The Bigger Picture Behind Polygon’s Price Spike; InQubeta Plans Significant Expansion

Polygon, one of the top altcoins has had quite positive Investor Sentiment Post BTC ETF – and has been spiking recently as many investors watch in anticipation for a surge in user base. We’ll also be discussing the ever-popular InQubeta and what it could have in store on the horizon of AI.

Polygon Spiking

Polygon, aka MATIC, has many experts watching their price chart closely as they continue to prove that they are not fading away like other projects from the 2020 market cycle.

The project is currently seeing bullish potential stemming from an upcoming upgrade to its zero-knowledge rollup dubbed zkEVM. This Etrog upgrade could spur a surge to 1 dollar according to many analysts.

With positive technical setups and fundamentals aligning, experts seem hopeful for MATIC to continue its uptrend and make many investors some great returns.

InQubeta Plans For Next Phase

InQubeta recognizes the potential between AI and crypto, and has a big goal of democratizing investment in AI startups across the board. By leveraging blockchain and smart contracts, they’re creating a transparent, secure, and efficient investment ecosystem.

QUBE is a deflationary token with a unique tax structure. It not only offers an attractive investment opportunity but also encourages long-term holding and staking. By using QUBE tokens on the InQubeta NFT marketplace, investors can seamlessly participate in AI startup funding.

The project’s NFT marketplace showcases some of the most popular NFTs on the market. It allows AI startups to raise funds through these reward and equity-based NFTs, while QUBE holders can easily invest in projects they believe in, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

InQubeta, one of the best crypto to invest in, is a project that’s disrupting the traditional crowdfunding model. InQubeta’s platform enables fractional investment in AI startups using QUBE tokens, making it accessible to a broader audience. They’re heavily planning for the next phase and have a lot of bright and exciting updates on the horizon.

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Following the ongoing growth shown by Polygon, many investors are debating whether to bet on an established project like MATIC, or one like InQubeta, which is newer but has far more room to grow. Time will tell which yields the most gains.

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