Invacio ICO Launched

LONDON, ENGLAND — Internationally-renowned artificial intelligence platform, Invacio, recently announced that they have started their Initial Coin Offering last 5th March 2018.

After successfully launching the pre-sale last month, Invacio started its ICO. It is currently on its main phase and it will end on 7th May 2018. The minimum purchase amount is 34 coins per order and participants have the option to pay both fiat and cryptocurrency. One of the unique features of this ICO is that qualifying participants will receive gifted equity from the company. Moreover, Invacio has promised to set up a fund in its hedge fund, Aquila. The returns on this fund will all go to charity.

Invacio is a unique ICO that combines innovative technology with products that are practical. To solve complex problems, the company uses a Multi-Agent System artificial intelligence called Jean which has the potential to overhaul the fields of intelligence and big data. The AI receives information from thousands of satellites, social media posts, radio, news sources, and data banks and puts the information into the appropriate context. This allows Jean to develop actionable solutions in a range of fields, including communications, technology, business, and politics and helps guarantee that all of Invacio’s products and systems are functioning at their highest efficiency.

“Over the course of its development Invacio’s become a remarkable complex of integrated systems and products covering a whole range of the world’s most exciting industries. Jean and the many technologies and solutions her capabilities are expressed by are truly groundbreaking achievements.”, says William James D. West, CEO and Founder of Invacio.

One of the most promising signs of Invacio is that the ICO has attracted the respect and attention of international governments and businesses. Invacio spoke in front of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in November of 2017. They also attended a major blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in Dubai where they won the 2018 award for achievements in Artificial Intelligence. Later this month, they will attend the Blockchain & Bitcoin conference in Kiev. Along the way, the company has met with government officials and organization heads to discuss their technology and ICO. These organizations have already started to show great interest in the AI solutions Invacio has to offer.

For more information on Invacio, visit their website at:

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