SEC Delays Spot Ethereum ETF Decision; $GFOX to Outperform $ETH in 2024

Globally, liquidity levels are rising — one of the most reliable indicators of an incoming bull market. Stocks are already at ATHs, and cryptos will follow later this year. However, money remains relatively expensive due to the FED’s strict monetary policy, but as soon as rate cuts occur, longtail risk assets like altcoins will start to fly.

Investors have a very narrow window to buy, and these coming weeks could well be the last decent accumulation period for this cycle. However, US regulators still refuse to accept the obvious, and the SEC has delayed the Spot Ethereum ($ETH) ETF decision.

Ethereum is the second of the top ten cryptocurrencies in line to get a Spot ETF, and the SEC will likely employ the same tactic. They will wait until the final deadline. Investors have several months to buy $ETH and associated tokens like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), sometimes referred to as betas. These correlated alts are set to soar in value, and $GFOX will outperform $ETH in 2024.

Ethereum ($ETH) Spot ETF Delay

Gensler, despite voting in favor of the Bitcoin Spot ETF, continues to drag his heels, and the SEC recently delayed any decision on the Ethereum counterpart. Likely, the SEC will push back its decision until the final deadline (May) before reaching a decision. $BTC went from $25,000 to $48,000 from the day of BlackRock’s application until approval. Investors get to rerun the same trade with Ethereum from now until May.

BlackRock’s stellar record and overwhelming political influence combined with the already existing Ethereum Futures ETF and Bitcoin Spot ETF means that the SEC will once again have no choice but to approve. An Ethereum Spot ETF is coming. It is simply a matter of when. But the real trade to look out for is Ethereum betas. Smaller cap altcoins associated with or linked to Ethereum will outperform it. These are the best cryptocurrencies to buy now.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) GameFi/ Meme Beta Play

Galaxy Fox is a hot new ICO that has enjoyed tremendous success in creating early-stage momentum, already closing in on $3 million raised. Listed as one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now this Ethereum beta play gives investors exposures to three key market verticals.

It is a hybrid model that combines memecoin elements with play-to-earn components. It is housed in the Ethereum ecosystem and will perform relative to the base chain. Its smaller market cap equals significantly higher upside potential, and anybody new to the space will quickly realize that small caps rapidly outperform any of the top ten cryptocurrencies by virtue of being smaller assets.

Galaxy Fox’s runner game enables players to compete globally. It features the classic P2E financial incentive, and $GFOX’s tokenomics and branding are where the memecoin element shines. An ongoing burn removes tokens from circulation, making $GFOX deflationary, and token holders can earn staking rewards by heading to the Stargate module.

Holding the $GFOX token is a perfect Ethereum beta play. It unlocks exposure to the growing GameFi narrative and the increasing demand for memecoin speculation. This dual narrative support is only possible because of its hybrid design, and analysts are already forecasting the potential for $GFOX to 100X later this year.

Closing Thoughts: Ethereum Betas Ready To Dominate Q1/ Q2

Bitcoin has enjoyed its moment in the spotlight, and now the ETF narrative has shifted to Ethereum. This narrative trade will likely make $ETH the best-performing asset among the top ten cryptocurrencies over the coming months, and beta plays are ready to absolutely fly.

Galaxy Fox is a prime example of the type of token investors want to be holding over the next several months. A small cap influenced by $ETH’s price. On top of this, it has the GameFi element- one of crypto’s fastest-growing verticals. Participate in the presale today and watch $GFOX outperform $ETH in 2024. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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