Martin Hostacny joins Rowan Energy

Rowan Energy has announced that in June 2021, the exceptionally talented Martin Hostacny has joined the winning team as the new Chief Technology Officer. Martin came to Rowan Energy from the UK based Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity provider Arkessa where he headed up the technology department for over seven years.

Martin brings with him a wealth of experience in building high-quality development teams, running multithread development projects, managing complicated infrastructure and getting the technology of a company into a shipshape state.

In his own words: “I am very excited to have joined David and the team. It is a great opportunity to apply my passion for technology into something that can help our planet. I truly believe in what we are trying to achieve at Rowan Energy, just as we all do, and that is what makes our team so determined and special.”.

Martin’s short-term plans for 2021 at Rowan include a new version of the SmartMiner firmware and upgrades to all the company’s systems’ infrastructure. Longer-term plans for 2022 include the release of Rowan Blockchain “V2”. Rowan Blockchain V2 will support the latest and complex requirements of Rowan Renewable Energy Certificates (RRECs). The certificates are to be compliant with GDPR as well as to remain on the immutable blockchain.

Rowan Energy is a UK based green energy blockchain company that rewards its customers for every kWh of energy produced by their rooftop solar. They completed a successful beta launch earlier this year – and are looking to release their blockchain-backed platform nationally in the last quarter of 2021, significantly increasing the returns UK solar adopters can earn from their solar installations.

Returns for investing in rooftop solar have significantly reduced since the end of the feed-in tariff in 2019. Rowan Energy has come to market with a product that brings back those favoured returns, encouraging the adoption of rooftop solar again – helping the UK reach its target of carbon net-zero.

Rowan intends to take the renewable energy sector by storm with plans to launch an EV friendly peer to peer energy trading platform that is fully UK compliant.

The platform will bring the end customer greater returns whilst at the same time marking the end of greenwashing of coal and gas produced electricity that large utility companies often and wrongly resell as renewable green energy. Rowan’s CEO, David Duckworth concludes:

“We are extremely fortunate to have Martin join Rowan Energy.  He brings with him years of experience and unmatched technical talent.  With Martin on the team, will be able to drive our business forward, truly changing the energy market for good.”

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