Near Protocol and Polygon Struggles for Momentum as Holders Switch to a New Altcoin

With the crypto market having started the month of June on the positive, analysts are already discussing tokens that are more likely to undergo a huge rise, including Angry Pepe Fork (APORK). A new altcoin that has already made an incredible jump and is currently on the watchlist for a potential 200% surge in 2024.

This comes when NEAR Protocol and Polygon have been experiencing challenges within the altcoin market. However, NEAR’s new development and whale accumulation are set to position the coin back to its former glory as one of the best altcoins to invest in, as Polygon anticipates a massive price surge in the coming months.

Traders Eyes Seemed Focused on Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) In June

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is the new altcoin that has been creating a buzz within the crypto market as it continues to attract traders. With just its stage one presale, this new coin has already made notable gains within the altcoin market, as investors are already alerted to its outstanding functionalities.

This new crypto boasts a unique utility, allowing users to engage in physical contests on the battlefield. This project aims to become the pioneer driver of the conquer-to-earn model, topped with amazing rewards lined up for the winners. In these contested battles, users will have the chance to win free APORK tokens and become part of the designated members within the Angry Pepe Fork community.

While most of the hyped altcoin projects only feature staking options at the end of the presale, APORK will allow its users to earn massive APY gains right from the start of the presale. With the project’s functionalities set to increase with its collaborations and new partnerships, Angry Pepe Fork is set to become one of the best altcoins to watch in 2024.

Selling at just $0.014, Angry Pepe Fork offers every opportunity for increased price action, especially with its unique features as a Solana-based altcoin. Analysts believe that the APORK token will dominate the altcoin market and possibly outshine the early-year jump of well-known altcoins, making it one of the best altcoins to invest in.

NEAR Protocol Updates and Developments Amid NEAR’s Whale Accumulation

The NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Leveraging Chain Abstraction Technology, has introduced NEAR Name Tokens to improve digital identities. These tokens are designed to facilitate a smooth transition from traditional DNS To Web3, offering streamlined wallet addresses as well as interoperable usernames within the platforms. With this D3 partnership, NEAR Protocol will merge conventional internet frameworks with Web3, enhancing the sustainability and versatility of digital identities.

Moreover, NEAR Protocol has also witnessed significant whale activity, as large and influential investors are accumulating this altcoin, indicating confidence in the coin’s long-term potential. NEAR has also witnessed a slight dip in the past week but managed to maintain its positive trend over the past month, having recorded a 13.9% increase. Considered one of the top altcoins, NEAR’s next hurdle lies within the $8.88 resistance level, with its support holding firm at $6.80. Moreover, technical indicators like the coin’s 10-day simple moving average, which is at $7.70, and its RSI of 43.99 suggest a potential price correction for NEAR Protocol.

Key Pointers Why Polygon (MATIC) Price Might Surge

Polygon (MATIC) has witnessed a nearly 76% dip within the crypto market. Over the past two months, Polygon has consistently traded below its 100-EMA, suggesting a bearish trend for the altcoin. However, Polygon is being considered a sleeping giant by holders who seem to have foreseen a strong growth potential. MATIC’s recent Napoli upgrade aims to enhance this coin’s performance and scalability, which might positively impact its price growth.

The MVRV ratio for Polygon, using the 365-day moving average, indicates a buy signal with a -12.58% value. This ratio compares Polygon’s current market price to the average acquisition price of all tokens. Additionally, key developments within Polygon’s gaming ecosystem, including the launch of the $100M Inevitable Games Fund by Immutable, Polygon Labs, and King River Capital, also indicate a strong performance for MATIC in the coming months.

Angry Pepe Fork, the New Altcoin, Set to Emulate NEAR and MATIC Success

Despite the recent price performance of NEAR Protocol and Polygon, these two altcoins are still considered the best top altcoins to buy. However, a new rising star, Angry Pepe Fork, is also becoming a top contender within the altcoin market with its outstanding features and potential price surge of 200%.

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