Pre-Halving Bitcoin Mining Hits Record 81T Difficulty; Monero and InQubeta Poised for Exceptional Rallies

The Bitcoin (BTC) halving event is less than two months away, and in preparation for it, the mining difficulty of BTC has hit a new ATH of 81 trillion. The difficulty of Bitcoin mining measures how hard it is to get new blocks when mining. This means miners will need stronger rigs to find the correct hash for each block. Just like the halving, this development will affect the value of BTC.

Some other altcoins that are expected to surge in the coming months are Monero (XMR) and InQubeta (QUBE). Despite XMR getting delisted from multiple exchanges, the token recently rebounded from lows, hinting at a possible recovery. Meanwhile, InQubeta has been on a presale boom, recording skyrocketing growth and a rising presence of large investors. Experts are confident that these performances position both altcoins for a big push to new highs.

Let’s explore the Bitcoin difficulty surge and the potential of Monero and InQubeta.

InQubeta (QUBE) Teases Explosive Potential With High-Value Investment Offerings

For investors who are looking for a discount opportunity to make millions from the rising adoption of AI, InQubeta is the best crypto to invest in. When the platform goes live,  early buyers of the QUBE presale can get NFTs with AI investment baked into them, setting themselves up to rake in top dollar from the AI sector and the crypto market combined. This mouth-watering opportunity is what triggered high demand for the QUBE presale, leading to a bullish trend for the token.

Last year, QUBE was selling for $0.007 when the crypto ICO started, but it has since shot up to $0.0224 in the seventh presale round. This growth has helped early adopters pocket a 220% return on investment, boosting investors’ confidence in the project. Although QUBE is still expected to surge further during the presale, its upcoming launch on top-tier exchanges at $0.0308 is bound to introduce meteoric growth, making QUBE the best crypto to invest in.

Since AI is estimated to be worth over a trillion dollars by 2030, InQubeta offers investors sure profits through another innovative feature. InQubeta takes it further by including a staking feature where holders can lock their QUBE tokens to receive rewards from a dedicated tax pool. Considering its milestone achievement of over $10 million from selling more than 811 million tokens during the crypto ICO, investors believe that InQubeta can deliver on its promised gains.

Monero’s (XMR) Potential Recovery Hinges On Market-wide Bull Run

The market-wide bullish momentum that started in the fourth quarter of 2023 positively impacted the value of Monero‘s XMR token. But unfortunately, a Monero security breach in November sent the token crashing. Monero suffered another sharp fall when Binance announced it would delist XMR. Because of this decision, investors are now trooping into other bullish tokens in an attempt to recover their losses.

Last week, Monero fell to lows that it last visited in 2022 because of Binance’s crackdown on privacy tokens. Despite the bearish decline, experts are confident that Monero could bounce back with a bullish run thanks to positive signs in the market and the fast-approaching Bitcoin halving. XMR has jumped by 34% from lows in response to market optimism, suggesting an attempt at recovery.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Mining Difficulty Hits New All-Time High

On the 16th of February, miners noticed that the mining difficulty for Bitcoin hit an ATH of 81 trillion. This is alarming because it will decrease the hash rate as miners who can’t keep up with the higher computational power go offline. The increase in Bitcoin mining difficulty has been on a steady climb since last year, and observers believe that its rise is supported by the Bitcoin halving hype slated to slash block rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

Experts are confident that the Bitcoin mining difficulty could hit 100 trillion before the end of the year since it has almost tripled since 2023. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is bullish, staying above $50,000. Many analysts project that BTC could hit new highs after the halving.

Final Thoughts

With the kind of hype Bitcoin is getting due to its upcoming halving event, the rapid increase in Bitcoin mining difficulty is a shocking development. The hype surrounding Bitcoin has bled into altcoins like Monero and InQubeta. InQubeta is now on many high-end investors’ radars because of its token’s 220% surge. Investors are excited for the platform to launch, considering the heights that it is capable of reaching. QUBE is still available at a discount, and the ongoing 15% bonus on every purchase is a smart way to get into it.

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