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The new investment firm AnonInvest has officially been launched, and its unique integration of revolutionary technology will offer a fundamentally different mode of investment. AnonInvest utilises trusted and long-established investment strategies coupled with newer, innovative strategies which utilise peer-to-peer networks to facilitate trade and accessibility. AnonInvest is distinguished from other companies by its emphasis on financial confidentiality; what makes the AnonInvest approach so intriguing is that for the first time, it is possible for clients to invest in complete anonymity while enjoying unprecedented convenience and security.

AnonInvest will achieve this by the integration of two revolutionary technologies in its portfolio delivery – the TOR anonymity network and the digital currency Bitcoin. The TOR network provides a highly secure means of communication between the firm and its investors, and the use of the Bitcoin for withdrawal and deposits ensures free and unrestricted access to banking and investment accounts.

Bitcoin allows for remote access to investment accounts at all times, anywhere around the world; providing there is internet access. These platforms allow AnonInvest to offer professional money management to demographics which historically have been unable to access these kinds of services. AnonInvest is the first company which is truly taking advantage of technological development for the promotion of accessible investment services and financial equality.

The TOR network utilises sophisticated encryption methods to conceal the source of data, and has been described as “so secure that even the world’s most sophisticated electronic spies haven’t figured out how to crack it” (Foreign Policy, 2014). This, in combination with Bitcoin currency for withdrawals and deposits, allows AnonInvest to deliver original and effective investment solutions which will safeguard client anonymity throughout the investment process.

The core ideologies of the AnonInvest team are: (1) Providing financial anonymity and privacy to businesses and individuals (2) Pushing for mainstream adoption and usage of digital currency and blockchain technologies to be able to provide an alternative financial safe haven in times of severe national or international financial instability (3) Making professional money management more accessible to everyone in an effort to realize financial equality.

The four founders hold a long-term vision to bring change and innovation to the AnonInvest financial services industry. AnonInvest is the first of many products to come, with the founders aiming to phase in newer products on a yearly basis; these products will stand at the forefront of investment innovation. Some of the current projects of the AnonInvest team include:

1. A finance and investment education network for students aged 10-18, which will help foster a more universal and equitable notion of financial management.

2. Creation of personal identification and trading platforms via block chain technologies for the lasting protection of sensitive information.

3. Developing a fundamentally unique social investing network that more effectively links people and businesses.

We cordially invite one and all to be a part of these exciting developments.
For any editorial enquiries or questions, please contact the AnonInvest team at:

More information about AnonInvest, their products, and services can be found on their TOR website, accessible via TOR or a tor2web extension of their .onion website as listed below.

1. http://b5vep4c7ulp6snsv.onion – Original TOR website, maximum security (TOR download required).

2. – Standard HTML website, minimum protection (accessible using a normal web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Explorer).

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