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Investing in bitcoin casinos has become a hot topic lately and many people wonder why anyone would want to invest in a bitcoin casino. There are several reasons but one that stands out the most is because gambling is an extremely lucrative industry and if you have not noticed, most online casinos are now accepting bitcoin because the popularity of gambling with bitcoin is growing by the day. Some investors are able to make an average of $10,000 in profit per day by investing in bitcoin casinos.

Be the Bank Instead of the Gambler

Using crowdfunding, you can be the bank instead of the gambler when you invest in bitcoin casinos. The important thing to remember when using a crowdfunding investment is that you must do your research to see what kind of risk is involved. You must also know exactly how much you are willing to invest if the investment does not work out and you end up taking a loss. With any investment in bitcoin casinos, you want to make sure you have the option to pull out or at least recover some of your losses if the investment takes a dive.

Calculate Your Expected Return

With bitcoin casino investments, the total amount invested is usually spread across several different bitcoin casinos in order to minimize risk. In order to calculate your expected return, you should focus on the expected value (EV). EV is how much the casino is expected to make with the exclusion of variance since this is unpredictable in the gambling industry. In order to calculate EV, you must know the amount of bitcoins that are wagered against the casino and multiply that number times the casino’s house edge.

The formula looks like this:

EV = Coins Wagered * House Edge

To give an example, a bitcoin casino with a 1% house edge has a bankroll of 1000 BTC. Over the last year, the total amount of bitcoin wagers grew from 500 to 1000 which created a 500BTC increase. This means that on average it took half a year for the size of the bankroll to be wagered so you can expect bank turnover within six months. As a result, an investor can expect to make a 1% return on investment in six months and a 2% return on investment annually.

Another important factor to consider is to know the size of the bankroll as well as how many people are invested. The more people investing means the less you will receive in terms of a share. Bitcoin casinos that are underfunded with a disproportionately large betting volume will probably give you a greater return and they often have very quick bank turnover. is a Great Option

Looking for the right bitcoin casino to invest in is the first step and many investors are already getting huge returns by investing in Their casino data is providing good numbers that will give you a strong EV. If you do not want to risk your bitcoins by playing and wagering your bitcoins on one of their exciting games, you can still win big as an investor in

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