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Bitcoin Price Watch; 1300 Just Around The Corner! No Comments

Another day done in our bitcoin price trading efforts is drawing to a close, and it's been one that has been pretty good to us. We noted in our coverage this morning that the bitcoin price seemed to be settling down a bit, and that we we're expecting some degree of sideways trading today, as price ranged into a consolidation period. We set up a range that was capable of taking advantage of brea...

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PEY Offers Bitcoin Payroll to T3N Using Bitpay’s Solution No Comments

We can send funds across the world using bitcoin, we can also use it to pay for goods and services and we can also trade it against other currencies and commodities. When we can do all these things with bitcoin, why can't we just get paid in the same digital form which we can spend comfortably? Actually, we can. There are many such services that allow companies to pay their employees' salaries ...

Bitwage Releases Cloud Savings and Helps the Unbanked No Comments

Bitwage is making international payroll better and easier. Companies using Bitwage reduce payroll costs, increase transfer speeds, and have access to unique payroll tools that cannot be offered through traditional means. The average cost of paying employees overseas is 8% from flat fees and exchange rates, 3-5 business days and the stress of having no insight into payment flow process. Bitwage ...