Last Chance to Receive ZeroEdge Blockchain-Based Gambling ICO Bonus

The ZeroEdge gambling platform is about to complete its presale. This is the last chance for contributors to receive a massive 58% bonus for their participation.

Online Gambling With a Big Difference

ZeroEdge are hoping to create the world’s first gambling platform with 0% house edge. If you thought the house always wins? Well, they don’t anymore…

The team behind ZeroEdge will provide the tools and infrastructure for players  to build and operate their own games on the platform. The aim is to form the planet’s largest gambling network of games with literally no house edge whatsoever. This will in turn drive the adoption of their token, Zerocoin.

The problem ZeroEdge identify with current online gambling models is the obscene house edges at casinos. They estimate that players lose $40 billion every year to online gambling sites.

This house edge guarantees that the casino will win over time. Sure, they might lose today to a single player. However, over the course of thousands of bets, they are mathematically assured of a long-term win.

Take blackjack for example. In a game of blackjack, it doesn’t matter how well a player plays. The house will always have an edge. This is built into the rules of the game. The player can play a perfect strategy against the casino and over time, the casino will still win.

The house edge when playing perfect strategy blackjack is around 1%. If you make stupid mistakes (splitting tens, doubling versus an Ace, and so on), you can dramatically increase this. Based on this model of edges, the house always wins a little and sometimes it wins a lot.

ZeroEdge are hoping to change this though. They think their zero percent house edge games will draw people to the platform. The games on the network will exclusively use their token, the Zerocoin. The company hope that the holders of Zerocoin will profit from the value of the token increasing rather than how current gambling providers’ shareholders profit when the casino beats a punter.

They want to create a network of many different gambling websites. These will use ZeroCoin and there will be no house edge whatsoever.

The idea is that players will favour ZeroEdge games because they are more likely to win at them. This will increase demand for the Zerocoin itself and the value of it will increase too.

The platform are hoping to offer sports betting, live betting, casino games, and poker. It will also offer players a range of other advantages too. These include almost free and instant transactions, transparent gaming, checkable random number generators, and verifiable game outcomes.

ICO Details

The pre-ICO funding will end in around 17 hours (15/03/18). In terms of contributions, it’s 80% complete at present.

This pre-ICO phase is offering a huge 58% bonus to the earliest contributors. During this round of funding, 1 ETH token will buy 60,040 ZERO tokens.

After the pre-sale, the price will be 24,000 ZERO for every 1 Ether.

There will be additional discounts of 15% for week one and two contributions, 10% for week three and four contributions, and 5% for week five and six contributions.

All other contributions will be at a rate of 1 ETH = 24,000 ZERO until the ICO close on August 1. There will also be a soft cap of 3,000 ETH and a hard cap of 30,000 ETH affecting the sale.

If you like the idea of zero percent house edge at an online casino, head over to the ZeroEdge website to contribute. There are full instructions on taking part in the pre-ICO listed there.

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Now that the world is truly and utterly captivated by cryptocurrencies, we are experiencing a gold rush the likes of which we haven’t seen since the dotcom era. It’s clear to see that cryptocurrencies aren’t just a flash in the pan, however, their true value is the source of much speculation. How much are they really worth? Does cryptocurrency have intrinsic value or is its real-world value far less?

A Bitcoin primer

Bitcoin has been around since January of 2009, mere months after the theoretical paper, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, by Satoshi Nakamoto was released. While there was interest in Bitcoin from the very beginning, it wasn’t seen as a serious investment option by many market trend analysts until late 2016. After Bitcoin forked in August of 2017 the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed.

What’s amusing about this story is things like the following: that what I paid in Bitcoin for topping up my phone credit several times over would now be worth 10s of thousands of dollars; that the main transactions in Bitcoin for most of its history were drug exchanges on the dark web; that the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto has been rated one of the top 50 richest figures in the world, despite Satoshi’s Bitcoins never being touched and no trace of them for years.

While a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounds the story of Bitcoin itself, as well as speculation on the market, what’s not a surprise is the volatility of the coin, even from day to day. Half of the value of the coin has been wiped off in just over a month and a half, hitting from up to almost (US)$20,000 a coin to under (US)$10,000. For investors, this is a huge gamble. But a gamble that you may not have considered is the gamble taken by actual gambling houses who themselves accept and cash out Bitcoin.

Online Bitcoin gambling has been quietly gathering steam for years now. Online gambling has come a long way since it first emerged as a relevant form of gambling – and jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon was a natural progression. When we talk about the history of online gambling we see that once upon a time there were no regulations in place when casinos could do what they please, and punters could place bets on anything, anywhere. Slowly, regulations started to creep in to keep a lid on these activities, bringing them into line with the regulations of the country of play. But then Bitcoin joined the party.

When punters were dealing with fiat currencies, the play was much more strict, you were limited to playing and cashing out in your own currency, often with wait times and issues like chargebacks. When Bitcoin came in, there was the ability to play in Bitcoin, cash out in Bitcoin (or cash out in your currency if you were playing in your own country), play anonymously, and more. The rise of Bitcoin in online gambling ushered in a less regulated era, yet again. And governments and overseeing bodies have struggled to keep up with technology ever since. If you’d like a guide to Bitcoin casinos then check out CasinoHash for the latest info.

But since the rise of Bitcoin as a fluctuating investment this has been a source of pain for online gambling houses. If you pay out in Bitcoin, then the implications can be disastrous.

Let’s take, for example, FortuneJack, a casino house with over 300 different games available on it. Punters deposit Bitcoin into their accounts to play – or Litecoin, Doge, Dash, or Reddcoin, just for a bit of a choice of options. They’re then able to play to their hearts content until it’s either a) time to cash out or b) they’ve run out of crypto.

But let’s say that a punter deposited 0.1BTC to play today, which is currently valued at $1000USD. They play a few games today and tomorrow then suddenly the cost of Bitcoin skyrockets. A jackpot game that they were playing today, let’s say the dice game, pays out at 11BTC. Suddenly, 11BTC is worth a whole lot more – and if FortuneJack hasn’t adjusted their jackpot in time for the game then they are caught paying out far more than they anticipated.

The other worry for Bitcoin gambling houses is punters who win big and accumulate funds in their online accounts. While on Monday, the house might have had to cash out (US)$10,000 to someone, if they leave their funds with the house for a week and the price rises, then the casino may be handing out what amounts to double that in fiat currency of the actual win.

So, as you can see, for Bitcoin gambling houses, the stakes are high. However, there are various provisos that they can put into place that can help to ease the pain in the case of unexpected price rises and falls. One of the ways in which they can do so is to convert all deposits into the casino to an equivalent value of fiat currency for play – even if they don’t actually “convert” it in real life, just have it as a placeholder. Another thing they can put into play is adjusting jackpot values in real time as a reflection of the current cost of Bitcoin’s value, so payouts don’t end up bankrupting the house. Thirdly, they can do a “conversion” to fiat currency on wins, so that even if players keep money in the house before cashing out, this won’t rise to ridiculous amounts.

Of course, all of these options may fall on the blurry side of legalities. What is known for a fact is that Bitcoin casinos and online gambling houses are more at risk now than they have been before due to the fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies.

However, there’s also a big opportunity to be made. If clever people behind these gambling houses can predict with some degree of accuracy what’s going to happen in the market on a very short-term basis, they can easily trade with punter’s deposit money, with the opportunity to make gains on the deposits on the open market – which can add up to a lot if you have plenty of customers.

While regulated online gambling markets such as Nevada and the UK strive towards making online gambling houses more honest and held more accountable, their struggles to be a mirroring in the rules, as regulators try to understand the technologies associated with online gambling and cryptocurrencies in particular.

Until more people, and especially those in positions of power and regulation, have a firmer grip on the technologies involved in online gambling, we will continue to see Bitcoin gambling online as a bit of a black sheep within the gambling world: little understood by those except the brains behind the operations and by those who know how to best work the system in their favor.

While there is something implicitly exciting and dangerous around gambling in this new world system, it’s not until these ways of doing business have settled down and the dust has cleared that they will truly be legitimate and more widely accepted. And it’s up to Bitcoin gambling houses to put in the hard yards and answer the difficult questions before this really starts to happen. So let’s make it happen – as Bitcoin gambling has a bright future.

Online gambling has surged exponentially since the introduction of the first online gambling site back in 1994. It is common for regular people to play online casino games and place bets on sporting events from the world over. With Bitcoin in the horizon today, online gambling has grown even further. Bitcoin is the world most recognized and most traded cryptocurrency. It is subject to much of the hype and criticism that has rocked the internet today. With Bitcoin, users can play online casino games or bet while remaining completely anonymous and protected from any betting regulations that they may face on traditional online casinos.

Recognizing this fact, is an established portal where online casino goers can find both real money casinos and Bitcoin casinos. Of the two, Bitcoin casinos are much more applicable since Bitcoin is easily transferable. Some of the top 5 Bitcoin casinos include; Jumbabet Casino, Bovada Casino, Mandarin Palace Casino, Cafe Casino, and Jackpot Wheel, all of whom market their services on Bitcoin-based casinos are not in any way different from other online casinos. They, by all means, provide the same services as land-based casinos and fiat casino sites do and only have a slightly higher advantage to their counterparts.

The Bitcoin user base is growing by the day hence the need for feeding this audience with the relevant information to transform their gambling experiences. platform is designed to provide the online gambler with the all the information they need to find the best Bitcoin casinos available today. The users are also supplied with current reviews of each site to find the casino that addresses their gambling desires. On, users are also provided with enough information to take advantage of Bitcoin promotions, Bitcoin casino bonuses, and loyalty programs. This makes gambling practically affordable for the ordinary person.

Aside from Bitcoin gambling sites, allows the user to find newly qualified Bitcoin wallets to store their funds easily and securely. This takes the guesswork out of saving Bitcoin funds. This is done by a series of educational material about Bitcoin wallets and its advantages, allowing the user to pick the one they believe is the best among all. Since not everyone who transacts using Bitcoin is an expert in cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, the education material is framed in a professional as well as a friendly tone. This helps the user to make a wise decision on where they believe their funds will be safe and easily accessible.

The explosive growth of online gaming, particularly iGaming for real money has given rise to a burgeoning new market – digital currency gaming. Real money games, including blackjack, roulette, slots etc. are offered through a series of regulated and unregulated gaming portals. The widespread liberalization of online gaming laws across the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere means that people are seeking out fully licensed and regulated operators over others.

For many people, real money gaming activities are a taboo. For starters, the transactions show up on your credit card statements, and people may prefer to keep their gaming hobby private from prying eyes. While many options abound, there are still concerns that legislation – particularly in the US – limits the ability of payment processing companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and traditional banks from processing payments to/from online casinos, online bingo rooms, online sportsbooks, and so forth.

BTC Powered Payments Processing

bitcoin, casino, payments

Burgeoning player demand has given rise to many workarounds – alternatives to the payments processing dilemma. One such solution that has come about recently is cryptocurrency payments options for online casinos. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and scores of others. There are many inherent benefits to using digital currency options over traditional payment methods. For starters, digital currency offers a relatively anonymous way to transfer funds into your real-money gaming account.

Many modern-day online casinos do not require players to input personal sensitive information when using cryptocurrency to fund gaming accounts. Blockchain technology is being adopted across the board, from banks and e-commerce operations to online casinos and beyond. The process of transferring funds from your Bitcoin wallet to your online casino account is relatively straightforward. Many of the leading online casinos today provide detailed instructions – step-by-step – to help players transfer funds. It’s important to ensure that the correct account information is input since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once the payments have been finalized, players will have a real-money balance in their account with which to play a host of online casino games.

Wide Range of Games at Digital Currency iGaming Venues

bitcoin, casino, cryptocurrencyThese include slots, card games, table games, scratch card games and other games for real money. Bitcoin can be purchased with any currency at a trading platform, including EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, ZAR, CAD etc. but it is always denominated in USD. Once the funds have been transferred, the balance will be displayed at the prevailing exchange rate (if applicable) or in BTC. Game betting denominations and values will be provided in fractions of a BTC, given that it costs several thousand dollars to buy 1 BTC.

cryptocurrency, casino, bitcoin, For the relative novice, game play in BTC may seem a little odd at first. However, it is similar to fiat (traditional) currencies in every way, except that it offers many more benefits. First of all, your balance will be displayed in BTC, not USD. When you are ready to cash out, the transactions are immediate since they do not need to go through third parties like banks or other payment processing options. As soon as the transaction has been initiated, it will be recorded in the blockchain ledger which is available for everyone on the Bitcoin network to see.

No names are associated with transactions, which essentially enshrouds all players in a cloak of invisibility. This is why BTC-play is considered a secure alternative to credit cards, bank wires and e-wallets. The absence of third parties and intermediaries means that the costs of deposits and withdrawals are either zero, or near-zero. This means more money gets put into your pocket when you cash out. In 2017, many new online slots venues, online casinos, and online bingo rooms added Bitcoin payments processing to their list of available banking methods. Today, there are even exclusive gambling sites designated in cryptocurrency only.

Many people are going to be enthusiastic about the environmental award for Microgaming. They’re aware of the fact that this is the sort of thing that is going to tend to bring in a lot of positive publicity to the company.

People need to be able to trust a company. A lot of people trust the companies that place more of an emphasis on sustainability. People also have a tendency to be more favorable towards companies that have a great reputation for sustainability in general. It seems that Microgaming has joined the ranks of companies known for sustainability.

Caring about the ethical reputation of a company is more common today, especially among Millennials. They have a tendency to say that they care about sustainability more than other generations. Companies like Microgaming absolutely need to find a way to appeal to Millennial customers in general. While it is true that some older people enjoy online casino gaming, it is the sort of interest that tends to be more common among young people in their twenties and thirties.

Many Millennials are also going to stick with online casino gaming as they get older. They aren’t going to stop with it in their forties and beyond, in all likelihood. As such, it’s going to be even more important for companies like Microgaming to get their attention now. If Microgaming continues to get a great reputation for their efforts towards sustainability, they should be able to hold onto it for a long period of time.

Some people will criticize tech companies in general from the standpoint of sustainability. They’ll be under the impression that any company that has to use computers a lot is already going to use a lot of electricity. This is not necessarily the case.

Modern flat screen computers already use a fairly small amount of electricity. People really will not use a lot of electricity when they play games at real money casinos such as All Slots. Using information technology is good for the environment overall, especially when people consider all of the alternatives that have existed in the past.

Many tech companies will use very little energy compared to companies that use heavier machinery that requires a lot of fuel at the best of times. New tech companies that care more about sustainability, like Microgaming, are going to use even less electricity.

The headquarters for Microgaming has an excellent Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method rating as of now. People who are worried about the electricity consumption of a tech company like Microgaming will be thrilled by the fact that this is a company that uses smart lighting at its headquarters.

The headquarters also makes use of smart heating controls. This is even more important from the standpoint of energy consumption. Buildings will typically use a lot of energy to heat themselves or to stay cool, and smart temperature controls can make all the difference in the world. Microgaming has found high-tech solutions to its issues with energy consumption, which is fitting for this company.

When it comes to casino games, the more time you spend will likely result in more opportunity to lose money, so are casino games more of an investment than a gamble? British gamblers lost more than £12 billion last year alone but an equal amount of people have also benefited from the initial risk by learning how to play professionally.

Despite the fact that both investing and gambling involve putting your money at risk with the desire to make a return but the difference between them is the math involved behind the scene. It can tell you how much gain or loss you should expect to receive as an investor. In the past, gambling has changed people’s lives for the better, as have investments. You could hit the jackpot, just like a number of other people have been lucky enough to!

The first things people consider in regards to investments include bonds, stock markets, and forex – almost no one automatically refers to a game in a casino being an investment. Almost all investments are attached with a level of risk related to the potential return. Usually, the most cost-effective investments are those that offer the littlest return. The ones that offer high returns usually carry more risk (and less chance)! A lot of casino games work to a similar if not the same principle. But really, investing in stocks is just the same as gambling, just like gambling could also apply to investing. Although gambling involves wagering money to an event that has an uncertain outcome, investing does too. You invest in an idea in the hope that it works out in your favour, but you gamble in the hope to gain more money than you had spent. So despite the uncertainty of either outcome, they both involve risk and alternative options. If you plan doesn’t go as you hoped, you are at risk of losing it all.

Whilst some people might see gambling as a way of losing money as long as you take time to familiarise yourself with the basics and understand the strategies with the help of guides such as Ladbrokes’ Clueless In The Casino, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you implement a level of skill behind games like Blackjack and Poker you increase your chances of winning, therefore making it more of an investment. Long-term investments have a number of benefits – and it’s easy enough for anyone to do! You should start by gambling small sums of money before moving up the chain. This way you can master the strategies and reduce the amount of money you lose and soon enough you be hitting the big win! An easy way to distinguish gambling and investment is before someone invests they conduct sufficient research to support their investment. The odds are usually favourable and the person has a long-term plan in place, whereas when someone gambles little if not any research is conducted prior to making the gamble. The risks associated with gambling are high and the odds will be unfavourable – it’s all based on experience.

The verdict

Are casino games an investment or a gamble? In some situations, you may find yourself gambling on one hand but investing on the other. This may depend on the individual player’s approach – you’re unlikely to meet someone with the identical approach as you! It can vary depending on what the payoff is too. With this in mind, it is still possible to gamble with stocks if you want to, just like it is possible to invest in casino games, such as Poker.

BetKing has been one of the leading Bitcoin gambling platforms in the industry until it temporarily shut down its operations late last year. Since then, the creators of the platform been working on an updated version with a variety of features.

As the platform gets ready for release, it is presently in the midst of an ICO campaign. The ongoing crowdsale will continue until September 4, 2017, allowing investors to purchase BetKing bankroll tokens without any hassle. The campaign so far has raised close to $5 million in multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether and LTC payments.

The cryptocurrency deposits received by the platform until now includes about 775 BTC, 4263 ETH, and another 793 LTC tokens. With the crowdsale coming to an end, the platform has already implemented some of the new features on the platform. These features include the launch of a new sportsbook which successfully listed the UFC match between Mayweather vs. McGregor as the first event, which garnered over 335 BTC in bets.

Some of the other changes in the BetKing, in comparison to its previous version, is the inclusion of multiple cryptocurrency support, and a significant shift in the business model itself. Unlike the previous version, BetKing is no longer confined to be just a stand-alone gambling platform. The Costa Rica registered company will soon offer cryptocurrency gaming solutions, which can be readily integrated with third-party platforms.

BetKing will make it easier for developers and website owners to not only include its offering but also create their own game versions while using BetKing’s backend bankroll and user management solution.

The ongoing ICO allows BetKing to raise funds necessary to bankroll its game offering. The BetKing Bankroll tokens are designed for just that particular purpose. While the token doesn’t confer any ownership or voting rights on the platform to the holder, it makes them eligible to receive a share of the profits generated by bankrolled games. In addition, the company has a buyback system in place that will buy back 10% of all tokens in circulation every quarter. The buyback will drive the price upwards and make BetKing Bankroll tokens ideal for trading.

With the ICO about to end soon, investors have a limited time to purchase the tokens. Those interested to become part of the ICO can visit the website for more details.

BetKing, the popular online cryptocurrency casino is making a comeback after it temporarily closed doors late last year. As the developers continue to work on introducing loads of new features to the platform, BetKing is currently running a highly successful ICO.

The crowdsale campaign offers investors a chance to fund the platform by investing in Betking Bankroll Tokens. The tokens that went on sale on August 7, 2017, followed the pre-sale that concluded on July 30, 2017. With the ICO set to go on until September 4, 2017, BetKing has already raised over $3 million in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum deposits.

With another 20 days to go, the total funds raised by the ICO is close to touching $3.5 million. BetKing will be putting about 50% of the funds raised through the crowdsale for the house bankroll, and the rest towards supporting the marketing, promos, SEO, design, development, It infrastructure and legal costs.

The cryptocurrency casino platform has set the maximum cap of BetKing Bankroll Tokens at 100,000,000. These ERC23 tokens created over Ethereum blockchain will be made available to the investors soon after the completion of the crowdsale. Those participating in the ongoing ICO will be eligible to purchase the remaining tokens from the original 70 million, set aside for distribution through a crowdsale. The remaining 30 million tokens has been allocated to pay for various bounty programs, payments to advisors, expansion of the team and future marketing and development.

The new platform is expected to have a lot of improvements in place, compared to the earlier version. The major change starts with the game offering itself., In addition to Bitcoin, the platform will also support, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and more.

BetKing will soon launch a special version of the website where people can start betting on sports. The first match will be between McGregor and Mayweather, and those interested in placing bets can do so on the BetKing platform.


BetKing, a popular Bitcoin gambling platform known for making profits worth over 7400 BTC during its previous stint has announced the ICO of its BetKing Bankroll tokens. The four-week long crowdsale is set to go live on August 7, 2017, and end on September 4, 2017. During the period, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can purchase BetKing Bankroll token against Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash payments.

The platform has set the maximum cap for Bankroll tokens at 100 million, out of which 70 million is being made available to the ICO participants. The rest will be retained by BetKing and used for paying ICO bounties, testing bounties, advisors, hiring, future marketing and development activities.

The funds raised from the crowdsale will be used to build and operate the revamped BetKing casino platform. Out of the total funds raised, the platform will allocate 50% for bankrolling the bets placed against the house by players, and the remaining half will go towards development, marketing, promotions, infrastructure and legal costs. The platform has already raised over $1.2 million through the recently concluded Pre-ICO, during which early investors availed a 25% discount on the tokens.

The platform has announced a new discount structure for the ICO, where it will be offering a 15% discount on week one, followed by a 10% discount on week two and 5% on the third week. Those purchasing the tokens during the ICO will become eligible to receive a share in the profits generated by the platform. BetKing will be setting aside a portion of the profits from bankrolled games to buy back the tokens.

Unlike its previous version, the new BetKing platform will be more robust, flexible and user-friendly. The platform will be offering a range of provably fair casino games with support for multiple cryptocurrencies. Apart from being a regular online casino, BetKing will also support third party integrations, where developers can implement its games and services into their own websites and applications. The company has set a timeline of one year to achieve all these. Those interested in becoming part of the initiative can do so by visiting BetKing website.

BetKing, the most popular Bitcoin casino platform that suspended operations last year is now back in business. The new version of BetKing is much better than the previous one in many ways. The platform is technologically advanced, more flexible and offers plenty of choice to gamers.

The new BetKing platform offers updated provably fair casino games like the popular Blackjack, Roulette and a lot more. In addition, it has moved away from the “Bitcoin-only” image by extended support to multiple cryptocurrencies, which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Players on BetKing don’t have to compulsorily visit the site to enjoy their favorite games as the platform has now opened itself up by supporting integration with other casino platforms and mobile apps. Even for the developers, it is an exciting development as they can launch their own cryptocurrency betting platform by hosting quality games offered by a renowned provider.

The new BetKing platform also manages the user accounts and betting, which include bankroll funds and security issues, allowing developers to concentrate on creating their own games and promotions. These new developments help BetKing carve a position for itself as a gaming solutions provider, rather than just a casino platform.

In order to support the development of this new platform, BetKing is in the process of raising funds through an ICO campaign. The ICO is set to go live in the next few days, offering an opportunity for investors to become part of a successful endeavor. Earlier, the platform had organized a pre-sale, which concluded recently on July 30, 2017. The pre-sale received a great response from the community as people purchased BetKing Bankroll tokens worth over $1.2 million.

The upcoming ICO offers a chance for those who missed the pre-sale. The ICO campaign will go on until September 4, 2017, and has some attractive discounts in place. Participants in the ICO during the first week stand to receive a 15% discount, followed by a 10% discount during Week 2 and a 5% discount in week 3. More information about the ICO is available on the platform’s web page.