India Witnesses a Surge in Blockchain Events as Adoption Increases

India, the second most populous country has recently awoken to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Until last year, the country’s cryptocurrency community was made up of only a handful of people. Now, the rapidly growing ecosystem has witnessed not only an increase in Bitcoin and altcoin users but also blockchain technology developers and adopters.

In the past year alone, some of the leading banks in the country have forged partnerships with blockchain platforms like Ripple, Hyperledger and Stellar to develop and implement blockchain solutions for cross-border fund transfer and other operations. Recently, Bajaj Electricals became the first company to include cryptocurrency technology for settling vendor/supplier payments through Yes Bank. As the interest in the sector continues to grow, there is an upsurge of events related to various blockchain platforms.

The demand for such events, mostly among the C-level executives of various companies has also seen an increase in the entry fees. A comparison to earlier events to the ones happening this year shows the rising trend, moving from “free entry” to almost $1000 per ticket, which is a bit unrealistic in a cost-conscious market like India where blockchain technology is expected to help the unbanked and underbanked.

While few events do mint money in the name of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, there are few occasional “invite-only” events and regular free for all meetups that happen as well. Either held in small event spaces or restaurants, these events allow people to interact with like-minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts and industry experts to understand the technology better.

Blocksmiths recently organized one such “invite only” event in association with IBM Bluemix. Held on May 5, 2017, saw top management executives, CxOs, start-up founders, independent consultants and journalists in attendance. Organized with the intention of spreading awareness about cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology, discussions during the event revolved around blockchain’s various use cases in banking, manufacturing, logistics, IoT and cybersecurity.

The shifting trend in the Indian startup ecosystem towards cryptocurrency technology shows the country’s readiness to be part of a revolution that is expected to generate about $110 billion in impact by 2021.

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It’s that time of year, again, when cities around the world unite in celebration of cryptocurrency. Part convention, part holiday, CoinFest is a decentralized and open source event in which anybody can participate. Organizers need only abide its core protocol, which is that events be free to attend and held at venues that accept cryptocurrency (at least during CoinFest).

The CoinFest organization itself cannot wield fiat, nor can any signatories to its multi-signature wallet in their roles as CoinFest organizers. Donations to CoinFest Global are managed in this way, but all CoinFest organizers are encouraged to seek sponsors for their local events independently. CoinFest is open source and charges no licensing fees, only asking that all organizers operate as volunteers.

CoinFest 2017 was announced not long after CoinFest 2016, wherein CoinFest UK managed to steal Vancouver’s title as the largest local gathering. That year, CoinFest also spread to the United States for the first time, as well as Asia via India, China and South Korea. Plans were also made to set up an Ethereum DAO, but they were put on hold as a result of the fork.

Instead, more emphasis was placed on developing activities to connect events around the world. Particularly, the International Hangout—which uses projector and microphone equipment at multiple locations to create a decentralized audience for speakers—has been expanded. In addition to BlockTalk, there will now be segments by the Crypto Show and New Africa Radio, as well. Blockchain-based video games will also play a key role, with a panel on the subject and demonstrations in Vancouver and Manchester.

The first day of CoinFest Vancouver will serve as a hub for global operations, participating in every Hangout and most of the other global activities. The next day will feature activities geared towards educating the local community, with a workshop focusing on the ICO craze that’s taken over the crypto world. Everybody will get free Indian food and a beer from some local Bitcoin merchants.

CoinFest UK is expected to be the biggest event, once again, with hundreds likely to attend. This is thanks to the dedication of Adam Rizvi, the founder of Crypto Bates Group. He has many upcoming projects, including an innovative new faucet.

Their event in Manchester will also last for 2 days (in addition to a pre-party), but feature several more workshops on different topic, as well as a huge line-up of speakers. Thanks to a wide variety of sponsors and partners, they will additionally have all kinds of booths, demonstrations and giveaways, and the ticket system with a free raffle is making a return. Save room for Bitcoin pizza and Chinese food!

Across the water, the Netherlands will also serve as a crypto hotspot. The first event of the week was held by Bitcoinference in Amsterdam, with another planned by Bitcoin Wednesday that should be one of the biggest events of the week. Locals in Arnhem, the most Bitcoin-friendly city in the world, will also be gathering at a newly-converted Bitcoin venue.

Africa will once again be a crypto hotspot, as well. Gaborone is back on the map with an event at Satoshi Centre, and Ghana is returning for the third time in a row thanks to Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei. He’s the founder of Africa Youth Peace Call, whose Nigerian branch is bringing CoinFest there, as well. Even Sierra Leone—which canceled in the past due to problems associated with the Ebola outbreak—will play host.

Other events will include one at a Bitcoin bar in Valdivia, Chile near the soon-to-be location of Fort Galt and one hosted by Tim Tayshun in Orange County. In addition to being the founder of New Africa Radio, Tim is also the inventor of the Wheel of Bitcoin, which guests will be able to spin for Bitcoin prizes at multiple CoinFest events. The last one will be April 9, the final day of CoinFest.

Many of the events are being funded with money saved from last year, with Bitcoin having skyrocketed in value since then. CoinFest Global also received 2 generous sponsorships for 2017, such as one from CoinPayments, a cryptocurrency payment processor featuring numerous different cryptocurrencies. The other major sponsors are Internet of Coins, a project to create a peer-to-peer network of cryptocurrencies allowing them to interact in a decentralized manner, and the BitNational Bitcoin ATM network.

CoinFest, the decentralized convention for alternative currency, has been announced for April 3-9 in 2017. As decided by popular vote, CoinFest will now begin on the first Monday of April each year and last one week, further cementing the tradition of the annual event.

CoinFest started in 2013, and was last held April 5-10 of this year. It consists of free-to-attend events held simultaneously around the world, interlinked by common activities and a virtual International Hangout. All branding is open source, and the organization is slowly morphing into a DAO as the required technology emerges.

CoinFest has played host to many crypto firsts, which NewsBTC has covered in partnership since 2015. It began by converting a Waves Coffee House in Vancouver to Bitcoin, where the Bitcoiniacs later installed the world’s first Bitcoin ATM. It then spread around the world, bringing the first Bitcoin ATM to Botswana, defying a Bitcoin ban in Russia, and adopting advanced multisignature cryptography.

In 2016, CoinFest had one of its largest-ever events in Manchester, the epicenter of CoinFest UK, which lasted two days and saw hundreds of guests. It also covered the United States for the first time, and spread to Asia in Bangalore, Shanghai and Seoul. Airbitz partnered with the CoinFest Global to give away preloaded BTC wallets, and the International Hangout included notable speakers like Andreas Antonopoulos, Paul Snow and Susanne Tempelhof.

Unfortunately, an unexpected shutdown by CoinKite put a little bit of a damper on the festivities, reducing the wallet’s signatory count by more than half and interfering with the Transparency System. As such, CoinFest’s founder and community are now focused on the infrastructure of its decentralized autonomous organization. Although CoinFest has always accepted all liquid alternative currencies, it had previously converted to and denominated them in Bitcoin. That will soon change.

As Ethereum has quickly grown to become the #2 cryptocurrency with a +$1 billion USD market cap and demonstrated advanced smart contract and automation capabilities, it is currently the immediate area of investigation. An Ethereum address will soon be listed on the main website as a placeholder while the DAO functionality possible within CoinFest’s available budget and manpower is being determined. Those who wish to help should reach out ASAP!

The other major area of focus is the decentralized activities. The International Hangout–which simultaneously beams speakers to projector screens at CoinFest events around the world–will be greatly expanded. Prize-giving attractions like the Wheel of Bitcoin and Decentralized Arcade will return, and more are currently being brainstormed and discussed on the newly-created CoinFest forum.

The physical event itself is expected to grow even further, covering every habitable continent for the first time thanks to some new fans in Australia. Most of the organizers from 2016 are already planning even greater events, and CoinFest International already has over 2.8 BTC in donations for next year, so remember to mark your calendars.

Apple Integrates Bitcoin Into Apple Pay

The Chinese Incentive

China in many ways (not least through mining), is home to bitcoin and Chinese investment has been widely recognized as the leading factor in many of the recent price rallies. And if there is one market in the world where Apple is vying for dominance, it’s the Chinese market. After sales of the iPhone started to show signs of decline earlier this year, Apple will be nervously projecting their future role in the Chinese economy.This decline will put pressure on the tech giant to find news ways to innovate and

This decline will put pressure on the tech giant to find news ways to innovate and re-engage their Chinese audience. With bitcoin adoption and awareness being highest in China, the possibility that Apple chooses to integrate bitcoin into their payments system may not be that unthinkable.

Appealing to Developing Nations

Steve Jobs famously sent an internal email in 2010 stating that he wanted to “explicitly lock customers in Apple’s ecosystem”, these customers are no longer those in the West, but increasingly those in the Eastern and developing nations.

Bitcoin is considered to be the currency of choice for the unbanked and those in developing nations rely on mobile currencies. If Apple wants to ‘lock’ customers of these rapidly growing markets into their brand, then they need a solution for the unbanked. Integrating bitcoin into their Apple Pay offering could be an extremely shrewd play and one that would bring bitcoin to the mainstream.


Russia Lifts Bitcoin Ban

It’s a sorry state of affairs for bitcoin in Russia; many of the ISPs have banned numerous bitcoin related websites and in February 2014, the Russian Central Bank was reported to have made bitcoin usage (as a substitute currency) illegal under Russian federal law. The Russian market was considered to be one of the most active in bitcoin; Benedict Russel, owner of gambling comparison site, stated that “30% of all traffic to our bitcoin gambling network came from Russian ISPs, since the block, traffic has dropped to less than 5% and that continues to decline.”

There is however, a possibility that Russia changes its stance on bitcoin, many rumours have circulated that the ban may be lifted, and in May 2016 a draft bill that targeted the digital currency was overturned. Should Russia reverse its stance on bitcoin, the potential adoption from Russia and positive outlook from other countries would no doubt send the price upwards.

bitcoin halving

An Unexpected Halving

In economic theory, a perfect market assumes that all knowledge is available to everyone immediately and at the same time. This means that in theory, when bitcoin was first made available, all investors were aware of the halving and the impact was immediately ‘priced in’ to the value of bitcoin at that time and throughout its future.

The reality, of course, is very different.

There are many unknowns with regards to the bitcoin halving. Those familiar with bitcoin will know that the mining reward is due to be cut in half at some point in July 2016, meaning that the growth in supply of bitcoin will drop by a massive 50%. However many investors are unaware of its significance and the impact of a reduction from 25BTC to 12.5BTC per reward could prove much more eventful than many have speculated so far.

While pure economists will consider the halving to be priced in already, many are anticipating that the resulting slash in mining reward will be much more of a shock than expected and the halving in itself will drive the bitcoin price surging upwards.

bitcoin china

Chinese Adoption

This is the mother of all events that could send bitcoin straight through the stratosphere and out well past the moon. The Chinese government has so far stayed remarkably and uncharacteristically ‘laid back’ with regards to bitcoin perhaps because China’s burgeoning bitcoin mining industry is playing an enormous role in the bitcoin ecosystem.

Investors could look at the lack of action from the Chinese leadership as an extremely positive signal for what might be to come in the future. With China having such strong presence in bitcoin, there is the real possibility that adoption and even facilitation of the cryptocurrency could be around the corner in 2016.

Ref: Coindesk Images: Fotolia | NewsBTC  

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been always supported by a strong community. The Bitcoin community, which started as a small group of people, has now expanded to include about 5 million people across the world. In order for any community to “tick” efficiently, it is necessary to have frequent gatherings, get-together’s and events. During such events, the whole community, or at least the important members of the community, meet and interact at one place. It helps build a feeling of mutual trust among the community members and strengthening the collective. These events also help in expanding the community further by adding new people into it.

Bitcoin events are such gatherings where people from the Bitcoin core community, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, users and curious onlookers gather. These events can be classified as tech conferences where the topic of mutual interest is Bitcoin tech, business and future of the cryptocurrency. Being a truly global community, these Bitcoin related events are frequently organized across the globe. With the new year just a month away, we decided to review the most important bitcoin events in 2016, which one should consider attending.

Date Event Place
6 January, 2016 Bitcoin Wednesday Conference Amsterdam, Netherlands
12 January, 2016 Blockchain London London, United Kingdom
21-22 January, 2016 The North American Bitcoin Conference Miami, United States
3-4 March, 2016 Bitcoin Africa Conference Johannesburg, South Africa
7 March, 2016 Blockchain Conference San Francisco San Francisco, United States
4-7 April, 2016 Europe Money 20/20 Copenhagen, Denmark
5-10 April, 2016 CoinFest 2016 Multiple Locations
11 April, 2016 Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016 London, United Kingdom
11-12 April, 2016 Inside Bitcoins New York New York, United States
2-4 May, 2016 BTC2016 New York, United States
24-25 May, 2016 Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong Hong Kong, HK
More to come –  Dates and Venues are yet to be confirmed

Bitcoin Wednesday Conference | 6 Jan, 2016

Most of the Bitcoin community members from the Netherlands probably know about the Bitcoin Wednesday Conference. It is a monthly event, organized on the first Wednesday. If anyone happens to visit the Netherlands next year, either as a tourist, on business or relocating to a new country, then consider attending it.

The first Bitcoin Wednesday Conference of 2016 is scheduled for the 6th of January, 2016 in Amsterdam (as always). It is a free event and if anyone is interested in attending, he/she should register on their meetup page in advance.

Those who might visit the Netherlands later in the year can always attend the other upcoming Bitcoin Wednesday Conferences at their own convenience.

What to expect:

It is an event for everyone — novices and experts alike. Its main aim is to promote Bitcoin and discuss the latest happenings in the sector.

Blockchain London 2016 | 12 January, 2016

Organized in the financial capital of the world, Blockchain London will attract the participation of leading fintech and blockchain companies in the region. As the name suggests, the main topic will be the Blockchain 2.0.

What to Expect:

One can expect talks and discussions on the importance of the Blockchain technology in conventional banking and finance. Special attention will be directed towards Blockchain based startups, compliance and regulations.
Tickets are available via the following link

The North American Bitcoin Conference | 21-22 Jan 2016

North America, one of the hot beds of the Bitcoin sector. After all, the Silicon Valley and one of the most bitcoin friendly countries – Canada – are in North America. The North American Bitcoin Conference — TNABC in short is a two-day event scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of January in Miami, USA.

The upcoming event is the fourth edition of TNABC and it will see executives from the likes of Overstock, Bitcoin Foundation, Blockchain Capital, Pillsbury Winthrop, Tally Capital, Gems, Factom, Ledger and more speaking at the event. Tickets for the event are already up for sale and those registering early might just land their hands on those early bird tickets!

And yes, NewsBTC happens to be one of the Media Partners for TNABC as well. Those who are not able to make it to the event can catch the updates right here and on our twitter channel too

What to expect:

Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is being increasingly adopted by mainstream banking and financial institutions. Even stock exchanges like Nasdaq is also adopting it. One can expect talks related to adoption of Bitcoin technology in these organizations, issues regarding BitLicense and other regulatory hurdles being faced by Bitcoin companies in the region etc. In addition to all these, there will definitely be talks about upcoming products, tech breakthroughs and more. Even the biggest and the newest Bitcoin companies will make their presence felt at the event.

Bitcoin Africa Conference 2016 | 3-4 March, 2016

Bitcoin Africa Conference is scheduled to be held during the first week of March, next year. Johannesburg, South Africa will be playing host to the event. Africa holds a special place in the Bitcoin ecosystem due to various reasons. Real world examples of how Bitcoin can change the economic conditions and empower people has already been demonstrated in this continent.

Africa is the testing ground for Bitcoin services. Everything that Bitcoin stands for has been experimented and proven in this continent so far. Bitcoin based applications have successfully provided alternative financial services to the unbanked and underbanked population of the continent. Kenya has proven that mobile phone based financial services like BitPesa, M-Pesa and others can work flawlessly. Bitcoin based remittance applications have gained attraction as well, thanks to reduced transaction fees and simplified fund transfer procedures.

Africa also has a strong Bitcoin startup ecosystem, giving rise to products like BeamRemit, Kitiwa, ICE3X, BitFinance, BitPesa and more. Last year’s Bitcoin Africa Conference had the country’s government entities participating in the highest levels. Some of the participants included South African Reserve Bank, South African Treasury, Financial Intelligence Agency, banks, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, enthusiasts and more.

What to Expect:

Like the previous edition, one can expect the active participation of South African Government entities, banks, fintech companies, startups, entrepreneurs and investors. The success of Bitcoin in the continent has garnered everyone’s interest. One can gain first hand insight into how Bitcoin has influenced the continent’s social and economic conditions. Entrepreneurs with startups and ideas in the sector can use the opportunity to meet investors from different parts of the world who might help deliver their dreams into reality. The conference will be more about opportunities and challenges posed by the region for implementation of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain Conference San Francisco | 7 March, 2016

It’s Blockchain and San Francisco in the same sentence! A conference about an upstart called Blockchain in the startup and tech cradle of United States. Scheduled to take place on the 7th of March, 2016, Blockchain Conference San Francisco will cover the emergence of the Blockchain technology from being Bitcoin network’s ledger to a revolutionary technology with potential to power the next generation of internet technology.

With Internet of Things becoming a reality now, the Blockchain technology perfectly fits the need for interconnected devices, appliances, smart homes and even vehicles. In the near future, one can control everything he/she owns with one simple mobile device. Also, these devices might earn their maintenance in the process. There are limited slots available for the event and tickets are already available.

What to Expect:

Talks by people currently involved in developing applications based on the Blockchain technology, panel discussions about digital currency, Blockchain, its future and implications, product demos and networking with who’s who of the industry.

Europe Money 20/20 | 4-7 April, 2016

Europe Money 20/20 is probably the largest fintech event which is not only focused on Bitcoin, but also every possible financial technology currently out there. Taking place at Bella Center, Copenhagen from the 4th till the 7th April, 2016, the event will witness attendees from global financial companies like Visa, MasterCard, Amazon, Yandex.Money, MoneyGram, in addition to executives and startups from the Bitcoin industry as well.

Some of the well-known personalities from the cryptocurrency industry like Chris Larsen from Ripple Labs, Jon Matonis from Bitcoin Foundation, Halsey Minor from Uphold, Elizabeth Rossiello from BitPesa, Frank Schuil from Safello, Peter Smith from Blockchain etc. will be among the list of close to 250 speakers participating in the event. Other speakers include who’s who from banking, finance, mobile technology, ecommerce and other industries. Kathryn Haun — Assistant US Attorney, US Dept. of Justice will also be speaking at the event
The overall event is divided into 17 categories including Disruptive Financial Inclusion, Legal and Regulatory, Cryptocurrency and Ledgers, FinTech Collaboration, New Market Research and Commercial Models and Entrepreneurship and Innovation which are directly related to Crypto-industry.

What to Expect:

It will be an action packed event covering almost everything regarding fintech under one roof. In terms of crypto-industry, more prominence will be given to upcoming technologies, startups, legal and regulatory aspects. Cryptocurrency regulation in Europe will be one of the main topics tackled during the event. Bitcoin and Blockchain based startups should definitely apply for the Startup Launchpad 360 as it will be a great platform for the startups to present their innovation and products to general session audience.

CoinFest | 5 – 10 April, 2016

CoinFest, a Bitcoin event with its origins in Vancouver, Canada has expanded to cover over two dozen nations. Started in 2013 with the intention of educating the public about bitcoin and its advantages. Now it has become a yearly affair with events organized in multiple cities across the globe, starting 5th till 10th of April. Last year, CoinFest expanded from North America to include Latin America and Europe.

Locations: If you are in any of these following cities during these days, make sure to drop by the event venues. CoinFest 2016 venues are as follows

Vancouver, Canada Toronto, Canada Niagara, Canada
Omaha, United States Kansas City, United States Tulsa, United States
Anaheim, United States Tampa Bay, United States Fortaleza, Brazil
Valdivia, Chile Manchester, United Kingdom Arnhem, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands Saint- Imier, Switzerland Copenhagen, Denmark
Helsinki, Finland Tallinn, Estonia St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia Seoul, South Korea Popayan, Columbia
Caracas, Venezuela Valencia, Venezuela Maracaibo, Venezuela
Jijel, Algeria Bou Sada, Algeria Freetown, Sierra Leone
Kumasi, Ghana Gaborone, Botswana Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Nakuru, Kenya


What to expect:

The CoinFest events will attract local crypto-community. A good place for networking and understanding the current status of bitcoin adoption in the region. It will include bitcoin users, developers, entrepreneurs, startups, enthusiasts and curious fellow citizens who are interested to know about bitcoin.

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016 | 11 April, 2016

The second offering by the London’s Fintech Innovation Hub, Innovate Finance Global Summit will cover the best of of the best in the fintech industry sector, including products and solutions developed by the Blockchain tech based startups. The event is supported by the City of London itself. There will be more focus on emerging technologies, ideas and startups.

What to expect:

The presence of personalities from the Cryptocurrency, Banking, Blockchain, Finance, Governments and Academia sectors. Talks on latest technological advancements in fintech, inclusion of Blockchain into banking, analysis and monitoring of Blockchain data etc. A special focus will be given to startups, involving pitching sessions and interaction with investors and more. The future of the Blockchain and Bitcoin in Europe’s fintech space will be decided in this event.

Inside Bitcoins New York | 11-12 April, 2016

Inside Bitcoin events are regularly held across the world. The 2016 edition of New York’s event will be held at the Javits Center on the 11th and 12th of April, 2016. The Inside Bitcoin New York event will focus more on the Blockchain technology, Bitcoin startups, Blockchain based platforms and applications, Ethereum, smart contracts, data security and more.

What to Expect

One can expect the event to be crowded with Bitcoin startups and entrepreneurs mostly. There will be professionals who are new to the bitcoin industry attending the event to learn more about the cryptocurrency and its technology.

BTC2016 | 2-4 May, 2016

BTC2016 is a Blockchain technology event organized by Digital Currency Group. The event is scheduled to take place between the 2nd and the 4th of May, 2016.

What to Expect

While the specific details about the event is not yet clear, the event is expected to address concerns regarding BitLicense and also provide a stage for New York based Bitcoin companies like Gemini and itBit. It will also attract investors and VC firms interested in crypto-sector. The future of Blockchain technology will also be at the center focus of the event. One can expect some federal government participation in this event.

Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong | 24-25 May

The Asian edition of Inside Bitcoins will be held in the region’s financial hub. Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong is scheduled for the 24th and the 25th of May, 2016. Like other Inside Bitcoin events, it is a great place to network with personalities, both local and international from the Bitcoin community. Asian Bitcoin startups, exchanges, Bitcoin based financial products makers and investors will make their presence felt at the event.

What to expect

Talks on Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, future of technology in connection with Blockchain based platforms like Ethereum, government regulations and compliance etc. Bitcoin mining will also be a hot topic at the event with representatives from Bitcoin mining platforms attending it. Apart from that, it offers a great opportunity to connect with the industry leaders, entrepreneurs etc.

While these were just the most important events that are scheduled for next year, there are even a lot more. Other events include the next year’s Latin American Bitcoin Conference, few more editions of Inside Bitcoin Events in different places and more.

This year, the Moniker Art Fair returns to east London’s iconic Old Truman Brewery for its sixth year, having firmly established itself as London’s premiere event for contemporary art rooted in urban culture.

This year’s edition, Moniker Art Fair has teamed up with global art, music and technology collective Fork The Banks, in an exciting venture to become the world’s first international art fair to accept Bitcoin payments.

Specialising in urban culture and its related genres, Moniker Art Fair will showcase approximately 20 national and international contemporary art galleries.

Frankie Shea, Director of Moniker Projects, comments:

“Over the last 6 years, Moniker Art Fair has helped forge a direct, unpretentious approach to appreciating and collecting art from a new generation of contemporary artists. With ‘Renaissance is Now’, our goal is not only to produce a visually stunning installation but to introduce Bitcoin and its benefits to the wider public”.

Moniker Art Fair

The fair will showcase the work of legendary Bristol stencil artist Nick Walker in a Moniker Projects curated immersive setting. MYA Gallery will be hosting the first UK solo show with the highly collectable French street artist Bom.k. A Star Wars inspired collection of works by Ryan Callanan and original works by French artist WK Interact will also be exhibited. Secondary market works from Banksy to Peter Blake to Takashi Murakami will also feature at the fair.

This year’s affordable limited edition prints, brought to you by JAM editions, will include Sheffield’s finest artist, illustrator and hip-hop musician Kid Acne, NYC-based artist and leading figure in the popular ‘doodle’ art style, Jon Burgerman and Ben Eine.


All food and drink at Moniker will be overseen by Assemble London, the latest venture from Street Feast founder Dominic Cools-Lartigue. In recent years, he has helped revolutionise the way people eat out in London with venues like Dalston Yard, Hawker House and Dinerama.

Moniker Art Fair returns for its sixth year, on October 15–18 now accepting bitcoin. The Fair will be held at the Old Truman Brewery, having firmly established itself as London’s premiere event for contemporary art with its roots embedded in urban culture.

For more information, you can visit the Moniker Art Fair Homepage.

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In October, the Digital Economy Conference aims to bring bankers, developers, startup founders, venture capitalists and executives together to talk about the future of money in a digital world and how people transact electronically.

The first financial technology (FinTech) conference in the region will touch on payments, banking, digital currencies, mobile apps, Millennials, cyber security, social media, compliance, e-commerce, retail, accounting and more.

The all-day event is October 2nd in Omaha, Nebraska, at the beautiful Holland Performing Art Center downtown, and will include keynote presentations, panel discussions, networking and an after-hours mixer. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The conference will also provide an opportunity for discussion and answers to the strategic questions being asked in boardrooms and by startups everywhere.

“The Midwest has always positioned itself, quite literally, at the center of the payments processing industry, putting the Silicon Prairie on the cutting edge of FinTech innovation,” said Edward Weniger, founder of the conference. “When you look at the entirety of our region, there are dozens of disruptive apps and companies in the space such as Dwolla in Des Moines and EyeVerify in Kansas City.”

Weniger said there is no more perfect time for an innovative financial conference with the maturity of cloud technology, the changing banking habits of Millennials and the boom of investment in financial technology startups.

Organizers are seeking industry experts and companies that are pushing the boundaries of FinTech to give keynotes about how their products and services are disrupting the sector.

Early bird tickets are on sale for $395 for corporate attendees, $275 for small business attendees and $150 for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Tickets, speaker applications and more information can be found online at

The event is being co-organized by AIM, a non-profit that is passionate about connecting people with technology and with each other. AIM is behind premier Midwestern tech events such as Big Omaha, Infotec and the Heartland Developers Conference.

CoinFest–the first decentralized convention about decentralized currencies–will be returning for 2016. Known for its open source and free-to-attend nature, as well as the cryptocurrency-only rule, the community decided to move the date from February to April.

CoinFest is building off of the success of CoinFest 2015, when it spread from Canada to being a worldwide celebration. The CCFR brought the decentralized festival to Moscow and St. Petersburg, despite the ongoing Bitcoin ban in Russia. A blockchain-based registration system was demonstrated in Colombia and Ghana, and Mr. Bitcoin made an appearance in Argentina. There was also the first CoinFest Satoshi Square in Kiev, and a Bitcoin ATM shipped to Botswana.

CoinFest 2016 begins on April 5th, the rumored birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto. Decentralization activists around the world are encouraged to organize promotional activities until the weekend, when the parties and conferences are expected to take place. The celebrations end Sunday April 10th, with the conclusion of the weekend.

At least 15 cities are already confirmed to be participating as of the time of writing. Most of them are thanks to returning organizers, such as in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the founding city of Vancouver. Some new cities have already joined the cause, however, with 2 new nodes in the American Midwest thanks to Alpha BTC and an additional newcomer in Denmark.

So far, no specific information is available about precise dates and the nature of activities. Contests, prizes, parties, seminars, and presentations can all be expected, and the number of participating cities is likely to grow significantly in the months ahead. Over the previous years, it has expanded from 1, to 3, to almost 20 locations, a growth rate which suggests mass global participation for CoinFest 2016.

To accommodate this growth, the founder has chosen to step back from his position as the main organizer for CoinFest Vancouver. Instead, the focus will be on planning the technological foundation for CoinFest’s decentralized autonomous organization, while continuing to operate the main CoinFest website and coordinate the global effort.

To begin this transition, multisignature wallets have been established for the decentralized management of finances. CoinFest Vancouver requires 7 of 10 parties to sign a transaction, while CoinFest Africa has banded together with a 4-of-6 multisig address to help raise much-needed funds. CoinFest International will soon transition to a 15-signature wallet.

No platform has yet been chosen for the CoinFest DAO, but likely candidates currently include the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. The market for DAO applications is still emerging, so the founder has chosen to focus on the logic underlying CoinFest’s structure. The end-goal is the complete removal of central authority.

Planning is still in the preliminary stages, so those who wish to be involved are welcome and encouraged to reach out. As CoinFest is free and non-profit, volunteer organizers and sponsors are required to sustain its operations. Visit for details.