypto Staking to Beat Volatility – How Investors Are Making Passive Income with $TUK Tokens

Crypto staking is growing popular as a tool to survive the volatile market movements. Staking on popular blockchain platforms like Ethereum is on the rise. But the cost of high-cap assets makes these investments expensive.

It makes sense to turn to promising, low-cap projects for an additional source of passive income, as a result. That explains the growing popularity of $TUK staking. $TUK is the native token of eTukTuk, an EV ecosystem dedicated to developing economies.

A Creative Use Case of Cryptocurrencies

eTukTuk puts forward a novel cryptocurrency initiative that breaks down the obstacles within the electric vehicle (EV) sector for its mainstream adoption. Rather than taking a broad approach, the project has narrowed down its focus to emerging economies.

That is an efficient strategy since there are plenty of EV platforms that cater to developed economies at present. Due to their heavy investment cost, they are largely inaccessible to people living in developing economies like Sri Lanka and India. That also explains why EVs have yet to make their mark as a sustainability solution.

Climate change and air pollution, being global problems, require global solutions.

eTukTuk opens a gateway to the EV sector by helping the public transportation sector in developing economies move to green technologies. Here, too, the focus is further narrowed down for efficiency. TukTuks, one of the most popular means of public transportation and one of the biggest culprits behind air pollution in developing economies, make an ideal candidate.

eTukTuk Encourages Drivers to Go Green

As the name implies, eTukTuks are electric versions of traditional TukTuks. eTukTuks are featured with AI and blockchain functionalities that give drivers more reasons to adopt the sustainable alternative.

  • eTukTuks feature reduced operational and maintenance costs compared to their Internal Combustion Engine counterparts.
  • 5 years of research and development has led to an efficient design that requires just 200 components. Through local manufacturing, the acquisition costs for drivers are subsequently lowered.
  • Beyond the economic advantages, drivers also get access to AI features that optimize routes, diminish traffic congestion, and minimize fuel consumption.
  • Through predictive maintenance, eTukTuks benefit from a longer lifespan as the AI feature predicts potential issues in advance, enabling timely interventions to prevent breakdowns.

Taking advantage of these advanced functionalities, eTukTuk drivers will be able to take home up to 400% more income than they do with ICE Tuk-Tuks.

A Self-sufficient Ecosystem

The EV ecosystem also includes a peer-to-peer payment network based on blockchain and a network of EV charging stations. A crypto incentivization scheme enables a self-sufficient ecosystem, fueled by the native $TUK tokens.

In addition, $TUK tokens open a gateway for global investors, regardless of their budget. Early investment opportunity in the EV sector, which has long been confined to large-scale investors, is opened to the masses with the ongoing presale of $TUK.

The blockchain-based charging and payment system establishes a seamless ecosystem for drivers where $TUK tokens act as the payment currency. EV drivers, not exclusive to eTukTuk drivers, use $TUK tokens for transactions. They are sent to a reward pool, which is then distributed among Territory Partners and Power Stakers.

The network of charging stations is another key component of eTukTuk’s ecosystem. It is established to resolve the EV infrastructure challenges in developing economies to an extent. Territory Partners establish and manage these stations placed strategically across the country.

The third element, the payment network, is secured by Power Stakers through $TUK token staking. It adds a layer of stability to the system, while providing an excellent source of passive income to investors.

What’s the Relevance of eTukTuk?

The cryptocurrency landscape is not new to experimental projects. But most of the time, they revolve around meme coins, DeFi, and play-to-earn. They have little relevance beyond their speculative value and entertainment aspect. We will find very few crypto projects with any real-world relevance.

That is exactly the reason why the eTukTuk presale is trending now.

It has the potential to take the industry’s reach to the broader public and make its way to the list of established projects like BTC, ETH, and XRP. With the efficient use of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and the innovations of Web3 projects, eTukTuk transforms the lives of people for the better.

We discussed the economic benefits of transitioning to eTukTuks for drivers. In addition, the platform opens streams of revenue for Territory Partners and Power Stakers. While Territory Partners are actively involved locally, Power Stakers have an online presence.

With the launch of eTukTuk play-to-earn game that adopts a Crazy Taxi style, the platform will give gamers an excellent source of income too.

Presale Provides the Best Entry Point to the Investment and Staking Module

Before the official exchange launch, $TUK tokens will be available for purchase at discounted prices for a brief period. Investors participating in the presale phase can take advantage of early staking rewards as well. The staking APY was above 400% at the time of writing.



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