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  • Crypto

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacking Jumped 250% YTD, Says Report

    A report on cryptocurrency theft published by cyber security firm CipherTrace found that hacking of exchanges and trading platforms has jumped 250 percent in the first nine months of 2018 on a year-over-year basis, reaching $927 million. $2.5 Billion Laundered on Top 20 Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Says CipherTrace Report...

    Ricardo Esteves | October 10, 2018 | 10:15 pm
  • Currencies

    International AML Task Force to Close “Gaps” Created by Virtual Currencies

    The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental organization founded in 1989 on the initiative of the G7 to combat anti-money laundering (AML), may be about to agree with a set of standards to apply to virtual currencies. President Marshall Billingslea is optimistic that the discussions scheduled for October...

    Ricardo Esteves | September 19, 2018 | 7:00 pm
  • Token

    Mastercard CEO Calls Crypto “Junk” for Lack of Transparency and Stability

    The president and CEO of Mastercard has called cryptocurrencies “junk,” arguing that they don’t deserve to be considered as a medium of exchange. Ajay Banga was making his comments at the New India Lecture organized by the Indian Consulate in New York in partnership with the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum...

    Ricardo Esteves | July 26, 2018 | 6:30 pm
  • europol

    Europol Taps Exchanges to Crack Down on Crypto Crimes

    There has been an obvious correlation between cryptocurrency and online crime. Nipping this trend in the bud has proven to be extremely challenging as of late. To counter this ongoing threat, Europol is sitting down with European cryptocurrency exchanges. The goal is to crack down on further illicit...

    JP Buntinx | June 20, 2018 | 11:00 am
  • Bitcoin

    Report: Less Than 1% of Bitcoin Used for Illegal Purposes

    Cryptocurrencies are regularly accused of causing “deaths in a fairly direct way” (as Bill Gates put it). A report released by The Foundation for Defense of Democracies found that less than one percent of Bitcoin is used for illegal purposes. Bitcoin Not as Criminal as Some Might Think Aaron...

    Ricardo Esteves | April 17, 2018 | 2:00 am
  • cryptocurrency

    Europol Arrests Gang After Laundering €1 Billion Worth of Bitcoin

    The Spanish police authority announced the arrest of ‘Denis K.’, the suspected leader of a cyber-crime gang who allegedly stole up to 1 billion Euros from banks all around the country, according to Europol. Ukranian-Russian Cybercriminals Caught After Laundering €1 billion Worth of BTC As modus operandi, the gang...

    Ricardo Esteves | March 27, 2018 | 2:21 am

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