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Unocoin is one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges in India. Started in 2013, it is among the handful of exchanges operating in the country. Apart from allowing people to buy and sell bitcoin, the company also offer merchant payment options. Unocoin has also entered into few strategic partnerships with other international bitcoin companies.

Account Types:

Unocoin has two main account types:

1. Individual Account: The individual account allows people to trade bitcoin against INR. They can also choose to use the Systematic Investment Plan to buy small chunks of bitcoin in regular intervals to increase bitcoin holdings. The Systematic Investment Plan can be set for daily, weekly or monthly investments.

2. Merchant Account: This type of account allows merchants to accept bitcoin payments from their customers. The merchant account offers both online and PoS payment options. The PoS solution can be used in combination with Unocoin PoS mobile application. Unocoin already has some of the leading Indian merchants signed up on its platform.


Being one of the early adopters of Bitcoin in the Country, Unocoin has successfully forged some strategic international partnerships. Some of the prominent partners of Unocoin includes BTCJam, and Netki wallet.

BTCJam is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, where people can lend and borrow bitcoin. BTCJam members can connect their BTCJam accounts to their respective Unocoin account to access both the dashboards in one place. Unocoin, through this partnership allows people to lend and borrow bitcoin in the Indian subcontinent.

The partnership with allows Unocoin users to exchange their Amazon gift card balances for bitcoin or INR. This option comes handy to those who work on HITs on Amazon Mechanical Turk. While the default payout option is confined to Amazon gift card balances, offers alternative options in the form of bitcoin and Indian rupees.

Unocoin users can now convert their bitcoin wallet addresses into human readable URL form using Netki’s services. The Netki wallet name is easy to remember and share.


Like any other digital currency exchange Unocoin allows users to trade bitcoin. A combination of Unocoin wallet and exchange platform allows users to buy, sell, store and transfer bitcoin. The platform ensures complete compliance with all the existing AML and KYC policies set up by the government for financial services to offer uninterrupted service to its customers.

The Systematic Investment Plan, Netki Wallet Address, BTCJam peer-to-peer lending and borrowing service and integration are some of the other additional features offered by Unocoin.

Unocoin is one of the portfolio companies of Digital Currency Group and it has also been part of the Boost VC Accelerator Tribe.

Customer service:

Unocoin is known for its quick response to customer queries and complaints. The customer support can be reached at the following link or by sending an email to [email protected] or by sending out a message on leading social networks.


The Indian Bitcoin ecosystem is still in its early stages and Unocoin has proven itself to be the leading Bitcoin platform in the country. Apart from offering the best exchange, wallet, and merchant services, the company is also actively involved in promoting the use of digital currency by conducting educational meetups, Bitcoin events and conferences.

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