SmartRoulette Review

There are numerous Bitcoin casino platforms and betting games out there in the market. A majority of these platforms have conventional online betting games, offering players with an option to wager their cryptocurrency instead of fiat. However, there are those among them which stand apart due to their unique technology prowess. is one among them.

Overview is a cryptocurrency gambling platform created by SmartPlay.Tech. The platform offers conventional Roulette with a twist, which is the underlying blockchain platform that makes the game more transparent, extra secure and reliable — an ideal combination that every player wishes for on other platforms.

SmartRoulette is the debut game offering from SmartPlay.Tech with two different variants. The first one, a provably fair roulette game where users place bets with ETH and receive RLT tokens (digital shares of the system) for every such bet placed on the system as a cashback bonus to ETH winning. And, the other one is an open, no-frill roulette game that requires no registration, deposits, etc. Players can bet the platform’s RLT tokens on the latter.


Unique features

SmartPlay.Tech’s SmartRoulette game is a blockchain based cryptocurrency gambling  project. It is powered by custom RLT tokens, which not only acts as shares of SmartRoulette, but also as the currency of value exchange within the platform. These RLT tokens can also be used outside the SmartPlay ecosystem, to buy/sell/trade on leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The tokens are already supported on Livecoin.

Players can earn RLT by placing bets on the platform, and as their token holdings grow to 1000 RLT, they stand to gain dividends — a share in platform’s revenues. SmartRoulette has already paid out over 467 ETH in dividends over the past two months.

Every participant in the SmartPlay ecosystem, whether it is an investor, player or a game developer – they all have a stake in it. The platform ensures that the stakeholders grow along with it.

The RLT tokens are a unique feature on SmartRoulette, something none of the other online gambling platforms have at the moment. The value of the digital share is tied to the number of bets placed by users on the Roulette platform. Those placing bets on SmartRoulette can purchase the RLT tokens on Livecoin with BTC, ETH, USD or RUR. With plans to introduce RLT on other bigger exchanges, players will soon have a choice of exchange platforms to buy RLT from.

Trust and Security

SmartPlay.Tech’s SmartRoulette is probably the most secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency betting platform out there. The use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies offer unprecedented transparency and accountability. SmartRoulette is also a provably fair cryptocurrency gambling platform.

Platform Quality

Even though SmartRoulette is relatively new in the industry, it has lots of tricks up its sleeve, making it much better than the conventional counterparts. The easy-to-use platform has made great improvements in terms of speed of execution of the games by using an advanced random number generation mechanism. The system generates a new number in less than three seconds, allowing the player to continue playing without any delays. There is no need to add additional plugins, account signups, verifications, etc. The system is built to automatically recognize the user, assign in-game nickname and identify the system from which the user as logged in. With the launch of a newer version of the game, SmartRoulette will soon have futuristic 3D design, visual and sound effects and more.

Real House Edge

Being a democratized online gambling platform governed by smart contracts, SmartRoulette has ensured limited human intervention in its functioning. This very model enables the platform to keep the house edge to a bare minimum. As more people trade RLT, and wager on the platform, the value of these tokens as well as the dividends for the token holders increase. All transactions over the platform happen in RLT and players stand to earn a portion of RLT as they bet on the platform.

With more people joining SmartRoulette, the value of RLT continues to grow, which in turn makes trading the tokens against other cryptocurrencies profitable as well.

The dividends paid out to SmartPlay community members holding over 1000 tokens is calculated every day at 12:00 GMT. The smart contract checks the platform’s balance, and if it exceeds 300 ETH, the dividend distribution process is triggered automatically.

The excess ETH balance is divided based on the value of the total tokens held by each eligible wallet and the total tokens eligible for the distribution. The divided amount to be shared with all eligible token holders will be distributed proportionally to the share of tokens held by each wallet. The dividend will be deposited in RLT to the eligible wallets containing the tokens.

Profits and Bonuses

SmartRoulette has a unique model that makes betting on the platform profitable, irrespective of the game’s outcome. For every ETH bet placed in the first game, the player stands to gain up to 3% RLT tokens, these tokens represent a share in the SmartRoulette ecosystem, and once 1000 tokens are accumulated, the holder automatically becomes eligible to receive a share of the platform’s revenues. And then, there is always a chance of winning the bet as well, which will translate to more returns on the wager amount.

In the new win-win roulettegame players are  also offered a “no deposit” bonus of 200 RLT for players testing their skills. In order to receive the bonus, they don’t have to make any initial deposit. Once a player enters the game, they are eligible to get 200 free spins with an assured win after completing the spins. The creators of SmartRoulette believe in second chance, that’s why they offer an additional try if the player is unsuccessful in the earlier turn, giving him another shot at gaining the status of a Game God.

SmartRoulette offers prizes to players based on their game results (% wagering). Those wagering less than 160% are categorized as newbies, becoming eligible for one more chance. Those wagering between 160% to 200% are advanced players who stand to win 1 RLT. Similarly, professional players wagering between 200% to 400% are awarded 2 RLTs, masters are eligible to get 3 RLT, and the best rewards are given to Devil of Game and God of Game.

Whenever a player makes the first deposit on SmartRoulette, he/she gets up to 50% bonus with 0.001% as a cashback regardless of the game outcome and doesn’t have to wager it like standard deposit bonuses.

The Happy Weekend promotion in the first SmartRoulette game lets players gain higher cashbacks on every bet, irrespective of the end result. They get 3% of the wagered amount in the form of RLT.

Customer Support

SmartRoulette is a completely automated platform with a very low margin of error, which almost eliminates the need for customer support. However, to ensure an easy transition to a new form of gambling, SmartRoulette has a dedicated customer support in place. Those in need of assistance can send an email to the address mentioned on the platform to get their issues resolved. They can also use the live chat and Slack channel on SmartPlay.Tech website to reach out to the team.


SmartRoulette is on its way to revolutionize the online cryptocurrency gambling industry. The platform has already gained acceptance from a significant portion of the cryptocurrency community. The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts makes it even more trustworthy and definitely worth trying.


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