New Cryptocurrency, Plona (PLON), Could Surpass Apecoin (APE) And Ripple (XRP)


With new coins streaming into the market daily, keeping tabs on the ones with fantastic potential can be challenging. Coins like Apecoin (APE) and Ripple (XRP) sprung up and became sensational. However, relatively unknown presale coins, like Plona (PLON), quickly gain traction and pay off juicy returns on investment.

The best part about presale coins is that they are available at very low prices and can quickly outshine any gains older coins make. But it’s not enough to buy a presale coin. Investors should buy into a coin or token with solid utility. Check out this presale star and why you should be getting it.

Plona (PLON) token is a never-seen-before token on the Ethereum blockchain that provides everyone with a gateway to luxury car ownership. Although the token is new, it has a global vision of bringing together luxury car lovers and potential owners together through a networking club. Imagine holding a token that gives you access to a broad community of luxury car owners like you.

To partially own a luxury car, you need to buy a portion of it as an NFT. Everything is tokenised on the blockchain, where everyone can see. While coins like Apecoin (APE) might be of greater use in the Bored Ape ecosystem, tokens like Plona (PLON) could have a broader utility in the NFT space.

You might not have given Ripple (XRP) a second thought a few years ago because it was new, maybe because crypto was not as mainstream as it is now. Look at Ripple’s progress (XRP) since launch: a wide reach and a huge market cap.

Now, you have the opportunity to ride your way to the top with a presale token like Plona (PLON). Of course, just because the token is focused on luxury cars does not mean it is strictly for the rich. Anyone can buy into the presale with small amounts like $10. There is a maximum amount, though: $500,000. This restriction ensures that as many people as possible get into the presale’s first stage.

Key takeaways:

  • Plona (PLON) is a unique luxury car ownership project that incentivises luxury car ownership for everyone.
  • Presale coins generally outdo price action existing coins right from the presale phase.
  • The Plona (PLON) presale is live now, and you can buy with coins like ETH, BTC, SHIBA, DOGE, TRX, and BNB.
  • There is a networking club for car dealers and influential people in the luxury car industry.

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