Velix.ID Token Sale to Resume on April 17, 2018 with Revised Bonus Structure


Velix.ID is glad to announce that the VXD token sale will resume on April 17, 2018. The token sale will last a total of 4 weeks, and end on May 15, 2018, or when the 50 Million tokens allotted to the initial token sale are sold out — whichever is earlier.

The token sale had to be paused earlier —after raising 1.4 Million USD— as we needed our time to ensure the security & integrity of our platform and the protect the interests of our investors & community. During the time that we took, a lot of things were thought over, and rampant changes were made to our methodology and structure.

The major change made to the token sale structure is the omission of keeping any minimum slabs for the investments. Instead of keeping different rounds of sales, we have decided to conduct the rest of our token sale in one single phase with varying bonus rates depending upon the amount the investor wants to invest.

The bonus slabs for the Velix.ID token sale are as follows:

Amount Invested Bonus Tokens
<0.1 ETH 0 %
0.1 ETH – 0.5 ETH 5 %
0.5 ETH – 1 ETH 10 %
1 ETH – 5 ETH 20 %
5 ETH – 10 ETH 30 %
10 ETH – 50 ETH 40 %

Other than the standard bonuses offered on the investments, there’re also two special discounts that will exist:

PowerUp: During the first 24 hours of the token sale, there will be an added bonus of 5% VXD tokens on all purchases made within this timeframe, for all Users on the Velix.ID platform. The PowerUp bonus will also be available for the first 24 hours of a new User signing up on the Velix.ID token sale platform.

PowerHour: Velix.ID will announce 2 power hours per week for the entire period of the token sale. There will be an added bonus of 5%  VXD tokens for these periods that will each last 60 minutes. The exact time at which these power hours start will be decided by voting through the community members, and will be announced 24 hours in advance before the Power Hour starts.

The method of participating in the token sale remains the same. The users can sign up on, and create an account — either by entering their information, or using Google or Facebook to sign up.

The Users will have an option to pay in a Cryptocurrency of their choice out of multiple options available. The Users will have to ensure that they are entering a correct ERC-20 compatible Ethereum Wallet Address, where the tokens equivalent to the purchase made will be sent within 24 hours.

For any queries related to the Token Sale & Token Sale Platform, users are advised to contact the Velix.ID team at [email protected]. Institutional Investors can reach out to the Velix.ID team by filling this form.

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Media Contact

Contact Name: Neer Varshney,
Contact Position: Head of Communications & Outreach,  
Contact Email: [email protected]

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