From Rags to Riches: Turn $200 into $200,000 with Bitgert Coin

Cryptocurrency may be unfamiliar to new investors, but investment in this market has the potential to yield good returns. However, it is often advised to conduct research before considering any investment venture. 

Another good crypto ideal for investment by newcomers is Bitgert BRISE tokens. However, the market fluctuations have not posed a challenge big enough to hinder the project from achieving its goal. As highlighted above, the current features that Bitgert develops and deploys have boosted the adoption, hence the BRISE coin value. As analysts anticipate and investors forecast from the market analysis standpoint, Bitgert is one of those projects that can be considered when investing in the cryptocurrency market.

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Bitgert BRISE Developer Friendly Playground

Over the previous week, Bitgert featured and partnered with various projects. This is increasing adoption and bridging the Future of Decentralized Finance. Bitgert was established in 2021 on the BNB chain, and with the name change in Dec 2021, several products and projects have been integrated into this platform. Such products include the Google Web3 Real Estate Marketplace PayBrise Brise Payment Gateway and LocalBitgert.

Through these products and services, the Bitgert project seeks to satisfy the needs of holders of digital assets. Some of these problems include speed and gas fees that were prevalent when it was using proof of work, but using evidence of authority; the platform can perform up to 100,000 TPS with the gas fees. Bitgert has processed over 25 Million transactions in fields including DeFi, Metaverse, and NFTs.

Bitgert is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and it seeks to build an environment for investors, traders, and developers. Here, they can host smart contract projects, meaning more individuals would be involved in the Bitgert ecosystem.

BRISE Coin Model Driving Growth

For this reason, the BRISE coin affiliated with the Bitgert platform has been on the rise and has increased in price since its inception. Based on circulation and max supply, there is one quadrillion BRISE tokens in total circulation. It has a portion initially burned and distributed to liquidity, development, and marketing teams to incentivize stakeholders.

It is used in governance to access voting rights about proposals for the platform and to be involved in its development. Being in ample supply, the token’s price depends on utility scarcity and the associated sentiment in the market, making it a rather important market actor.

According to the specifications of the BRISE coin, an investor can earn twice his money simply with a $200 investment amount. Looking at the market statistics and the calculation, 200 BRISE coins can be enough to make more than the $200 that you have.

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