Skrilla – Esports Daily Fantasy Platform Launching a Crypto-Token to Deliver Blockchain Benefits


Skrilla is a licensed, fully regulated, global esports wagering platform. Skrilla is a collaboration between two leading technology firms, Puntaa and the GAMURS Group. Puntaa is the founder of the world’s first licensed peer-to-peer (P2P) social betting platform, while the GAMURS Group is the leading international esports media network.

Skrilla has released a skill-based Daily Fantasy Esports platform, which is currently live in Australia and have a rollout planned for US and European users which is imminent. Get started by building your own roster of professional players, watch tournaments unfold and players accumulate points live and compete for prize pools at

Esports Market

Skrilla is poised to ride the explosive growth forecast for esports, the spectator sport of professional video gaming, leveraging off 2.6 billion engaged gamers globally and an industry experiencing nearly 40% year on year viewership growth.

This represents a huge opportunity for dedicated esports wagering providers to facilitate the estimated $23bn in betting turnover across 19 million unique players by 2020, and to fill the gap left by existing traditional betting companies. Corporate bookmakers have failed to connect with the esports community by continuing to offer esports as a limited subset of their existing sports wagering offering, rather than a standalone brand and platform, tailored to esport’s unique community and their needs.

Skrilla Token (SKR)

Skrilla recently announced the launch of a crypto-token, the Skrilla Token (SKR), built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The token will be used as the core unit of exchange (currency) for Skrilla members to enter contests and collect winnings. This will help solve issues present in the nascent esports wagering market, including the removal of onerous fees charged by middlemen, like banks and payment providers, allowing Skrilla to pass on the savings to the community in the form of reduced rakes and increased prize pool payouts. A single cryptocurrency allows for removal of regional currencies and wagering markets, allowing global pools with participants from all around the world competing and socialising. Members can also earn tokens by undertaking incentivised actions which grow the network for the benefit of token holders, including referring friends, sharing content and entering contests.


The GAMURS Group is one of the largest esports networks globally, with 12 brands, including the leading esports news publisher on the planet, Dot Esports, with 3.5 million monthly active members and 250 million organic monthly social media impressions. GAMURS lead product distribution and marketing of Skrilla, assisting growth through highly targeted, data-driven content campaigns using their channels to drive customer acquisition.

Licensed and Regulated

Skrilla is one of a very limited number of regulated, esports focused bookmakers with a live product in the market. The platform is licensed out of Australia, a wagering market recognized as one of the largest, most mature and regulated globally. This ensures compliance with a range of customer protections and regulations, and a platform and operational team capable of global scale.

A number of unproven operators are now promoting token sales, which in many cases represent unlicensed and illegal gambling, either thinly disguised as legitimate, or blatantly promoting blockchain and tokens as a solution to circumvent regulation. This represents a large risk for backers of such sales seeing their token utility and value reverting to zero.

Skrilla have delivered an innovative, scalable, and engaging wagering platform to the market with the object of achieving their mission; to connect esports fans through competition, social and betting. The token facilitates immediate utility and benefit for the community, as well as further benefits as the platform transitions fully onto the blockchain. This will ensure Skrilla provide the gaming community with the world’s premier esports blockchain based wagering platform.

Skrilla’s token pre-sale opens October 6, 2017, at 9 pm UTC. You can register for the pre-sale at to get a 20% discount!

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