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  • iota

    Think IOTA Security is Flawed? Developers Will Pay You to Prove it

    The brains behind one of the few cryptocurrencies lacking any form of blockchain have launched a competition to find bugs in their new hash function. The IOTA Foundation is offering a share of $220,000 to anyone who can demonstrate weakness within the code. The new hash function is...

    Rick D. | December 20, 2018 | 6:30 pm
  • BItfinex

    Bitfinex Announces Bounty for Recovery of Stolen BTCs

    In the beginning of this month, the Bitcoin industry witnessed one of the biggest hacking incidents of this year. Bitfinex, the Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange reported a security breach on August 2, 2016, which resulted in the platform losing about 119,756 bitcoins. The total losses experienced by...

    Gautham | August 14, 2016 | 9:30 pm
  • Synapsi Enables Bitcoin Bounty on GitHub. newsbtc bitcoin news

    Synapsi Enables Bitcoin Bounty on GitHub

    The number of developers and users of the Stack Exchange, a collaborative Q&A platform for developers, has decreased substantially, due to its lack of incentive for freelance programmers. To properly incentivize developers and solution providers of the network, a group of engineers have launched Synapsi, a blockchain-powered knowledge...

    Joseph Young | December 31, 2015 | 12:26 pm
  • Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Comes Clean on Bounty Controversy. newsbtc bitcoin news

    Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Comes Clean on Bounty Controversy

    Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has posted a comprehensive response to the recent bounty controversy. Yesterday, we first reported that the bitcoin exchange had surprisingly banned a user who helped them fix a vault bug that saved the San Francisco-based company from potential losses of millions of dollars. Rob Witoff of...

    Guest Author | December 22, 2015 | 10:42 am
  • Uncategorized

    HackerOne Now Offering Bitcoin Payouts For Bug Bounty Programs

    Heard of HackerOne? If you haven’t the service allows companies (like Yahoo and Twitter) to allow white hat hackers around the world to dive deep into the coding of a particular service, and if they encounter bugs and vulnerabilities, are eligible to receive a payment for their hard...

    Jayanand Sagar | October 21, 2014 | 12:14 pm
  • Uncategorized

    Bitcoin Millionaire Olivier Janssens $100,000 Bounty Mike Hearn’s

    Back in mid-May, we posted about bitcoin millionaire Olivier Janssens and an initiative he started to get the community to program a software platform that could replace the Bitcoin Foundation. A bounty of $100,000 was offered, and today, Janssens has announced a winner. “I am now confident though that I...

    Jayanand Sagar | July 2, 2014 | 11:39 am
  • Telegram Messaging Offers Bitcoin Payout For Software Vulnerabilities

    Creators of a messaging platform called Telegram are putting a bounty up to anyone looking to earn a 6-digit pay-out. Village idiots need not apply, we’re talking Q-level experts here. This self-dubbed “Crypto Contest” puts the following object out: Starting today, each day Paul (+79112317383) will be sending a...

    Jayanand Sagar | December 20, 2013 | 10:58 am

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