Decoin: The Trading Platform of Tomorrow, Presents an Opportunity to Join a Regulated Revenue-Sharing Exchange

Based on Blockchain technology, Decoin has developed a unique revenue sharing trading and exchange platform. The company has raised capital and is working with leading advisors in the EU and Singapore to apply for crypto exchanges security licenses.  Working with regulators globally to attain the required licenses will allow Decoin to provide a regulated trading and exchange platform to clients across the globe. Decoin has completed its private sale and has an ongoing coin pre-sale which is currently offering a 25% bonus to early participants.

Decoin Platform

Decoin platform is an advanced peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform with a whole range of features to make participation and trading more profitable for everyone involved. Referred to, in short as D-TEP the platform which also happens to be the name of the platform’s native cryptocurrency is based on a robust pure Proof of Stake blockchain system that is capable of supporting plenty of transactions to further enhance the entire trading experience. Some of the features of the platform include its underlying blockchain protocol, tools, cryptocurrency index and more. And, its revenue sharing feature is yet another advantage that anyone can look forward to, irrespective of whether they trade on Decoin platform or not.

Technology Features

Unlike many exchanges that opt for existing blockchain protocols, the Decoin project has created its own pure Proof of Stake solution. It has a staking age of 60 minutes, allowing coin holders a short time to start earning staking rewards paid in Decoin’s own currency, D-TEP. Furthermore, the revenue generated by the platform through trading fees will be redistributed amongst Decoin holders.

The revenue sharing model is in-line with the team’s belief of giving back to the community. The revenue distribution aspect will allow the team to assign 20% of the exchange-generated revenue to its token holders irrespective of whether they have been actively trading on the platform or not. This way, those who have put their faith in Decoin project will receive their fair share. The distribution will be directly proportional to the number of D-TEP tokens held by each individual. In addition, they also stand to enjoy annual staking rewards.

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The Decoin team has built a secure, transparent blockchain based platform. In order to tighten security and ensure the safety of our traders’ funds, 97% of the funds are stored offline, rendering them inaccessible to hackers and cybercriminals. The remining 3% will be held in the platform’s hot wallets to satisfy the immediate liquidity requirements for smooth operations. The platform also has other advanced security features in place to prevent any unauthorized access.


The development of Decoin started early this year, following its conceptualization in Q4 2017.  The beta version of the platform is expected in Q4, 2018 to the cryptocurrency community, enabling them to experience a safe, solid and innovative platform.

The company has abided to its own strict development roadmap. With the beta platform almost out in the open, Decoin soon plans to have a wallet application, while operating the exchange under regulated sandbox provisions.

With the current pace of development, combined with the community’s interest, Decoin is on its way to becoming one of the leading crypto platforms in the near future.

The Decoin Currency

In a bid to ensure full scale utilization of the Decoin blockchain, the platform is issuing D-TEP, its own cryptocurrency. These coins are made available to interested parties during the ongoing coin sale. By purchasing the D-TEP coins, Decoin holders will be able to trade on the Decoin crypto exchange at discounted prices. They will receive a 40% discount on trading fee which using the native cryptocurrency.  These discounts are in addition to revenue distribution and yearly staking rewards.

Decoin will be keeping aside 20% of overall revenues generated through the collection of trading fees, which will then be shared among the token holders. The rest will be used for operations and further development of the platform. The icing on the cake is the staking reward that set to make existing token holders with D-TEP in their Decoin wallets, richer by 6.5% every year.

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Decoin Crypto Index and Card

As Decoin strives to make the entire trading experience much easier and profitable, the platform is in the process of creating a cryptocurrency index named DCI. The DCI will include a portfolio of all the tokens that are traded on the exchange and will be made readily available for public consumption. Cryptocurrency companies and projects can become part of this index to get recognized and make themselves more accessible to the crypto community. The index will be instrumental in encouraging traders to diversify their crypto-portfolios and use the best trading pairs for increased profits.

While most of the transactions over Decoin happen in cryptocurrency, the platform is introducing Decoin Card as a bridge to the fiat world. With the card, users can easily convert their cryptocurrency to fiat and start using it for their everyday purchases as well. These cards will be like any other credit or debit card and can be used for making online and offline purchases. It will also help the company create a seamless ecosystem for its users, who don’t have to go through lots of hurdles to convert fiat to crypto and vice versa. The platform will be offering 5 different card types, each with its own advantages. More information about each card type is presented below.

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The need for decentralized crypto exchange platforms is on the rise as people are apprehensive about using centralized systems and losing absolute control over their holdings. Also, decentralized and P2P exchanges have an advantage of overcoming regulatory uncertainties. Decoin platform addresses these, and the community has recognized its potential.

The project has already raised $5.2 million, and with the ongoing token sale, it is expected to gain a lot of traction. The growth in its user base is a strong indicator of its potential as perceived by the crypto community.

Continuous growth


Customer Support Channels

Although the platform is user-friendly and can be used by both experienced and newbie traders, there are several customer support channels in place. To talk directly with an assistant, one can place a call directly to Decoin call center and expect an immediate response. Decoin has multilingual assistants standing by to assist in sorting out issues in real time. Alternatively, users can send queries via email, messaging applications or online chat session.

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Decoin is one among the list of very few projects with a huge potential to create a positive change in the crypto-industry. In addition to making crypto-trading easier, it is also presenting an attractive crypto-investment opportunity with a potential to earn profits over a long period of time.

The D-TEP token pre-sale is currently live offering a bonus of 25% until September 15.

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