Introducing Bdaq – the World’s First Platform for Trading Tokens Even Before They Get on Exchanges


Background Problem

Why lock up your crypto-tokens in lagging audits and exchange listings, which tend to succumb to a slow liquidation process? Never block your money in ICO tokens — buy/sell your tokens when you feel like doing so! Tokens are your assets. No one should dictate when you get to sell them. Losing precious months, weeks, or even seconds could dispose of your investment opportunities or emergency needs.

The liquidity crisis is now creating a ripple effect for investors around the globe. As a result, many cryptocurrencies trade in low volumes and experience dramatic swings in price. Token liquidity aims to stabilize and maintain the volume of the token trade.

What Is Bdaq?

Bdaq is the platform of preferred choice for all individual investors to invest in ICOs and achieve free-flow liquidity without delay — starting from the very day you buy them, with no waiting game.

Bdaq is a platform that can create stability by maximizing your profits and minimizing your liquidity risks by unlocking your tokens immediately.

It’s a platform that lets you have:

  • instant token liquidity
  • noticeable improvement
  • arbitrage opportunities
  • Provide better token prices

Why Choose Bdaq?

The implementation of the token liquidity feature will attract millions of ERC20 token owners to liquidate their tokens for Ethereum or Bdaq. Liquidation for Bdaq will give you 20% in additional value in comparison to liquidation for Ethereum. The potential value of the Bdaq token will grow exponentially, mainly because of the token burn after the token sale is over.

The platform guarantees equal opportunity for any type of investor (buyers, crypto-asset holders, newcomers) to buy any ICO token, even if they were denied during the ICO crowdsale.

Bdaq is a solution for initial funding of early-stage startups. It is built using the Ethereum blockchain. Bdaq chooses Ethereum because it contributes to the ecosystem and solves essential problems.

How Does the Bdaq Platform Work?

  • Token owners place their sell requests on the platform.
  • Prospective investors can come and place their buy requests.
  • Bdaq clients are investors who capitalize on ICOs and find the lock-in period, from token issuance to exchange listing — a challenge in terms of liquidity.
  • The platform is also for investors who get whitelisted but are left out during the token supply or distribution process, as well as new investors who could not partake in the token sale but wish to buy tokens in the future.

Bdaq’s Team

There’s no doubt that Bdaq’s team is its pride. Why? Because it has gathered up the best founders, investors, developers, advisors, experts, and strategists with vast experience in blockchain projects.


  • Their previous experience helps craft the best working concepts; resilient, secure code; and unit tests covering all cases.
  • The Bdaq team provides a series of co-creative sessions and follow-up conversations through Skype, Telegram, e-mail, or any other channel.
  • Qualified support and guidance is guaranteed throughout the process, offering technical help so customers can focus on business goals.
  • Customer success is their main focus. They will support your venture so you can benefit from it.

Feel free to visit Bdaq’s homepage to find out more about the token model and its distribution. Join the telegram discussion. Whitelist opens soon. Hurry!

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