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  • Munich Shooting No Evidence Bitcoin Darknet

    German Media Falsely Links Bitcoin and Darknet To Munich Shooting

    Bitcoin is once again making headline news related to a terror attack. According to German media outlets, the weapon used in the Munich shooting has been purchased from the darknet. As is to be expected, this person allegedly paid in Bitcoin for this item, although that has not...

    newsbtc | July 25, 2016 | 2:00 pm
  • OCC Report Virtual Currencies Cyber Threats

    New OCC Report Blasts Bitcoin For Role In Cyber Threats

    The OCC has issued a new report discussion the semiannual risk perspective. These days, financial institutions are facing many different threats in the online world. Malware, ransomware, data breaches, and social engineering are just some of the potential circumstances to deal with. No one will be surprised to...

    newsbtc | July 14, 2016 | 11:00 am
  • ISIL Funding No Bitcoin

    UK Parliament Report Shows No Bitcoin Involvement In ISIL Funding

    For quite some time now, there have been unfounded rumors about the involvement of Bitcoin in terrorist funding. A new report by the UK parliament touches upon the funding of ISIL, and where the money is coming from. It is not surprising to see zero references to Bitcoin...

    newsbtc | July 13, 2016 | 2:35 pm
  • NewsBTC_Saudi Arabia US Economy Bitcoin

    Saudi Arabia Could Cause Staggering Blow To US Economy

    The game of musical chairs between countries looking to liquidate financial assets is far from over. Saudi Arabia threatens to sell off hundreds of billions – with a b – of USD worth of American assets if the bill holding the Saudi government responsible for any role in...

    newsbtc | April 17, 2016 | 12:00 pm
  • NewsBTC_Encryption

    US Senate Committee Releases Anti-Encryption Proposal

    Encryption is a hot topic among digital currency enthusiasts, as it not only protects privacy but it is also a more secure method of dealing with various aspects of life. The new encryption bill draft by the Intelligence Committee has caused a lot of backlash, and understandably so....

    newsbtc | April 15, 2016 | 10:00 am
  • Uncategorized

    France Minister Accuses Darknet of Assisting Terrorists

    Close to the heels of Russia trying everything in its capacity to make bitcoin illegal in the country, the French Minister for Interior Affairs is not targeting the darknet. Freedom of choice and free speech have become rare commodities these days and even in those small pockets where...

    Gautham | March 24, 2016 | 7:53 pm
  • Slump Ahead For Bitcoin Startups. newsbtc bitcoin news

    Slump Ahead For Bitcoin Startups?

    Bitcoin has seen several twists and turns in its short story and has been under the lens of law enforcers on charges of aiding money laundering, terrorism, and many other illegal activities as well. Bloomberg Business article, which highlighted the drop in Bitcoin-related investments in the last quarter ($373 million...

    Guest Author | October 27, 2015 | 2:30 pm
  • Scary- IS Foreign Fighters Using Bitcoin To Fund Terror. newsbtc bitcoin news

    Scary: Islamic State Fighters Using Bitcoin To Fund Terror

    Virtual currencies such as the Bitcoin are either being used by the foreign fighters of the Islamic State (IS) or are in the process of being used, says a report by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Founded in the year1989, the Paris-based FATF is an inter-governmental body...

    Guest Author | October 26, 2015 | 2:30 pm
  • Uncategorized

    No Terror with BTC! Thanks to AML and KYC Regs

    Are you a Bitcoin skeptic? I hope not… Most of the vocal critics of bitcoin and cryptocurrency seem to be concerned about the “anonymity” associated with bitcoin transactions. According to some of them, because of the so-called anonymity, bitcoins are “made to order” for terror organizations to raise funds. Well...

    Gautham | June 7, 2015 | 3:30 pm
  • Could Bitcoin's Associations with Terrorism Lead to its Ban?

    One of the more complex aspects of global terrorist activities is to be traced in financial transactions. And it has become more challenging since the Bitcoin came into the picture. The Bitcoin anonymity favors terrorist funding Over the past few months, the United States Central Commands have been studying...

    Guest Author | February 3, 2015 | 8:45 am

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