FiNANCiE Launches the ‘No 腕☆×XENO Project’ for Play-to-Earn Community Building and Token Issuance

We are pleased to announce that FiNANCiE, Inc. has launched the “No 腕☆×XENO Project” on FiNANCiE starting April 22, 2024. This project aims to promote “PROJECT XENO” and create a play-to-earn community by issuing and selling tokens on FiNANCiE.

*Tokens refer to community tokens issued as digital items by projects active on FiNANCiE. They do not constitute securities or cryptocurrencies. 

  • Profile

Are you familiar with the game “PROJECT XENO”? It is a smartphone game that is pioneering an attempt to bridge Web3 and Web2, and it is generating tremendous excitement.

By using NFTs, players can earn money just by playing the game, and there are weekly tournaments with prize money and NFT rewards, with the total prize money reaching tens of millions of yen so far.

The game’s operator is about to celebrate its first anniversary, and it has already carried out major collaborations with big IPs like Mega Man and Garo. The user base has been steadily growing. The game also demonstrates impressive sustainability, with many players actually earning hundreds of thousands of yen per month.

“No腕☆” is a guild (team) that has gathered within the “PROJECT XENO” game. The guild now has over 400 members, making it the largest guild within the game.

The guild has a highly diverse membership, including YouTubers, professional gamers, and creators. They are not only working to promote the growth of “PROJECT XENO”, but are also constantly experimenting with hosting tournaments, offline events, designing merchandise, planning YouTube programs, and exploring new games – truly putting the “play to earn” concept into practice.

  • Message

No腕☆ aims to become the world’s number one gaming guild, with over 3 million followers and many YouTubers under its wing. Your help is needed to achieve this goal.

Please join No腕☆ and let’s build this community together.

In this community, we can leverage each other’s strengths to further improve our individual activities. It also encourages us to take on challenges in areas we’ve never tried before.

As a large community, your “things I want to do but haven’t tried” can be someone else’s “areas of expertise”. No腕☆ is aiming to be the world’s number one. Please join us in this pursuit.

  • Activity Plan

We will create the world’s number one gaming guild as a “play to earn community”.

As a token holder, you will become a member and enjoy a community where we take everything seriously while having fun.

The utility of the token includes accessing exclusive rooms, meeting participation requirements for future tournaments, requesting work within No腆☆, purchasing merchandise, and gaining event access rights.

Through these activities, the token will be used as a highly liquid asset, thereby increasing its inherent value.

The more people join the guild, the more people will seek the member benefits, increasing token demand. Those who join early will benefit the most. Please join us.

Community Name: PROJECT XENO Guild “No腕☆”

Community Token: ONE

■Advantages of owning tokens

There are various benefits to owning a certain number of ONE.

・Participation in competitions with products

・Participation in the beginner campaign

・Limited items (obtain cosmetics)

・Participation in limited rooms

・Many others

■How to obtain tokens

The method to obtain tokens is as follows.

・Purchase from FiNANCiE market.

– Earned by winning a prize in a competition.

– Obtained by helping the guild.

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