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    eToro Market Update: Say No to Currency Contagion

    Hi Everyone, Once again the deteriorating relationship between the United States and Turkey is leading the news. The Lira is sliding again and it does seem to be bringing some of the other emerging market currencies with it. As we’ve been saying throughout the week, it’s very possible...

    Gautham | August 17, 2018 | 1:42 pm
  • Color, color platform

    Color: Revolutionizing the dApps Industry

    Recent surveys have shown that there is a huge demand for blockchain developers. The rise in demand is due to increasing adoption of decentralized technology among various industries. Being a new technology, the number of people with the required expertise to develop decentralized applications, better known as dApps...

    Gautham | June 12, 2018 | 7:00 am
  • smoke network

    Blockchain Cannabis Social Network To End Online Cannabis Censorship

    Despite growing calls for legalization across the globe and in the US, many marijuana users and businesses are regularly targeted by large media organizations and subject to discrimination based on outdated and misguided anti-marijuana laws. At Smoke Network we offer a solution for marijuana users and business in...

    Gautham | February 10, 2018 | 6:00 pm
  • Crime

    Kidnapped EXMO Analyst Found Safe, Company Releases Statement

    A recent event involving the abduction of an employee of one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms caused a stir in the community. The employee, Pavel Lerner– an analyst at EXMO, a UK based exchange was reported to have been kidnapped by a group of unidentified people in a...

    Gautham | December 29, 2017 | 6:00 pm
  • GenieICO, crowd-genie

    NewsBTC Interviews the CEO of Crowd-genie

    Crowdfunding has become a very important fundraising tool across various sectors including startups and non-profits. However, with the rising popularity of blockchain technology and the concept of ICOs, many new projects are increasingly adopting crowdsales and crowdlending as the preferred method of fundraising. But the rise in trend...

    Gautham | December 21, 2017 | 8:06 pm
  • New Slack Scam

    ICO Scammers: A New Breed of Cybercriminals?

    A rise in the number of cryptocurrency projects and hence the ICOs has opened up a lot of opportunities for different kinds of people to make a quick buck. While most of these opportunities are clean and legitimate, there are some which aren’t, and can be classified as...

    Gautham | December 8, 2017 | 12:32 am
  • NVB, Native Video Box

    Native Video Box Aims High with Video Advertising ICO

    Going up against YouTube may seem like a fool’s errand, but even if the video giants control 95% of the market worldwide, the remaining 5% can still be an attractive market. An up and coming company from Russia has set its sights on this (and maybe more), using...

    Gautham | November 30, 2017 | 8:00 am
  • SophiaTX

    SophiaTX Reveals New Details; Confirms Date for Token Generation Event

    Token Generation Event confirmed to begin on December 5th 2017 Demo-prototype of the platform and first-net announced at event in Zurich Recently published white paper reveals further details of the platform’s functionality SophiaTX, the first open-source platform to integrate blockchain with SAP and other ERP, CRM and SCM...

    Gautham | November 25, 2017 | 9:30 am
  • confideal

    Interview: NewsBTC With Petr Belousov, CEO of Confideal

    Most of the applications of the Blockchain technology is driven by the smart contracts, which have the capability of automating decision making and execution in most of the settings. As most of the big names across industries pour money into creating and implementing these smart contracts into their...

    Gautham | October 31, 2017 | 9:59 pm
  • nakamotox, cryptocurrency, trading

    NakamotoX – NextGen Digital Asset Trading Platform Announce Release

    The Alpha release of NakamotoX, a next-generation bitcoin, and digital asset trading platform, has been announced. Once the release is launched, the company will start inviting users to test its features and capabilities. The company, based in the Czech Republic, has been extensively working on blockchain and cryptocurrencies,...

    Gautham | October 15, 2017 | 5:20 pm

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