Stop video fraud – PROVER on timestamp with blockchain

When you need proofs, now even video content taped as evidence cannot be considered as authenticated source of information. Video content could be easily edited, or confronted with changes to damage one’s reputation, or sophisticate the judgement process.

What do we have now?

The market growth with video content. Either to be live stories on Instagram or Snapchat, through caught videos of bloggers, to evidential source, video industry is developing more and more for at least 100 years. Films, scenery, short meter footage, some words to subscribers, availability helps this industry to grow exponentially.

Nowadays you just need a camera, basic editing skills (even with a smartphone) and a thousand of subs to become a video content creator. What is meant by creator – the holder of intellectual property of video creation, which should be secured and authenticated using modern technology.

What problems do society face with video content?

  1. Fraud, when people could use other’s content and pretend to the real ownership. This problem occurs more often that expected, resulting in many of arguments on the ownership, which struggles creators from time spent on video creation.
  2. Fake content, when people use it as evidences and lead others to misconception. This can be resulted in reputation damage or wrong court sentences, using only sometimes basic and simple editing skills, with huge possibilities to ruin ones’ lives.
  3. Reports fairness, where authenticated video proof should work as the evidence, where editing is also may happen. Again, simple misconception, starting from lack of proven evidences.

Thus, when the problem is kicking conception of video material as a snowball, it should be eliminated at the lowest fundamental levels, as proving that the video was taken at the time, place, device and person.

Not really timestamp authentication could work well with authentication and evidence proof because it could be edited by someone, but powered by Blockchain some would find a real solid technology approach with a potential to build products or provide services with SDK or API solving video material authentication problematic.

Market of Prover technology could favor technology approach with the following spheres:

  1. Social free-to-use product of self video proof application (currently available at Take shots, think up a SWYPE-code, save and Blockchain will
    state that the video is yours forever.
  2. Technology on-chain approach for scalable products and services.
  3. SDK/API for government and business services (use cases are described in details in the Whitepaper)

How can customers of Prover benefit from using the technology?

  •  Social sphere will be able to proof ownership of the content and not waste time to proof or argue, either on crowdsourced platforms or self created and posted content
  • Education will be able to happen remotely
  • Work conception also will be able to be handled and controlled remotely
  • Social celebrities and politics will be able to forget about video editing out of
    footage or context which can lead to reputation damage
  • Lower risk of fraud using video evidence
  • Time economy on video authentication
  • State, court and governmental accuracy of sentences and legal rights using
    authenticated video in decision making
  • Fintech, legal, insurance industries to be empowered with Blockchain of identity proofs and evidences

There is a plenty more situations where video proof authentication is important, thus Prover technology using Blockchain shall be there immediately. Try out the application first at tell us what you think about the product and technology! All links are available at the website

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