The PNE token by Decarbonice: massive cost savings and gains through CO2 clean energy and a deflationary token

Skyrocketing energy prices, oligopolies of electricity suppliers, rising inflation, increasing environmental concerns – all of these have evolved from seemingly temporary issues most consumers and businesses throughout Europe and beyond have to deal with to our normal daily reality today. One project has made its mission to solve all of these with a disruptive model that would make renewable energy generation at home risk-free, accessible and much cheaper than any other method.

Enter Decarbonice

The novel cryptocurrency project in the energy sector provides easy access to renewable energy installations to consumers and businesses by greatly reducing the initial investments and removing any other barriers associated with traditional ways of getting hardware units for clean energy. The goal is to allow every stakeholder to become independent from electricity suppliers, reduce their energy costs up to 80%, become climate-positive and invest in one of the markets with the highest expected growth in the future.

The PNE token, the heart of the ecosystem, is the first climate-positive token on the cryptocurrency market. It is used as collateral and security for Decarbonice for supplying the renewable energy installations free of charge. The collateral can be withdrawn at any time, which reduces the risk for the holders. By adding various ways to earn while the PNE tokens are locked, Decarbonice provides incentives for investors to keep generating their own energy and even earn on the collateral in the process. At the end of a predefined period, the hardware unit becomes theirs and the PNE tokens – including the earned rewards – are released.

The market for low cost, CO2 free-energy is growing at very high rates and is projected to become gigantic in the future. With every token representing clean-energy, Decarbonice is set on positioning the PNE token as one of the future’s go-to financial instruments that are representing renewable energy directly. A step-up from the idea of CO2 certificates, which, while providing a certain degree of incentive and are still useful, end up distributing the negative impact from one entity to another and are not enough to become the remedy to the environmental crisis we are in.

Currently, the traditional means of acquiring your own renewable energy installation is either outright buy it, rent it or pay for it in installments over time. However, these options are all inherently connected with higher initial investment and risk. Furthermore, the buyer has to account for a variety of additional costs such as planning, approval, installation, service, warranty, pricing and refinancing. This overall introduces high initial barriers, one of the main reasons for the low degree of adoption of renewables among households and businesses. With our model, we want to remove most of these friction points by entirely or partially removing them.

Decarbonice has been actively working on coming up with a proof of concept. The project is already helping businesses save 5 figures on their energy costs and become climate-positive – Blacklite Arena, a Vienna-based business in sports entertainment, managed to save 30.000 € in one year with the help of Decarbonice and the PNE token and greatly reduce its CO2 impact. The business, which has considerable energy demands for maintaining its operations, not only improved its cost structures but also reduced its dependance on its electricity supplier and took a big step towards becoming climate-neutral.

The PNE token: earning with clean energy

One of the most important features of the PNE token is its deflationary nature. The supply reduces over time through buybacks and burning. Furthermore, all profits of Decarbonice are transformed into PNE. This overall introduces scarcity and increases the effectiveness of all further rewards that are given to investors.

Beyond simply acquiring the PNE token – preferably during the early sale stages, during which various discount percentages of up to 50% will be available – there are several additional ways you can earn by holding it. One way is through passive rewards for keeping the tokens locked – next to the renewable energy installations every investor who acquires more than 5000 PNE tokens receives, the value of the collateral gradually increases over time.

Another way to earn is through the token drops we will initiate from our community pool to reward investors, with longer term holders receiving priority. This pool will be continuously refilled through a percentage of the buybacks we will initiate from exchanges.

Clean energy is becoming an integral part of leading hedge and investment funds’ portfolios. The PNE token would allow investors to participate in the market early on at low risk and diversify their investments while benefiting from the potential returns of the industry. Additionally, with the unprecedented growth of the market for CO2-free energy, it is expected that assets like the PNE token will continuously appreciate in the future.

Pursuing the vision

The mission of the Decarbonice project is to bridge cryptocurrencies and the clean energy sector through its revolutionary model and enable the democratization and decentralization of cheap renewable energy for consumers and businesses. The project is the first to allow cryptos to break free of the stigma that the industry cannot be sustainable, one of the major obstacles to the widespread adoption everyone is hoping for. The PNE token is able to offset the negative environmental impact of the entire cryptocurrency market – and beyond that, to allow for a transition towards a future where clean energy is not merely an alternative, but the industry’s standard.

If Decarbonice succeeds, a new era for energy, crypto and blockchain will begin, opening a new chapter for the markets.


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