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  • wef block

    Davos: Blockchain is here to stay

    Bitcoin and blockchain has come under extreme scrutiny over the past few months and for good reason. It would be advisable to consider anything that increases in price parabolically as a very high risk. Banking bosses, politicians and TV pundits have had their say and it is usually...

    Martin Young | January 24, 2018 | 5:00 pm
  • NewsBTC_Digital bank WB21 Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Acceptance by WB21 Was Bound to Happen, Others Follow

    Bitcoin and the banking sector do not go well together – it is a known fact. But as the importance of bitcoin in the current global economy increases, it is becoming hard for the banks to ignore the digital currency completely. Last week WB21, a digital bank announced...

    Gautham | June 20, 2016 | 7:30 pm
  • Blockchain Technology Can Transform Banking

    Banking Sector’s Interest in Blockchain May Translate Job Cuts

    The banks were never charmed about Bitcoin for multiple reasons. For starters, when the digital currency was first introduced following the collapse of the US banking system, it was hailed as the killer of the traditional banking sector. As time passed, the digital currency gained enough traction to...

    Gautham | June 18, 2016 | 8:00 pm
  • NewsBTC_Collaboration Banks Fintech Bitcoin

    Ignoring Bitcoin Could Harm Bank Revenues

    These days, there is a lot of debate on whether or not banks should collaborate with Fintech and Bitcoin players to bring more innovation to the financial sector. Resisting this seemingly inevitable shift will cost several billion AUD in revenues for Australian banks, according to a recent report....

    JP Buntinx | April 10, 2016 | 11:15 am

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