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NewsBTC Bitmain Technologies Lawsuit

Bitmain Technologies And Canada’s Great North Data Involved In Legal Battle No Comments

It appears as if Bitmain Technologies have gotten themselves involved in a lawsuit. A report surfaced on CBC News, indicating a legal dispute is taking place. A Canadian data center has been sued by Bitmain Technologies their contractual obligations not being met. Great North Data feels the mining company is responsible for all of the problems, though. The legal dispute between Great North Data...

Antminer S9

BitMain Issues Firmware Upgrade for Antminers Following Antbleed No Comments

BitMain -- the leading Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer was all over the news yesterday following the discovery of a security flaw, named Antbleed. The increased negative publicity and concerns among the cryptocurrency mining community have forced BitMain to apologize publicly and offer a background about the Antbleed issue. According to the company, the "so-called" security flaw was suppos...


Unocoin’s Partnership with PayU Enables Bitcoin Purchase through Netbanking No Comments

India is an emerging Bitcoin market. The country has seen a drastic increase in demand for the cryptocurrency since late-2016. As the Bitcoin community grows in the country, leading platforms are still in the process of making the whole exchange and trading process easier for them. Unocoin, one of the “Big Four” Indian Bitcoin platforms has announced a new development which will make buying Bi...

NewsBTC Bitcoin PBoC Regulation

PBOC Official Claims Bitcoin Can’t Receive Same Legal Status as Money Due To Lack of Regulation No Comments

It has been a while since we last heard from the PBoC in regards to bitcoin. Late last week, one of the staffers mentioned how bitcoin cannot gain legal status in China. To be more specific, it can't be put on the same level as fiat money. This is due to the lack of AML and KYC regulations in place as of right now. A very odd sentiment, although this comment is not entirely surprising either. C...

Antminer S7 Most Efficient and Powerful Bitcoin Miner to Date.

Antbleed Security Flaw Poses a Threat to Miners Operating BitMain Equipment No Comments

BitMain is one of the leading Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers in the world. The company's AntMiner range of specialized hardware mining equipment makes up for over 70 percent of all the mining hardware, which could be at risk following the discovery of Antbleed security flaw. According to reports, the serious security issue can potentially affect all BitMain devices, disrupting the Bitco...

NewsBTC SatoshiDice Scam Allegation

Has SatoshiDice Embezzled Money After Rebranding To MegaDice? No Comments

Bitcoin and gambling are two peas in the same pod. One of the more popular bitcoin gambling platforms goes by the name of SatoshiDice. However, it appears this service is no longer operational for some unknown reason. One user mentions how the platform also stole investor funds, although that's not been officially confirmed as of right now. It is never good to see platforms such as SatoshiDice...

NewsBTC Litecoin Bullish

Litecoin Continues Bullish Trend As SegWit Activation Draws Closer No Comments

There is a lot of excitement among Litecoin community members right now. The value per LTC continues to increase steadily despite some minor pushbacks. With SegWit activation within reach, it will be interesting to see how this situation evolves. Some people predict Litecoin will hit US$50 soon, although there is still a long way to go. The past few weeks have been quite intense for Litecoin us...

NewsBTC Bitstamp AML Questions

Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange Steps Up AML Requirements By Asking Customers Thorough Questions No Comments

It is not surprising to see bitcoin exchanges step up their AML requirements. The banking system requires their partners to perform thorough checks on all clients before handling their funds. Bitstamp, one of Europe's largest bitcoin exchanges, has made some major changes as well. The company is now asking detailed questions as to the origins and purpose of funds transferred to the Bitstamp accoun...


Positive Bitcoin Price Trend Expected as SEC Reviews Bitcoin ETF No Comments

Bitcoin price is again exhibiting an upward movement, thanks to the latest announcement made by the SEC regarding Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). The regulatory body had earlier last month rejected the listing of Bitcoin ETFs, almost putting an end to the dream of Winklevoss Twins. A recent regulatory filing indicates that the SEC is now planning to review its earlier decision. According t...

NewsBTC BitPay Bitcoin Refunds

BitPay Introduces A New Way To Conveniently Issue Bitcoin Refunds No Comments

One of the things the bitcoin ecosystem does not offer is a way to refund transactions. To be more specific, there is no really convenient way to do so. BitPay has been pondering this problem and come up with a potential solution. Any merchant using the company's service can now issue full refunds to bitcoin customers with relative ease. It is good to see merchant service providers focus on th...