FundFantasy’s FUNDZ to be natively supported on Coinomi


FundFantasy has taken yet another step to bring fantasy trading to everyone. This unique project has partnered up with one the most popular multi-coin HD wallets in the market, Coinomi. This partnership will allow FundFantasy to offer another avenue for potential contributors to buy, store and use their FUNDZ tokens. This partnership also puts the project in a position to learn from Coinomi team members and to contribute to the wallet’s growing list of compatible assets. This is a win-win for both and a huge advantage for the nascent fantasy trading community and users of the multi-asset wallet.

Details of the FundFantasy – Coinomi Partnership

The partnership between FundFantasy and Coinomi was announced on February 18th, 2018 in London. The following are some of the main details of the FundFantasy – Coinomi partnership:

  • Coinomi will support FUNDZ tokens in its renowned multi-asset wallet, which is one of the safest wallets in the space.
  • The deal will also allow Coinomi users to contribute to the ICO and buy FUNDZ tokens directly with their wallet with a single click once the token sale begins on February 25th.
  • Following this partnership, George Kimionis, Coinomi’s CEO, has also joined FundFantasy as a senior advisor.
  • Kimionis will contribute to FundFantasy with his expertise as an entrepreneur and the creator of software for trading and financial purposes.

The Benefits of this Partnership

The FundFantasy – Coinomi partnership will benefit both organizations as well as their users and their respective communities. These are just some of the expected benefits for all the parties involved:

  • FundFantasy will benefit from the wealth of experience that George Kimionis brings with him.
  • The project will also benefit from reaching a larger audience in a practical manner, thanks to the one click contribution option that Coinomi is enabling.
  • Coinomi will benefit from hosting the native tokens of an innovative blockchain project that is launching an unprecedented platform to gamify trading.
  • Coinomi users will benefit from easy access to FundFantasy’s ICO, knowing that their funds will be safe always.
  • FundFantasy community members will be able to use one of the leading multi-asset wallets in the market to keep their funds safe and to transfer funds to play on FundFantasy’s platform once the platform is live.


FundFantasy and Coinomi CEO’s are Praising the Opportunity

Based on the benefits of this partnership, the CEO’s of both FundFantasy and Coinomi are praising the opportunity to work together. They are both looking forward to cooperating during the ICO and with further development down the road. Kimionis praised the partnership and FundFantasy in particular, declaring that the project “seemed like a great match from the beginning so not only did we invest in this ICO but we also enabled the mechanism to our users who can now participate to the token sale from within their wallets via Coinomi’s secure, one-click ICO checkout service and also store and trade their FUNDZ inside the industry’s leading, security-first multi-asset wallet.”

On his part, Tal Zander, FundFantasy’s CEO expressed his satisfaction with the deal by praising the partnership as a “wonderful development in our project.” Zander added that “George Kimionis’ involvement with our project and in our advisory board has been, and will continue to be, very fruitful in terms of raising awareness to out platform, adoption of our token, integration into exchanges and with other wallets.”

The FundFantasy – Coinomi Partnership Strengthens the Prospects of the Project Beyond the ICO

Zander also highlighted the fact that the partnership with Coinomi would allow “our users to easily handle and trade their tokens in the post-ICO phase.” This shows community members that FundFantasy has a clear, long-term game plan to enhance the availability of its token. It also shows that when it comes to the convenience of its community members, FundFantasy is fully committed to give them all the tools necessary so they can enjoy the benefits of the project even when they are not actively playing on the platform.


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