The Beginner’s Roadmap to Finding an Altcoin with 100X Potential

With innumerable cryptocurrencies that are coming up every day in the crypto world, it can be daunting to find an altcoin that has the potential to generate 100X returns. Empowered with the right information, a sound strategy, and an eye for innovation it can become a little easier to find the right coin to be added to a sound portfolio.

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What is Altcoins 

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins, or virtual coins, a part of the world of digital assets that are securely stored using cryptography. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but there are many other types of cryptocurrencies on the market. There are thousands of alternative coins of cryptocurrencies, known as Altcoins, each with unique characteristics and innovations.

Rise of the Titan – NFTFN

NFTFN are set to redefine the way the world interacts with NFTs. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens represent unique content like art, collectibles, and even digital real estate. 

NFTFN provides a decentralized exchange (DEX) that has been tailored specifically for NFT trading. With a rich arsenal of products designed to lower the barriers that limit NFT ownership and investment, NFTFN is on a path to revolutionize the way world interact with NFT.

With SuperNova (SVN), NFTFN’s flagship product, users can gain exposure to the NFT market without the hefty price that is often associated with high-value NFTs. SVN aims to democratize access to the NFT market, making it easily accessible for a wider audience to participate in NFT trading.

The NFTFN venture has secured substantial backing from various investors, suggesting a consensus in the crypto market about the strong potential that NFTFN’s innovation holds.

The NFTFN 100X Potential

Several key factors make NFTFN a promising player with 100X growth potential that can prove to be a successful addition to a portfolio. These are – 

  • A Growing NFT Market: The NFT market has witnessed exponential growth and is expected to continue on this trajectory for a while. As a cryptocurrency designed & launched to create a diverse community of interested investors, NFTFN is well-positioned to take advantage of the upcoming bull run of 2024.
  • Peppered with Unique Features: NFT rentals and fractional ownership a hefty list of USPs give NFTFN a sharp competitive edge. These features are designed to attract a large user base which will ultimately drive up the demand for the coin.
  • Strong Community: NFTFN has a vibrant and evolving community. A strong community often lies at the center of successful coins as they provide a well-connected network which boosts a cryptocurrency’s value.
  • Scarcity: NFTFN has a limited supply. This was done to ensure that they remain scarce and the more demand a coin has, the more its price rises.


NFTFN is a leading platform for trading various assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. Users can effortlessly opt for long or short positions on their preferred asset class, with investments starting from just $10, making it an ideal platform for traders of all interest and risk appetite levels.

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