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  • Industry

    Lafayette, Louisiana’s Mayor-President Reveals Plans to Create a Municipal Digital Currency and Accompanying ICO

    Joel Robideaux, Mayor-President of Lafayette, Louisiana, announced yesterday that the city-parish government is considering creating its own digital currency and holding an accompanying initial coin offering (ICO). Doing so would position Lafayette to follow the lead of Berkeley, California, which earlier this year revealed plans to create a...

    Thomas Delahunty | April 14, 2018 | 4:49 pm
  • Bitcoin

    International Banking Study Calls Centralized Crypto Inevitable

    A new report issued by an international banking group analyzing the use of cryptocurrency by central banks recognizes the usefulness of digital currency while calling into question their overall safety and security. Study Calls Centralized Crypto Inevitable The Bank for International Settlements issued a report on Monday saying that...

    John McMahon | March 14, 2018 | 6:00 am
  • mansionbtc

    First Bitcoin to Bitcoin Luxury Real Estate Sale Completed

    A cryptocurrency investor has sold his luxury Miami home for 455 Bitcoin making it the most expensive Bitcoin to Bitcoin real estate transaction to date. Miami Mansion sold for Bitcoin Michael Komaransky initially listed his seven-bedroom home in Miami’s wealthy Ponce Davis neighborhood for 6.5 million dollars payable in either cash...

    John McMahon | February 7, 2018 | 9:30 am
  • sweden

    Will Sweden be the First Nation With Their Own Cryptocurrency?

    According to a note issued by HBSC economic analyst James Pomeroy, Sweden could be the first nation to issue their own cryptocurrency. A document, which was sent to clients this week, titled “Sweden’s Big Year: Can the Economy Overcome Some Challenges?” set forth some rudimentary proposals of what...

    Rick D. | January 14, 2018 | 11:50 am
  • iran

    Digital Currencies: Shaping the Future of Banking – Iranian Banker

    A prominent Iranian banker has come out in support of digital currencies. Masoud Khatouni, a senior member at Iran’s largest bank, has called for Bitcoin and other cryptos to be recognised and accepted into the nation’s banking system. According to Bank Meli Iran’s deputy for information technology and...

    Rick D. | January 7, 2018 | 5:35 pm
  • CoinLion

    CoinLion Announces A New Digital Currency Trading Platform

    CoinLion is a powerful trading platform that makes managing digital assets easy and efficient. The platform contains a unique portfolio management tool combined with a publishing and promotional toolset that rewards users for building and sharing portfolios, strategies, and information relating to the management of digital assets. “CoinLion...

    Jayanand Sagar | December 20, 2017 | 4:28 pm

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