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New CryptoSoft Trading Software Produces Top Results

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With its ease of use and a high accuracy rate, the CryptoSoft automated trading software has enabled global traders to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies profitably.  


London, UK, November 06: Profitable online trading is about being able to analyze the markets and to accurately predict the direction that the price of an asset will move. Since being introduced into the market in 2009, Bitcoin has displayed immense volatility, trading as high as $20,000 in December 2017 and as low as $3,285 in December 2018. This volatility has been a challenge for many global investors as in many cases, there are very few factors that one can track which could impact the cryptocurrency’s price. As a result, many global traders have turned to CryptoSoft, an automated trading software that has enabled anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos profitably.

CryptoSoft is an intuitive and effective trading software that enables trader to take advantage of and profit from the price movements of a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. The software was developed by Thomas Green and together with his team of developers, they created a software system that is able to scan and analyze the crypto markets with a high level of accuracy and to pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities. The accuracy of CryptoSoft is as a result of its algorithms that analyze the markets at an incredible speed, taking into account huge quantities of historical data and technical analysis and comparing this data to the existing market conditions. Once a trading opportunity is found, a trading signal is then generated. This trading signal advises a trader which crypto to trade and when.

A key feature of CryptoSoft is that it can be set to automated mode. This means that once the software finds a lucrative trading opportunity, it will enter into a trade instantly, even without any human intervention. Since all traders are different, Thomas Green created CryptoSoft in such a way that it can be customized based on the user’s needs and preferences. That is, a user can set the risk level of the software, how much to invest per trade, which cryptocurrencies and other assets to trade, and even the stop loss and take profit orders can be set. Once CryptoSoft finds a trading opportunity that matches the set trading parameters, it will enter a trade. A benefit of this is that the user does not even need to be present in order for CryptoSoft to trade. The software is able to generate passive income, day and night.

As Thomas Green explained, “Cryptocurrencies have changed the financial landscape, and while many jumped in when Bitcoin was first introduced and became millionaires, with CryptoSoft, now anyone can trade digital currencies profitably.” Green went on to say, “A very important factor, when developing CryptoSoft, was to ensure that anyone could use this software, even someone with no prior experience and I believe that we have really succeeded in developing a software that trades profitably under any market conditions.”

When you sign up with CryptoSoft, which is available free of charge, you are also provided access to reputable brokers where the software operates seamlessly with their trading platforms. With an accuracy rate of over 98%, CryptoSoft has made crypto trading available to everyone as well as profitable.

About CryptoSoft

Developed by Thomas Green, CryptoSoft is a powerful and effective automated trading software that is designed to scan and analyze the financial markets and to pinpoint potentially profitable trading opportunities. CryptoSoft can either operate in manual mode where the user will select the trading signals to trade, or in automated mode, where the software will open a trade, even without any human intervention. CryptoSoft enables both new and advanced traders to profit from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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