February 10th: BlockEx Launches ICO

BlockEx Launches ICO Marguerite Ohan


From February 10th to February 26th, the general sale for BlockEx’s ICO is live. The BlockEx token, DAXT, can be used to guarantee an allocation of the high quality, curated ICO pre-sales, exclusively available in the BlockEx ICO Market. BlockEx will be accepting ETH, BTC, and Fiat.

To participate in the ICO, you must create an account on BlockEx Markets, pass the KYC checks, then deposit into your account using either ETH, BTC or Fiat. To pass KYC, you will need to submit proof of ID, a selfie with your ID, and a proof of address that is no more than 3 months old. Passports are accepted, but drivers licenses are only accepted from some countries. KYC is run on all participants in the marketplace, including ICO issuers. This is to create a safer environment for all, and in anticipation of coming regulation.

The BlockExPlatform  is designed to offer a safe environment for participating in a range of high quality ICOs. BlockEx maintains institutional grade AML, KYC and security policies for all services, products, and traders. This lowers the risk of ICOs being used for money laundering and fraud. BlockEx only allows utility tokens onto its platform, avoiding any tokens that may be construed as securities. DAXT guarantees a token allocation using the Pot Allocation System. The Pot Allocation System allocates tokens in proportion to the amount of funds contributed. Frequently, the best ICOs will sell out almost instantaneously. Using the DAXT to access the Pot Allocation System, everyone who wants to participate in the ICO can get some tokens.

BlockEx’s CEO Adam Leonard said: “The BlockEx ICO Market brings the good governance and regulatory framework of traditional finance to the innovative world of ICOs.”

About BlockEx

BlockEx’s Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP) is an institutional grade exchange with blockchain asset origination, dematerialisation and lifecycle management tools. The BlockExDAxP includes a digital asset creation tool, exchange, clearing, settlement, registry and brokerage software. The offices are in London, Bulgaria, Taiwan and Israel. https://www.blockex.com.

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