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An investment is like a living tree. You nurture it properly and it grows. In order to achieve a consistent level of growth on an investment, you need to ensure two things first:

  1. A successfully proven investment strategy
  2. A good level of discipline to follow your strategy

These issues are not easy to solve in real live investing as the market is changing rapidly due to both fundamental and technical factors. The truth is that institutional investment professionals and traders have an upper hand while investing in the markets. But there’s no need to push the panic button yet! If you can’t help yourself as an investor or trader, you can still engage experienced professionals to invest on your behalf to keep the process of “earning from the market’ running. JUX Capital is a discretionary investment manager, which offers individual investors the opportunity to grow their investments at a steady pace by entrusting it in the hands of experienced investment professionals who invest through a powerful and proven investment strategy.

JUX Capital was founded by Richard Cullen and a collective team of traders and analysts in 2017 as a boutique investment firm offering investment management services privately to institutional investors only. Later in 2018, they made their services publicly available to individual investors worldwide through a very innovative and user friendly online platform.

JUX Capital is made up of a team of investment professionals who primarily engage in derivatives trading. The duty of the company is to invest funds according to their laid out investment strategy on behalf of their clients worldwide. They have an online platform where investors can log in to their investment account to watch and monitor the activity and growth of their account anytime and from anywhere of the world.

JUX Capital Accounts

JUX Capital offers investors two different managed investment account options:

Standard Account

  • Minimum deposit: US $1,000
  • Funds are invested through derivatives trading only
  • 8% – 10% monthly growth
  • No Deposit, withdrawal or account opening fees
  • Withdrawal and account closure processed immediately
  • 24-hour client support
  • 24-hour access to the trading dashboard to view trades and investment performance
  • 0.5% monthly performance fee net of profit

Dynamic Account

  • Minimum deposit: US $100,000
  • Funds invested through derivatives trading and inter-bank lending
  • 13% – 15% monthly growth
  • No Deposit, withdrawal or account opening fees
  • Withdrawal and account closure processed immediately
  • 24-hour support from to Friday of each week
  • 24-hour access to the trading dashboard to view trades
  • 0.5% monthly performance fee of net profit

What you can expect from JUX Capital

  • A Qualified and vastly experienced investment team.
  • Client funds held and managed in accordance to strict regulatory rules and guidelines.
  • Strong monthly investment growth, with investment profits accrued each working day.
  • Investment dashboard accessible 24 hours a day to view account by both computer and mobile device.
  • No “hands on” investing required – 100% managed investment.
  • No additional charges except performance fee on profits.

Working Principles

  • Only the highest probability trades are carried out robotically by very artificial intelligence machines. They use sophisticated analytical standards to determine and identify potential opportunities on specific trading instruments, ensuring a very high trade success rate of over 80%.
  • Strict risk management: Their algorithms trade with a very tight stop loss of 0.8% preventing any significant trade losses at any point in time, thus ensuring a high risk to reward ratio and therefore consistent investment growth through a winning mix of high success trades combined with low percentage losses on losing trades. Trades are also monitored 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of client funds.

Performance & Track Records

JUX Capital publishes CPA audited historic client investment account performance on their website. According to their performance statement from January 2019 to December 2020, the monthly average profit on their client’s standard investment accounts stood at 8.8%. Top monthly gains in this time period were: 9.9% in June 2019, 10% in August 2019 and 10% in April 2020. All the figures stated regarding profit returns are calculated before fees to maintain complete transparency.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The firm has utilized blockchain technology to simplify transacting with its global client base, accepting deposits through USD Coin (USDC) and Ethereum with minimal clearance times and processing withdrawals through the same methods almost instantly. JUX Capital doesn’t charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals. However there is a minimum withdrawal amount of US $100.

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