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NewsBTC LocalBitcoins China

LocalBitcoins China Continues To Thrive Amid PBoC Clampdown Against Exchanges No Comments

China has always been a peculiar country when it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The PBoC's most recent efforts force exchanges to suspend bitcoin withdrawals for the time being. Contrary to what people expect, bitcoin's popularity in China has not declined all that much. LocalBitcoins trading is more popular than ever, which results in high weekly trading volumes. Bitcoin's status in Ch...

NewsBTC_NYDFS OCC Fintech Regulation

The Competition to Attract Fintech Companies Continues, EU Undercuts UK with Passporting No Comments

The year 2017 can as well be called the "Year of Fintech", thanks to the development in the fintech sector driven by blockchain infrastructure and smart contract applications. With the traditional banking and financial institutions across the world increasingly expressing interest in adopting these solutions, it is a lucrative business opportunity for many companies in the sector. The governments ...

First Global Credit HKEX Stocks

Brave New World Investments Allows Investment in Iranian Equities with Bitcoin No Comments

Bitcoin is probably one of the best inventions of the humanity in today's modern world. The universal and decentralized nature of Bitcoin is capable of erasing geographical boundaries and political differences to create an open economy. A Swedish investment company, Brave New World Investments is trying to do just that by making use of the versatile cryptocurrency. Founded by Mairtin O'Duinnin ...

bitcoin ponzi bitclub. newsbtc

Indian Politician Thinks Bitcoin Is a Ponzi Scheme No Comments

A recent statement made by one of the Indian politicians shows the lack of awareness about the digital currency among many. The politician in question is Kirit Somaiya, a Member of Parliament from the ruling party. He was reported calling Bitcoin a “hypothetical currency” and a “Ponzi scheme”. Bitcoin is one of the first and most widely used cryptocurrencies in the world. The decentrali...

SWIFT Vulnerable Hacking

Apple Denies Turkish Crime Family Hack, New Ransom Details Emerge No Comments

Earlier this week, there were reports on the media outlets stating a hacking incident affecting millions of iCloud and Apple Mail accounts. The accounts were said to be compromised by a hacker group calling themselves the “Turkish Crime Family”, who have claimed to now possess the capability to access these compromised accounts to wipe the devices associated with them. However, Apple has categ...

NewsBTC GDAX Ether Trading

GDAX Exchange Brings Ether Trading to the State of New York No Comments

It is apparent the GDAX exchange is looking beyond bitcoin to further establish its presence. While giving users an option to buy and sell bitcoin is a great step, it is only part of the company's agenda. As of yesterday, the company added support for Ether trading in New York state. An intriguing development, that much is certain. GDAX Is one of the few companies with an active BitLicense. The...

NewsBTC Bitcoin Core Network Nodes

Actual Overview of all Network Nodes Shows Bitcoin Core is Leading With Over 93% No Comments

Bitcoin enthusiasts will have noticed there is a lot of discussion regarding network nodes. It turns out things are not as black-and-white as assumed at first. A new graph goes to show over 93% of network nodes supporting Bitcoin Core. Not all of the nodes actively signal for SegWit, but the overall trend should not be ignored. An interesting statistic that deserves a lot more attention. The bi...

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Has Grown beyond Volatility Issues No Comments

The volatile nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has worked both ways. Traders peg their hopes on volatility to make money while those who prefer investing long-term dread the price fall. The very nature of cryptocurrencies has also forced various central banks across the world to issue warnings in public interest against its use. But as Bitcoin matures, the problem of volatility may be a...

NewsBTC Trezor Visual updates

Trezor Unveils Major Visual Upgrade With Many Improvements No Comments

When it comes to finding a popular bitcoin hardware wallet, Trezor is one of the top contenders. This product has proven to be quite secure and powerful. Earlier this week, the company announced a major wallet redesign that caters to customer needs. Storing cryptocurrency in a secure place is important, yet Trezor wants to make the experience even better. The Trezor team has made quite some cha...

NewsBTC Bitcoin-infinity

Bitcoin-Infinity Patch Combines Support for Segregated Witness And Blocks Scaling Up to 32MB No Comments

It appears yet another solution to scale bitcoin is being developed as we speak. A "bitcoin-infinity" patch is in the world for the Bitcoin Core client. This patch will maintain support for Segregated Witness and bigger blocks at the same time. Although this concept may sound appealing, the community's opinions on this patch are divided. On paper, the activation of SegWit will eventually intro...