Mudra: A Game-Changing Hedge Fund


Mudra is a game changer for traditional hedge funds and a boon for creating decentralized crypto trading. To summarize the idea of mudra in one line, it is a hedge fund of cryptocurrencies.

Now you might be wondering what hedge fund is?

Don’t worry let me explain, Hedge funds are the alternative funds that in turn invest in other AIF’s(Accredited Investment Fiduciary). Small investors in many countries cannot directly access these funds, but the hedge funds are accessible to them.

The agenda of Mudra coin is to create a hedge fund and allow you to invest in other cryptocurrencies as a portfolio asset management. Mudra is also going to establish technological development programs for many domains. To bring all the betting sites from ethereum platform headed towards more transparent legal betting and to build technology for micro-finance in ethereum based transparent platform. In addition to this mudra is going to develop the affiliate currency as a solution for affiliate financial system. It’s going to build a bridge across plastic money and cryptocurrency. All the investments of the fund can be easily audited at any given point of time by the investors. The fund also gets its assets audited each quarter by third parties. The security of the fund is another major aspect where a high level of caution is maintained. The fund has engaged with top security consultants to ensure safety.

A portion of assets is allocated to the alternative investments such as hedge funds and by this the portfolio diversification achieved. The investors must opt for the best investment vehicle which would be ideal that meets their needs between investment vehicles directly governed by the asset managers and investment vehicle organized in the form of managed accounts.

Mudra introduced a Mudra hedge Cryptocurrency index which always tracks five alternative Cryptocurrency hedge funds that hold visibility to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. So these hedge funds have already overthrown the traditional hedge funds. The Mudra hedge funds use the Ethereum contract model, in this BTC relay allows users to pay with the help of the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. In this model firstly the user sends a bitcoin transaction to be verified along with that he carries some fee. Then in the BTC relay, the relayers transmit the block headers, and for submitting the headers, they earn the pay which is provided by the user. And then the transaction is verified on the ethereum. BTC relay helps the system to be independent and self-sustaining.

The Mudra hedge fund has outstanding flexibility as the investors here can take their funds back at any time they want and they can have held on their resources and so the flexibility in the investments strategies and these referred to as alternative investments strategies. With the help of these procedures, the returns in this are always in capital gain, and these funds are not affected by the market indices. Although they have some liquidity limitations, depending upon the strategies imposed the risk varies here from one capital to other. Mudra here uses its unique blockchain, i.e., open ledger operating system with crypto hedge funds which provides a safe environment for both users and financial institutions.

The more quickly mudra expands its customer base and develops the rate at those customers use mudra. So the blockchain works with a programmable currency or token. SATE has generated one billion mudra tokens, and they released in three rounds. And they are sold crowd sale and private sale.

Mudra has a great team which consists of experienced and talented members with mixed specialties. ‘Abhinay Gupta’ is the founder of mudra. Mudra is breaking the orthodox with the legendary secrecy of traditional hedge fund industry. They do not charge the performance fee, i.e., zero payment from the users and it only takes the amount of the profit portfolio.

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