Up to 40% Off Bitcoin Art Sale (7 Days)

Up to 40% off from Crypto Art For a Week

Since I have the opportunity to market directly to my potential client base through News BTC, we decided to make a campaign to increase sales to raise funds for a new major international project to be announced early 2018.

Art For Crypto and Artevo are now prepping for a new project involving VR, AI and Blockchain so should you wish to collect unique art, be involved with supporting an emerging expression and be a part of something greater than the sum of its parts – here is your chance.

“The beauty of Kivinen’s work is that his pieces can exist at separate stages in time simultaneously, making portions of his portfolio a series of interrelated works that move forwards and backwards in time, imagining different possible transformations, and allow for different future possibilities.”

— Francesca Capossela, VICE / Creators Project

This article shows multiple demo images on what your space could soon look like. We have various sizes available from 50x25cm (20x10in) up to 250x125cm (100x50in).

“Kivinen’s work had no points of reference. Unlike most local artists, Kivinen wasn’t recycling successful foreign approaches and adapting them within a local context. He wasn’t replicating a preexisting genre or playing out well known devices. Whether for better or for worse, Kivinen is – as childish as this may sound – an original.”

— Rory Winston, Cultural editor of the New York Resident August 2014

One of my previous projects with a Bollywood actress Veena Malik reached around 300 million people and helped to change the world. You can see more about this project here.

The new project will increase awareness regarding blockchain to the general public as well as feature insider topics.

“Vesa is credited for inventing an entirely new art form – Artevo is a combination of body painting, photography and image manipulation that allows to create works of incredible vibrancy and depth. I am a big fan of his Share series where extreme close-ups of single brushstrokes create a vortex-like effect with paints and textures melting into each other. His works are a symphony of emotions expressed through colour. ”

— Natalia Rubinstein, Artist Champion at Rise Art


Below you can read some of the most recent interviews regarding on what is to come

Art Dependence interview with Etienne Verbist
Artprnr with Jenny Begun
VICE / Creators project with Francesca Capossela

The offer during 16-23rd of October is as follows:

  • Bronze series: 10% discount
  • Silver series 20% discount
  • Gold series 30% discount
  • Platinum series 40% discount

Vesa is also open to private and company commissions involving these creative processes.

We accept both crypto as well as Fiat currency as payments.

To access the offer include NEWS BTC OFFER as the opening line of the email.

See the works & prices here: https://www.artforcrypto.com/

Sales, commissions and proposals at: info (at) artevo.fi

Vesa Kivinen
Visual Artist
London / Helsinki

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Niko Younts BitcoinWallet

Bitcoin has become big business, if you weren’t already aware. So it should be no surprise that bitcoin-related domain names are going for a pretty penny while on the market.

Such is the case with BitcoinWallet.com — a domain name owned by entrepreneur Niko Younts. Younts tweeted that the domain fetched a whopping $250,000. But it doesn’t end there. Younts has a similar domain, BitcoinWallets.com (plural) that is expected to bring in $200,000. That’s nearly a half-million for two domain names. The domains were registered in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

A quick Whois of the bitcoinwallet.com domain shows it’s in the possession of Alex Charfen — a self-described entrepreneur, teacher, author and speaker. It’s unclear what Charfen plans to do with the domain, but with a six-digit price tag, you can bet it’ll be serious business. (via CoinDesk)

What do you think? Vastly overpriced or worth every cent?

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The bitcoins have to come in physical form. That is, USB or hard disk drive form. Seems pretty straight-forward, doesn’t it? eBay’s president, John Donohoe, has previously hinted at the company’s interest in the digital currency, so this may be the first steps in opening up a full-fledged bitcoin market on eBay.

This information has reportedly been confirmed by customer service associates at the company, so if you’re looking to make some bitcoin sales, eBay may — just may — be a place of interest to you. (via CoinDesk)