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    Countries are Fighting to Appeal to Crypto Businesses: Sign of Massive Demand

    There is a growing battle between small European nations that are looking to boost their economies by drawing cryptocurrency and blockchain companies into their borders by introducing regulation that is friendly to the blockchain industry. Two such nations that are currently in tight competition to win the favor...

    Cole Petersen | October 5, 2018 | 5:02 am
  • altcoins green

    Binance and Bithumb Announce New Crypto Listings, Prices React

    Bithumb and Binance have announced listings of new coins, with Bithumb stating that Waves (WAVES) and ChainLink (LINK) will be joining its ranks, while Binance is adding BNB trading pair for TRON (TRX). Bithumb Adds Two New Coins Cryptos getting listed on new exchanges is always big news...

    Ali Raza | September 19, 2018 | 1:30 pm
  • altcoins

    Cryptos That Fell from Grace, Looking Back at Last Year’s Hot Altcoins

    Ethereum Classic, Bitshares, Stratis, and Waves have all lost ground to newcomers. Things change fast in the crypto sphere and today’s hot cryptocurrency may well be tomorrow’s shitcoin. Looking back at the scene a year ago in June 2017 shows a slightly different set of coins and tokens...

    Martin Young | June 8, 2018 | 1:00 pm
  • Burger King Russia

    Burger King Russia Launches Whoppercoin Token

    Russia is a country that never ceases to amaze people. More specifically, the region is quite intriguing when it comes to cryptocurrency and digital assets. It now appears Burger King Russia has issued their own token on Waves Platform. This token is known as Whoppercoin, although its use...

    JP Buntinx | August 23, 2017 | 2:00 pm
  • Why Blockchain Will Power The Big Banks In 2016

    Russian Political,Partiya Rosta Launch Blockchain Social Project

    Russia has emerged as one of the major markets for cryptocurrencies and blockchain products. Political bodies are now utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology in the country. Partiya Rosta is one such Russian political party which has created its own cryptocurrency solution to support social causes. True to...

    Gautham | April 16, 2017 | 4:30 pm
  • waves

    WAVES ICO Could Have Been Easily Confused with DDoS Attack

    DDoS attacks take the top position in the list of threats faced by the online platforms. The Distributed Denial of Service attack is a method of cyber-attack where a website or a platform’s server is overloaded by request bombardment. These artificially generated requests generally end up crashing the...

    Gautham | April 14, 2016 | 9:30 pm

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