$SCORP Token: Passive Income With Deflationary Mechanics Project Launches Black Friday Deal to Offer Lowest Prices For 50x Token

Scorpion Casino, a project that offers passive income with deflationary tokenomics, recently announced its Black Friday deal, offering the lowest prices for its token.

The Black Friday deal provides participants with an additional 50% $SCORP tokens on their purchase, resulting in the lowest prices overall for the token.

Getting positioned in $SCORP lets you earn directly from the revenues generated on the casino platform.

With the casino being profitable for over a year and $100,000 already paid in rewards, this is an opportunity you don’t want to ignore.

Scorpion Casino Launches Mega Black Friday Deal as Presale Crosses $1.8 Million

Scorpion Casino recently launched its mega Black Friday deal after crossing the $1.8 million fundraising milestone this week.

The project offers a passive income to its holders through revenues generated at the casino.

Scorpion Casino has been running a profitable endeavor for over a year and has already paid out over $100,000 to its holders – proving the viability of its revenue-sharing model.

It intends to become the number one-ranked crypto-based casino platform that offers its holders a share of its revenues.

As a result, $SCORP holders stand to earn a higher passive income as the platform gains adoption.

In addition, the ecosystem integrates a clever deflationary mechanism into the economy, setting the foundation for long-term value appreciation.

Why’s the $SCORP Presale Popularity Snowballing?

The popularity of the presale continues to snowball as investors expect huge returns from this token – with some even suggesting 100x returns are possible.

One of the main reasons investors have lofty expectations is the fact that Scorpion Casino has one of the most successful crypto incubators backing it.

The project announced the partnership with Tenset a few weeks ago, sending a flurry of latecomers to the presale.

Tenset is the mastermind behind tokens like Meta Hero, which surged by over 100x and entered the top 250-ranked projects in the industry.

Investors believe the crypto incubator will help $SCORP reach equally impressive heights following its presale.

Furthermore, investors are expecting huge returns after visiting the professional-grade casino platform.

Scorpion Casino recently revamped its platform in November, putting it on a level where it can contend with the giants in the online casino industry.

The games offered by Scorpion Casino are highly polished as they’re facilitated through major gaming providers like Evolution – which the only casino heavyweights also use.

The platform offers up to 200 games and 160 live games, including popular themes like blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots.

It also offers a sportsbook with up to 30,000 betting options for sports fans to place bets on matches.

Through an integration with BetRadar, fans can bet on popular sports like football, boxing, horse racing, and tennis.

Overall, the platform is highly polished, with great backers helping to push it to mainstream audiences.

How Are $SCORP Holders Earning?

Furthermore, the combination of passive income and deflation is another driving force behind the popularity of $SCORP.

The revenue-sharing model provides holders with a passive income while they experience deflation in the economy for long-term gains.

The team will use a portion of the revenue generated on the casino to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market.

This provides the $SCORP market with a source of consistent demand to create a stable price floor.

Half of the re-purchased $SCORP is distributed to $SCORP stakers for passive income.

The other half is sent to a burner wallet to create deflation in the economy.

The rising demand with a falling supply is one of the primary reasons investors believe in 100x potential;

Black Friday Deal Live For Short Time Only

The Black Friday deal provides the perfect entry opportunity to $SCORP, positioning you at the lowest possible prices.

$SCORP will be the native token behind the platform and will be the default betting and payment currency used.

The presale is selling the token for $0.022.

However, the Black Friday deal provides an additional 50% $SCORP tokens on your purchase, driving the price much lower.

Simply use the code BF50 to participate.

As a result, those purchasing through the Black Friday event will leave the fundraising with higher unrealized returns when the presale ends and $SCORP hits exchanges at the expected listing price of $0.05.

Overall, the brilliant deflationary tokenomic structure combined with the passive income potential, elite platform, and high-profile incubator sets the foundation for 100x returns for early adopters.

Don’t delay; take advantage of the Black Friday deal today.


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