Swaraj Announces the Launch of a new Metaverse Gaming Project and its Token

Swaraj, a decentralized metaverse ecosystem, has announced the launch of a new metaverse gaming project.

The Multi-Utility Token is set for launch in February. A Series of remarkable events will follow the launch, such as the sales of a limited edition of 10000 NFT deviant series, which can be used as upgradable avatars in the Metaverse, 5000 NFT Orion’s realm virtual lands, and 100 Sentinel smart NFT’s with AI capabilities.

The new Metaverse Gaming Project, its NFTs, and Token

Swaraj means “self-rule” or “self-governance.” Swaraj Metaverse is a step-up to whatever you may think of a gaming project. Swaraj is a community-based DAO that is driven by the notion of freedom. It provides users the opportunity to express their sense of creativity within an ecosystem powered by the polygon network.

To achieve its goal, the Swaraj coin ($SWRJ) (10 billion in circulation) is Swaraj’s utility token, while G-token is the governance token and is aimed at achieving Swaraj’s decentralization goal. Swaraj Metaverse will be populated with NFTs such as Lands, Characters, etc., and smart NFTs with AI capabilities.

Swaraj development will include the following phases:

Phase 1 (2021): Conceptualization, Team Building, the first version of whitepaper, Pre-Seed Sale, Seed Sale, Investor Relations, the launch of the first version of the website.

Phase 2 (2022:Q1): Initial Coin Marketing, Game Studio Partnerships, Private Sale, Website launch v2, completion of Code audit, Deviants NFT Drop, Presale, listing on Coin Gecko & CoinMarketCap, LaunchPad Sale

Phase 3 (2022:Q2): Liquidity pool (LP) Locked & Ownership Renounced, Orion’s Realm Land NFTs Drop, Gameplay Teaser, Listing on a centralized exchange, Listing on Swaps, Additional Game Studio, Partnerships, Dedicated wallet for charity, Debut NFT Collaboration with leading crypto influencers, First Minigame launch, Release Swaraj Bazinga, Metaverse – Unreal Engine Development

Phase 4 (2022:Q3): NFT sentinel series auction drop, NFT marketplace Launch, More Minigames launches, Additional Game Studio Partnerships, Defi features(Staking & Farming)

Phase 5 (2022 Q4): Alpha metaverse testing, New marketing contents, 1st charity funds release, Branded merchandise

Phase 6 (2023 Q1): Metaverse Beta version, Swaraj army reaching milestones & burn event, Building swaraj ecosystem, Voting rights to the people- G Token, Implement 1% Burn Tax on transactions, Swaraj Go Green Movement

Phase 7 (2023 Q2): NFT upgrades/ accessories drop, Swaraj army reaching milestones, Listing on more exchanges, Raising funds for major exchange listings

Phase 8 (2023 Q3): AI training platform for Sentinel Series, SWARAJ Launchpad, 2nd Charity Funds Release

Phase 9 (2023 Q4): Swaraj DEX, Swaraj wallet/app, the addition of new products and services in the app

Phase 10 (2024 Q1): Integration with payment services for eCommerce, etc., Listing on more exchanges, Corporate endorsement, and sponsorships

Features of Swaraj

Staking: users can stake a % of their $SWRJ for huge rewards based on staking value and duration. Rewards will be paid out in Swaraj, G-Token, and Matic.

G-Token: This is Swaraj’s governance token, and it can only be earned through the Metaverse and as a staking reward.

Decentralization: Multi-utility token based on the concept of self-governance.

P2E &PvP: Earn rewards while playing games and completing quests in the form of $SWRJ, $GTKN, and NFTs.

Smart-NFTs with AI capabilities: A collection of 100 Smart NFTs called the Sentinels with AI trained NFT upgrades, launched on the Swaraj dedicated platform.

NFT marketplace: NFT Drops of 5000 Orion’s Realm blocks, 10,000 Deviants, 100 Sentinel series characters, and finally, upgrades and power-ups, which would be part of the Metaverse with its dedicated marketplace.

Swaraj metaverse: A world with endless opportunities where people can create, monetize, earn, socialize, explore, play, and personalize.

Metaverse council: The virtual Lands in the Orion Realm will be administered by a council composed of sentinels, landowners, and the top holders of G-Tokens.

Anti-Dump: Redistribution and Anti-Dump mechanisms built into the smart contract.

Future of Swaraj

To ensure the stability of the Swaraj coin and G-Token in the future, essential designs have been adopted for implementation. This is to gradually increase their values over time by deploying a deflationary circulating supply model. The G-Token holders will also be the DAO of the future.

In the future, Swaraj’s NFTs with AI capabilities will have the capacity to execute specific acts outside of the Metaverse, like reading messages in a human-like voice and functioning as chatbots, etc.

About Swaraj

Swaraj is a decentralized metaverse ecosystem built on the principle of Sovereignty and Self-governance. The project is motivated by the freedom of the people. It aims to develop a world where individuals have absolute control of their digital assets by bridging the gap and connecting the real world to the Metaverse.

The team’s objective is to create a digital/blockchain-based platform or a decentralized ecosystem of the people, which will be managed by the people themselves. It is committed to the provision of an enjoyable and supportive gaming environment through the Metaverse.

Social Links

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/swarajcoinofficial

Media Contacts

Company name: Swaraj Inc.
Contact Person: Razzil Darkbrew, CEO
Website: https://www.swarajcoin.com/
Company Email: [email protected]

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