World’s First AI & Blockchain-Based Dating & Relationship Project  Viola.AI raises 70% of pre-sale hard cap with less than 2 weeks left.


SINGAPORE, 19 JAN 2018 – The first project that combines love and blockchain, Viola.AI has officially secured over 70% of its pre-sale hard cap, with over 5 million tokens sold.

The project that sets to revolutionize the current love industry, Viola.AI, was created by the team behind Lunch Actually Group which has over 13-years of proven success record and over 1.4 million members. Viola.AI promises to be the most successful and smartest A.I to create a global and borderless full loop solution from dating, courtship, relationship to marriage.

With the pre-sale currently ongoing until 31 Jan 2018, the team has building momentum with various marketing campaigns and growing the community with the valuable help of the advisory board, which includes:

  • Prakash Somosundram – Serial Entrepreneur, Fintech Influencer, Singapore Government Advisor
  • Kenneth Tan – Co-Founder, FundYourselfNow and Blockchain Writer
  • Alex Haxton – Cryptocurrency Advocate and Blockchain Consultant
  • Peter Sin – Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club
  • Caleb Yap – Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club
  • Brian Condenanza – Internet Entrepreneur, ICO Advisor
  • Gautam Seshadri – Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Tech Advisors
  • Phillippe Rodriguez, President of Bitcoin Association in France and founder of Avolta Partner
  • Michael Reece, Blockchain entrepreneur and Co-Founder of NicheAdNetwork
  • Bruno Vanryb, Serial Entrepreneur who founded Avanquest
  • Hong Ting Wong, early adopter of cryptocurrencies, a serial entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Botbot.AI and 2359 Media
  • Lisa Clampitt, Founder and President of Matchmaking Institute in New York, and
  • Dato Larry Gan Nyap Liou, Managing Partner at Accenture for 16 years

With the growing demand and request, supporters can contribute to the project through crypto (bitcoin or ETH) as well as fiat, with most number of supporters coming in from the US, followed by Singapore.

The hard-cap of the pre-sale is at 7.5 million VIOLA tokens (excluding bonus tokens), with the public sale sets to begin on 14 March 2018. 1 VIOLA token is at $0.20 with the current 50% bonus tokens until 31 Jan 2018.

VIOLA is a utility token that can be used in many ways within the Viola.AI ecosystem, including:

  • Payment for good and services for singles and couples
  • Advertising fee payment by merchants and experts
  • Community rewards for good advice or content posted by users in the community
  • Referral commission to incentivize growth
  • Gamification rewards

“We are very excited to see the growth and support from people all over the world on this project,” Co-Founder Jamie Lee says, “We believe that Viola.AI will positively impact billions of people worldwide to improve their relationships, and with the reception that we have had so far, proves that our community believes that as well.”

Speaking further, Jamie says that this is just the start of the journey to disrupt the love industry. “The contributions raised through our token sale will help us build Viola.AI — which we are already starting.”

The conceptualisation of Viola.AI came after being in the industry for the past 13 years and understanding the various challenges singles and couples face. Viola.AI will evolve her role to help people in the stages of dating, couple-hood to marriage and ensure that we would always serve users to the best of our ability throughout, helping people find love, helping romance blossom, and helping sustain the relationship right till their twilight years.

The Viola.AI team was recently at Unlock Blockchain Conference 2018 in Dubai, and will be in London Blockchain Week (22-24 Jan 2018), Blockchain Economic Forum Singapore (4-6 Feb 2018) and is also one of the top 25 finalists in the upcoming d10e’s ICO Pitching Competition in Cayman Islands this coming 30 Jan 2018.

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 For those who have not joined our pre-Token Sales, you can do so here. (get 50% Bonus Tokens)

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