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  • Bitcoin Startups Regulations newsbtc Illustration

    Regulations — A Catch-22 Situation for Bitcoin Startups | Opinion

    Regulations or lack thereof can be tricky for businesses, especially if you are involved in Bitcoin startups or cryptocurrency related business. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are relatively new introductions to the economy and there isn’t enough clarity amongst people regarding its inner working and implications. The companies that are...

    Gautham | May 17, 2015 | 3:00 pm
  • Chip-Chap — The Growing Bitcoin ATM Player in Europe

    Whenever we run out of cash, the first thing we do is find a nearby ATM, so that we can withdraw money from our bank accounts without having to make a trip to the branch. The concept of ATM for banking has been there for decades. They were undoubtedly...

    Gautham | April 25, 2015 | 8:00 pm
  • Bitcoin Exchange itBit Applies for Banking License in New York

    The global Bitcoin exchange itBit has applied for a banking license with the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). According to a Reuters report, approval for the license is expected in the next couple of weeks, which could make itBit the first Bitcoin company to be regulated...

    Guest Author | April 24, 2015 | 3:30 pm
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    European Commission Sets Their Sights on Bitcoin Regulation

    It is being reported that the European Commission will be trying to implement strict bitcoin regulatory policies in the near feature, following a recent European Banking Authority warning that aimed to prevent financial institutions in the European Union from dealing directing with bitcoin, either by buying or selling the...

    Jayanand Sagar | July 29, 2014 | 9:07 am
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    Richard Branson Says Banking “In Midst Enormous Change & Innovation”

    In light of recent news that Virgin’s Richard Branson contributed to BitPay’s enormous $30 million Series A funding, the man himself has made a statement on the matter, according to Business Insider. Branson’s interest in the bitcoin space is seemingly expanding. After all, this isn’t his first dealing with...

    Jayanand Sagar | May 13, 2014 | 11:48 am
  • Texas Department of Banking Releases Supervisory Memo on Virtual Currencies

    The Texas Department of Banking on Thursday released a supervisory memorandum on the topic of virtual currencies, chief of which include bitcoin. The five-page document serves to outline the Texas Department of Banking’s policies toward virtual currency and express the Department’s interpretation of the Texas Money Services Act with...

    Jayanand Sagar | April 3, 2014 | 1:16 pm
  • Bitcoin's Future Limited, Says Banking Group

    In a report released by International Institute of Finance (IIF), a banking group which represents over 450 banks and financial organizations, it was outlined that the digital currency bitcoin’s future could be considered nothing short of limited in the current environment. The report — released Thursday — noted that...

    Jayanand Sagar | January 9, 2014 | 10:37 pm

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