Major Update on Horizon for Polygon zkEVM; Notable Surge in Support for The Graph Competitor

Polygon, one of the best altcoins, has still maintained community interest thanks to a new potential update for their zkEVM. Elsewhere in the AI sector, the unique InQubeta has been relentlessly making new announcements and introducing better features that help keep its audience engaged and invested – putting it a step ahead of competitors like Graph.

Polygon zkEVM Update

Since its inception, the Polygon zkEVM protocol has recorded some updates that changed structural effects on its chain. In the recently teased update, Polygon zkEVM will implement an upgrade that will enable it to act more related to the Ethereum mainnet.

The protocol said the next upgrade will make Polygon zkEVM a Type 2 ZK-EM that will empower developers to deploy their codes on Polygon zk-EVM exactly as they are on Ethereum. With this update, developers can just copy and paste their codes without additional modifications.

Known for regular upgrades, this new update is the latest in the Polygon zkEVM history and is set to position it as one of the most advanced Layer-2 scaling solutions on Ethereum. Per the update shared, the 10-day timelock for the Etrog Upgrade has been triggered, and Polygon developers can join the testing phase on Cardona, the new Sepolia-anchored testnet for Polygon-zkEVM.

InQubeta Is One To Watch Out For This Cycle

At its core, InQubeta’s platform introduces a brand new aspect to the crypto world suitable for beginner cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts alike – and that’s the concept of fractional investment. This is made possible through the QUBE token, an ERC20 that is deflationary by nature, beautifully blending blockchain and AI.

Through the democratization of investment via fractionalized NFTs, InQubeta effectively bridges the divide between traditional venture capital and an expansive community of AI enthusiasts. This synergy contributes to the acceleration of AI startup growth.

The linchpin of this transformative ecosystem is the QUBE token. Beyond its role as a medium of exchange, QUBE embodies a deflationary structure that encourages value appreciation and community involvement. An imposed 2% tax on both purchase and sale transactions contributes to a “burn wallet,” which gradually reduces the circulating supply, potentially enhancing the token’s value.

For those taking their first steps in the crypto world, InQubeta offers an excellent avenue to explore. Through their visionary platform, they’ve paved the way for a new generation of investors, blending the best crypto for beginners with groundbreaking AI-driven projects. Whether considering beginner cryptocurrency options or looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in, InQubeta’s approach promises exciting possibilities for all.

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Overall, Polygon has managed to maintain investor interest thanks to its thriving ecosystem, while other projects like InQubeta are coming out of nowhere with intense funding and passion behind them. It’s definitely an exciting time to be in crypto at the moment.

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