Ronin Effect Leads ‘Pixels’ to Prefer Ethereum Over Polygon; Emerging AI Altcoin Targets Substantial Growth

As farming game Pixel’s token debuted via a play-to-airdrop campaign, there were speculations over why the game’s developers migrated to Ethereum (ETH) side chain Ronin from Polygon (MATIC) shortly ahead of the launch. A section of experts called it the ‘Ronin effect’ – where players promote and play a Web 3.0 game to boost its popularity.

Pixel founder Luke Barwikowski recently claimed that the switch was because the team wanted to launch the game on a platform with a sizable gaming audience. He also said that in the past Ethereum had propelled a game’s adoption due to this very factor whereas Polygon was an all-purpose scaler for various dApps.

In the altcoin sector, InQubeta (QUBE) has been driving impact with its recent presale success. The decentralized platform was launched last year and helps startups find investors, mentors, and other resources for business growth.

InQubeta: Raising the bar for AI startups

InQubeta captures the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain to create an easy-to-use platform for AI startups. It has created a native cryptocurrency that is the utility and governance token. Called the QUBE token, the coin has a supply of 1.5 billion which is used for public sale and paying operation expenses of the platform.

Given its ability to drive financial inclusion, the QUBE token is among the best crypto investments available in the market today.

For more than a year now, it has managed to remain on top analysts’ list of recommended presales. So far, its ICO has raised more than $10.3 million

What makes startup investments on InQubeta so accessible is its NFT marketplace. Startups submit their offers for investors that are minted as NFTs and then traded on the portal.

The InQubeta team has a stringent process for screening startups which checks how well-aligned these enterprises are to the platform’s vision. Crypto users can compare and then buy startup projects at the NFT portal.

Regarded as one of the top crypto coins, the QUBE token’s total supply is 1.5 billion. Of this stock, 65% of the tokens are to be sold to interested buyers, while the remaining goes towards supporting the platform’s expenses.

These crypto tokens finance legal expenses, developers’ fees, marketing campaigns, staking rewards, and keeping liquidity levels intact.

Polygon joins hands with StarkWare to roll out new cryptographic proofs ‘Circle Starks’

Polygon is a decentralized platform for scaling Ethereum-based solutions. It has a gamut of solutions that can support the deployment of app-specific chains, decentralized identities and rollups. As a highly resilient asset, it native token MATIC is among the best altcoins to buy now.

Polygon recently launched a type of cryptographic proof in collaboration with StarkWare. The cryptographic proof is called ‘Circle STARKs’ and can amplify the efficiency of zero-knowledge technology. Using ‘Circle STARKs’, developers can cut down transaction costs and bump up their speed.

According to reports, Circle STARKS can speed up the process of deploying rollups while making them more scalable.

Ethereum price hits $3,000 for the first time since April last year

Ethereum is a versatile blockchain system that supports the creation of a diverse range of decentralized solutions including cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The popularity of its native token ETH rose significantly this year due to the increasing interest in crypto ETFs.

The popular game Pixels recently shifted to Ethereum side chain Ronin as it is preferred by developers due to its ease of use and highly secure network.

After spot crypto ETFs debuted in the US in January, many experts believe that Ethereum is an ideal token for such financial products given its popularity. They are eagerly awaiting more clarity on ETF acceptance criteria and suggest that Ethereum ETFs could be a game changer for the DeFi market.

The cryptocurrency unlocked a new milestone after its price hit $3,000 on February 20, 2024 – the first time since April 2022. Market experts have claimed that the upward movement of the ETH token is likely to extend further.


What are the good cryptos to buy this year? Crypto users can narrow down their search to tokens like InQubeta, Polygon, and Ethereum which have demonstrated continuous growth over the past few months.

While the DeFi market doesn’t lack options, the three coins make it worth the people’s while. They open up doors of financial inclusion for crypto users. On the innovation front, these crypto projects can be paired with multiple technologies.

The combination of these technologies can be leveraged to target new audience groups and simplify user experiences.

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