Covesting Announces Partnership with Arbitrage Crypto Trader

Covesting, the Cryptocurrency copy-trading platform, has announced this week that they have partnered with Arbitrage Crypto Trader. Aribtrage CT is a project which focuses on a program they have already designed and tested which allows arbitrage between two exchanges. In the current Crypto-trading environment, there often exists vast differences between prices for the same token on different exchanges. This largely happens because of geographical differences. For instance, Bithumb, the largest exchange in Korea, had ETH selling for over $900, while GDAX, American, priced ETH over $100 lower at $780 just several days ago.

Arbitrage CT’s program allows traders to conveniently place inter-exchange arbitrage trades to take advantage of market variation. The working product has already been tested on several exchanges.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader program is designed to automate this entire process. Once a trader connects his two accounts, on two different exchanges, it will automatically monitor the coins with the highest spread. With a few clicks, the trader can purchase from one exchange, transfer to another exchange, and sell it with ease, speed, and accuracy. Currently bot is in testing mode and you can see daily stats of the product in action at

The opportunity for Covesting lies in exclusive rights to use the arbitrage bot on an agreed upon list of crypto-pairs. Covesting will be integrating the Arbitrage CT bot into its system and users will be able to take advantage of price differences between exchanges, apart from subscribing to professional traders. Upon launch, users will be able to profit whenever a coin is selling at two significantly different prices on two different exchanges, using the Covesting platform itself.

Covesting’s own ICO recently completed, raising over $20m. The partnership with Arbitrage CT comes as more good news before their exchange listing on HitBTC on January 20th.

You can also find Covesting on social media:


Contact: [email protected]

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A recent event involving the abduction of an employee of one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms caused a stir in the community. The employee, Pavel Lerner– an analyst at EXMO, a UK based exchange was reported to have been kidnapped by a group of unidentified people in a black Mercedes Benz while he was leaving work in Kiev, Ukraine on December 26, 2017. According to recent reports, the abducted EXMO has since been found and the company has established contact with him earlier today.

Following the latest developments, EXMO has officially released a statement addressing concerns regarding both the health of Pavel as well as the security of user funds on the platform. The official release from the company states —

“Pavel holds a role of a leading analyst at EXMO, and is a blockchain expert who leads an array of personal blockchain startup projects not related to the operations of the EXMO platform.

On December 26, Pavel was captured by a group of unknown masked people, and all the connection with him ceased for several days. On December 29, we managed to get a hold of Pavel. At the moment, he is safe, and there was no physical harm inflicted on him. Nevertheless, Pavel is currently in a state of major stress, therefore, he will not provide any official comments in the coming days.

The case is currently under investigation by the state security authorities.

We would like to note that the story of Pavel’s abduction has overgrown with rumors that might tamper with the official investigation. That said, EXMO currently refrains from any comments or suggestions of own versions of the possible scenario, until the end of the investigation.

We would also like to point out that Pavel’s activity at EXMO did not involve an access to financial assets of our users. Despite the aforementioned, the platform continues its usual operations.

EXMO team is deeply grateful to the cryptocurrency community and the media for their active support. We promise to timely provide any updates on the situation.”

The abduction was widely reported in all mainstream as well cryptocurrency media outlets and in few cases, Pavel was mistakenly reported as the CTO of EXMO.  In addition, the platform also became a target of DDOS attack during the same time span, causing panic among many EXMO customers. There were fears of the kidnappers coercing information from Pavel and using it to siphon off funds from the platform.

These concerns were addressed by the company by stating,

” …Despite the situation, the exchange is working as usual. We also want to stress that nature of Pavel’s job at EXMO doesn’t assume access either to storages or any personal data of users. All users funds are absolutely safe.”

With Pavel found safe and sound, the company is refraining from making any statements at the moment due to the ongoing investigation into the alleged kidnapping. More information from law enforcement agencies and EXMO is awaited.

Crowdfunding has become a very important fundraising tool across various sectors including startups and non-profits. However, with the rising popularity of blockchain technology and the concept of ICOs, many new projects are increasingly adopting crowdsales and crowdlending as the preferred method of fundraising. But the rise in trend has also created uncertainties regarding the authenticity of the campaigns among the contributors, which has started to pose a huge challenge to genuine projects and businesses.

Now, Crowd-genie is a platform which is introducing a safe and secure business lending solution that makes it easier for small businesses to borrow funds in the time of need. The platform has various safety features in place to ensure reliability. In addition, it also holds a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which puts Crowd-genie in the league of very few platforms of such standing. We interacted with the CEO of Crowd-genie, Akshay Mehra to gain some insights into the industry sector and their operations.

NewsBTC: Why is licensing so important? How difficult is it to get in Singapore? 

Akshay Mehra: Being registered and licensed are two different stories. As peer to peer lending platform involves enormous monetary transactions, a securities license is crucial for regulated lending activities. It’s never an easy task and the application process requires time and effort. In order to get the MAS “Dealing in Securities” license, it took us few months to go through our internal operation processes with the regulatory board, to convince them that our platform is credible.

In general, apart from the minimum capital required, we are required to have a solid compliance manual to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing activities, and protect the interest of borrowers and lenders by having an Escrow Agent who manages all funds. Lending activities also need to be recorded and submitted to MAS on a regular basis.

NewsBTC: Can you please explanation of how reputations coin work?

Akshay Mehra: The biggest concern that any lender has is the risk of default. Hence, the borrower should be rewarded if they have excellent past payment history, by lowering the interest rate. For each repayment, from the borrower to lenders, we will incentivise on-time payment by adding CGCOIN “Credits” to the borrowers’ wallets. This will be a spendable asset that will be tracked separately in the Digital Passport. The more CGCOIN Credits earned, the higher their reputation, and that in turn, will increase their chances of getting higher investments from more lenders and/or a lower interest rate. This will add an additional data point to our AI credit assessment system which will add greater depth to our credit assessment. Similarly, for the lenders, CGCOIN could be given to reward speed of deal closure or engagement in the Crowd Genie ecosystem.

NewsBTC: Why is there a need to create a token-based lending platform? 

Akshay Mehra: Token-based lending was created in order to build a private capital hub for Asia Pacific using smart contracts to enable lending without borders more efficient, cheaper and safer. Our ultimate goal is to build an Asset Trading Exchange that will democratise trading and allow investment in infrastructure, stocks, cryptocurrency, and bonds across Asia. Although our existing P2P digital loan business is incredibly innovative in the Singapore financial sector, it would have been impossible to scale and offer Asia-wide asset trading before blockchain technology was introduced. To build and scale an asset exchange with pre-blockchain technologies would be prohibitively expensive, and potentially unfeasible due to issues of transparency and trust.

NewsBTC: How will the funds raised be utilized?

Akshay Mehra: In order to build towards our vision of becoming the first Asia wide Asset Exchange on Blockchain, we need funds to expand our current loan book to make it more established. Secondly, we need funds for regional expansion and we foresee that there will be costs incurred for the relevant licenses in other countries. Thirdly, we need to recruit more experts to build up the entire ecosystem, a solid and well supported one.

NewsBTC: Who are your team members?

Akshay Mehra: Our team consists of experts covering the aspects of payment security, technology, debt capital, cryptocurrency, and business development. Me myself was the board advisor at Anchanto e-commerce, brand management head at P&G and Principal Consultant at Innosight before founding Crowd Genie. Our co-founder, Mr. Bikash has more than 20 years of retail banking experience with Standard Chartered and he was the former COO of Standard Chartered Korea.

 NewsBTC: Anything you would like our readers to know? 

Akshay Mehra: Yes, they can keep an eye out on the development of the platform. We will be working according to the Roadmap / Expansion plan as shown below.


More information about Crowd-genie and its ICO is available at –

A rise in the number of cryptocurrency projects and hence the ICOs has opened up a lot of opportunities for different kinds of people to make a quick buck. While most of these opportunities are clean and legitimate, there are some which aren’t, and can be classified as “borderline extortion.”

For any crowdsale or an ICO be successful, the promoters of the project have to work hard and even spend a small fortune on marketing and promotional campaigns, so that they can build trust among the community members, who will, in turn, contribute towards the project.  If there are any doubts about the legitimacy of a project, community participation in the crowdsale could be severely impacted, leading to a failure of the ICO and in turn the project itself.

Given the scenario, various reports have emerged where crypto-project promoters and developers were approached by people claiming to help in promoting the project and crowdsale over various platforms for a hefty fee. While one can’t really comment on their efficiency, turning them down could turn detrimental to the project. According to few people in the industry, these “so-called” influencers have threatened to malign the project when their services are turned down. It is claimed in few cases that some of them have attempted to extort money from the project creators, and when their demands aren’t met, the projects were targeted with negative comments and reports on BitcoinTalk, other forums, and social media platforms.

In recent days, one of the projects Zabercoin has claimed that it is being targeted by someone in a similar fashion.  Juan Engelbrecht, the CEO of Zabercoin offering details about the ordeal said,

“We were recently approached by an individual by the name of Alexander Moyo on Facebook (FB). He threatened us with a bad review on our ICO page if we refuse to pay him for a favorable review. Since Zabercoin is a company with integrity and high morals, his request was declined. “

Following the rejection, the person allegedly launched a smear campaign against Zabercoin by repeatedly posting bad reviews on Facebook by using different accounts. These messages posted in every three-minute intervals further escalated beyond the social network to Twitter and BitcoinTalk. The result of such an attack is said to have caused some damage to the company’s reputation.

“According to my knowledge and analysis, we have one of the strongest FB followings for an ICO. For example, Zabercoin has more than 65,000 followers and only had 5-star ratings before him.  We had no other choice but to remove all these negative and harmful reviews on FB, after which he added “SCAM” to all our FB posts. Thereafter this individual by the name of Alexander Moyo was blocked on FB.

Unfortunately, his blatant abuse did not stop with FB. He continued to victimise Zabercoin ICO by inserting the word “SCAM” to several of our posts on Twitter from @tokenspot. Subsequently, this individual was also blocked on Twitter.

As if his victimisation on FB and Twitter was not enough, he continued with this unethical and abusive practice on our BitcoinTalk (BTT) threads only five minutes after he was blocked on Twitter. He claimed that our website has a Trojan which is a very negative post. The user is strangely enough also based in the London area. The Zabercoin management team feels extremely disappointed, victimised and helpless since it was through no fault of them. The team replied with a link to verify that the website is clean:   “ – type our URL – all is clean!”

While speaking to NewsBTC, Engelbrecht expressed serious concern about the attack and the damage it could potentially cause not just to Zabercoin but also other projects which could become his next targets. He also urged the community to beware of such scammers who could end up destroying the whole ecosystem. At the same time, using the opportunity to defend his company against these allegations, he offered the following statement.

“As CEO of Zabercoin and a person of integrity and high morals, I strongly believe in our very innovative and good product. Therefore, I have serious concern for such unlawful victimisation not only towards us as a company but also towards other new and upcoming ICOs in the future. The crypto community should make it a priority to address such undeserved abuse and unacceptable behavior towards upcoming ICOs since launching an ICO is a very costly process.

Our website is SSL certified, contract audited by ICOrating, all team and advisor members can be verified on social platforms, our team has a proven strong track record which can be verified as well via other company websites, and then one individual dares call us a “scam”. In order for the success of crypto we need to work together to filter these scammers.”

It is indeed a cause of concern that such actors could easily destroy thousands of dollars’ worth of investment made into projects and their crowdsale with ease and it is up to the cryptocurrency community to decide how they would like to tackle such an issue. It is always advisable for those interested in investing in ICOs to conduct a thorough due diligence of any project. At the same time, they would have to keep their eyes open to spot patterns which could indicate a targeted slander campaign against the very projects they are interested in investing in. After factoring in all the inputs from various sources, it is up to the investor to decide on whether to go ahead and purchase the tokens or not.

Going up against YouTube may seem like a fool’s errand, but even if the video giants control 95% of the market worldwide, the remaining 5% can still be an attractive market. An up and coming company from Russia has set its sights on this (and maybe more), using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to sound out the possible future of internet advertising.

Native Video Box resembles YouTube in the same way that cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banks. It is an independent native video platform with a native ecosystem approach to advertising. In the current advertising industry, up to 70% of advertisers’ money is taken by intermediaries before it reaches the publisher. Today, with cutting-edge technologies of programmatic advertising, blockchain and tokenization, NVB has a chance to change the way the game is played.

In contrast to traditional services, NVB gives 75% of its advertising revenues to those who truly create content and deliver it to the viewer: the owners of video content (15%) and website owners (60%). Alexander Shishov, NVB founder and CEO, says “All of this gives our network an enormous advantage of organic growth, attracting the best platforms and licensed video content for a reasonable fee, which will thus be very attractive to advertisers.”

Native Video Box (NVB) was originally launched in Russia in early 2016 as a native video platform for websites with editorial content. They have since developed an MVP with machine learning that has acquired local business traction and are now refactoring the project to go global and implement blockchain as a cutting-edge adtech service. Its marketing and development team remains based in Moscow, but, as Shishov says, “the rest are spread out all over the world – just like our platform.”

A key advantage that NVB has over native advertising systems such as Taboola and Outbrain is their selection, based on machine learning, of video that is 100% relevant to the content of the page (and not to the user, in contrast to a service like YouTube) and a proprietary brand safety algorithm.

An advantage over systems such as Plista and Engageya (which are also partially oriented to monetizing through video advertising) is the large selection of inexpensive and relevant videos, due to NVB’s close cooperation with video bloggers and content creators.

Mr. Shishov remarks, “We don’t have direct competitors: for now, we are the sole platform that offers a turnkey solution for making money on video advertising for sites that don’t have sufficient quantities of their own video content in. Video bloggers are also given the chance with a single click to distribute their videos beyond the audience of the normal video hosting sites, and make a good income doing so.”

NVB is currently working towards the launch of an ICO on January 1. The ICO will offer an ERC-20 product token, which does not burn up by default on use; however, NVB reserves the right to burn up to 100% of the tokens that it receives in payment to service the operation of the system. The ICO has a hard cap of $15 million ($500,000 for the pre-ICO and $14.5 million for the main stage of the ICO).

The NVB token is an internal currency: all transactions among system participants are carried out exclusively in tokens. To buy advertising views, advertisers will have to acquire NVB tokens. Because NVB tokens are a cryptocurrency, they are a simple way to make payments to each individual blogger or site in any country worldwide, which solves the issue of regulatory documentation or settling financial claims, and also the problem of the high commissions of fiat banks (for currency exchange).

The pre-sale of tokens starts December 1 and runs to December 31, in two phases: in the first phase (December 1-15), the minimum for participation is $5,000. A 50% discount will be given to early backers, where 1 NVB token is equal to $0.50 rather than $1.00. In the second phase (December 16-31), minimum purchase will be $1,000.  At this stage, a 25% discount will be available, where 1 NVB token is equal to $0.75 rather than $1.00.

After this, the main body of the ICO starts January 1, 2018 and will run to February 28, 2018.

NVB is being advised by ICOBox, the global leader in the ICO market. ICOBox founder Mike Raitsyn calls NVB “a unique, intriguing project, which should greatly benefit from the opportunities afforded by its ICO. An ICO represents an opportunity to really get a project going, to bring a certain kind of conceptual model to life. Startups can be at various stages when they make their ICOs; some have already completed part of the project, others have only a great idea and huge ambitions.”

Nikki Stewart, founder of CSCC Media, a media marketing professional with more than a decade’s experience in digital media and internet communications, comments that “Native Video Box brings together the most cutting-edge video ad technologies in an entirely new ecosystem, created to benefit publishers and content creators.”

For more information, see the NVB website.

  • Token Generation Event confirmed to begin on December 5th 2017
  • Demo-prototype of the platform and first-net announced at event in Zurich
  • Recently published white paper reveals further details of the platform’s functionality

SophiaTX, the first open-source platform to integrate blockchain with SAP and other ERP, CRM and SCM systems, has confirmed that it’s Token Generation Event (TGE) will begin on December 5th, 2017.

The company has also unveiled a working Proof of Concept and recently published a white paper revealing significant new details on its functionality and potential for businesses of all sizes.

Pipeline of customers for practical business uses

 Details in the white paper reveal the limitations of the current blockchain, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, and SAP’s own Blockchain-as-a-service (Baas). These systems do not provide sufficient privacy, speed or features which would allow mainstream adoption by businesses.

In contrast, SophiaTX has the potential to transform cross-industry business practices, with customers already in the pipelines for three major applications:

  • One-to-one Document Exchange will use blockchain to ensure that both the sending and receiving parties of business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, timesheets, deliver notices and quality inspections acknowledge the transaction.
  • Multi-party Information Exchange will allow multiple parties to collaborate and transfer information efficiently, whilst also providing sufficient transparency and verification to allow a fair and trusted reward of bonuses and penalties across a business ecosystem. For example the blockchain will allow the synchronization of delivery dates for multiple vendors on a shared project, or a collective maintenance effort with coordinated work schedules and shared rewards.
  • Multi-party Collaboration across Value Chain (Track and Trace) allows verified information to be tracked from the manufacturer to the end consumer, providing a track and trace system for pharmaceuticals, food, luxury goods or other commodities. It could also be used to provide extended warranties, and will allow companies and consumers to verify and communicate supply chain integrity.

Token Generation Event to commence on December 5th 2017

The platform is fuelled by the SPHTX (SophiaTX Token), which covers mining and transaction fees; allows access and subscription to the development platform; and facilitates marketplace and in-app purchase.

The SophiaTX TGE will last for 10 days, with five rounds of 30,000,000 tokens available. The hard cap of the SPHTX TGE is 115,000 ETH, but there is no soft cap; the project will go ahead regardless of the amount raised. Any unclaimed tokens which remain at the end of the TGE will be proportionally distributed to investors in line with their existing SPHTX stake.

The TGE will allow the general public to obtain the SPHTX token before its release on any major exchanges and will provide the many supporters of the project with an opportunity to be directly involved. Funding generated will go directly to the development, marketing and ongoing management of the project and the overall platform, with 80% vested for two years after the initial generation.

Proof of Concept demonstrates functionality

The SophiaTX team also revealed a working proof-of-concept (PoC) to a select group of attendees in Zurich. The PoC demonstrated how businesses can use blockchain to transparently and reliably exchange information between their enterprise systems in real time, with a customer invoice directly created in one SAP system automatically transferred via SophaTX testnet to another company using a different SAP system.

“The information exchanges such as these can connect companies in many different ways, drive significant cost efficiencies and even completely redefine how companies collaborate.” said Jaroslav Kacina, SophiaTX CEO. “Data is encrypted and sent securely over our testnet and then processed by the receiving system in a matter of seconds.  Using traditional methods such as the Post or EDI would take a much longer time to process, the traditional mechanisms also don’t provide the security which our solution provides or the proof of delivery which is intrinsic to the Blockchain technology”

About SophiaTX

SophiaTX is a blockchain platform and marketplace for businesses of all sizes, and the first open source platform to primarily integrate blockchain technology with SAP and other enterprise systems. 74% of transaction revenue worldwide touches an SAP system, and SophiaTX provides a business-appropriate blockchain for B2B collaboration and communication.

Most of the applications of the Blockchain technology is driven by the smart contracts, which have the capability of automating decision making and execution in most of the settings. As most of the big names across industries pour money into creating and implementing these smart contracts into their organization’s operations and workflow, smaller players with limited funds are left scampering, finding the most viable method to keep up with the evolving industry standards. In such a scenario, Confideal – a blockchain project claims to be on a mission to address various issues and solve the needs.

We at NewsBTC connected with the CEO of Confideal, Petr Belousov and asked him few questions to get to know the project better and to understand whether it really has something exciting in store for the masses.

Q: Confideal has been making a lot of noise lately in the cryptocurrency community. The platform claims to make smart contract creations walk in the park. Can you please elaborate on it?

A: The main idea is pretty well known in the crypto world: we have a very simple idea to build an ecosystem that will allow to build smart contracts from templates and as the final flourish – add the arbitration module to that. Thus, this kind of transparency is a great thing in the ICO world. The simpler the project is the easier it will be to keep all promises brought to life.

We are interested to implement all of the above to the fast growing IoT sphere.

Q: How different is Confideal from other platforms that claim to do the same?

A: The trick is that they all start to copy some things from our service. However, our competitors only build the arbitration or the templates. We are, however, building an ecosystem for both of those features. Moreover, the biggest and the main difference that other projects have only the idea of the project without a ready to use product. We have an MVP (minimum viable product) and we are working on new templates to bring them to life. Other projects have only their websites with white papers, without a ready product. In fact, only 16% of all ICOs have a ready to use product and that makes us somehow unique.

Q: Is this platform being built keeping a particular industry in mind? Where do you see the platform implemented the most?

A: There is certainly nothing particular, we have the most basic smart contract template that can suit every industry out there. To elaborate: we will introduce smart contracts with special purposes like freelancing, IoT sphere that will be supplied with sensors in order to make our smart contracts work in a proper way. Moreover, we are interested in doing smart contracts for renting or selling real estate and so many other things.

Q: Regarding the ICO, how much are you planning to raise and what will it be used for?

A: We want to raise 70,000 ETH. For what, you will ask? In order to have the ability to carry out the necessary heavy projects. The real arbitration with real law firms implemented into the ecosystem; IoT integration etc. To connect all this with hardware (for example plug your refrigerator to the blockchain, making it order the products all by itself).

Q: Any partnerships or industry associations in the making?

A: Yes, of course, we have partnerships. It is hard to survive as a business or a startup nowadays without a normal partnership. We have partnered with a lot of new projects and we will release a press release about that, just before our ICO.

Q: Do you think there will be an impact of the ICO ban in China and other places on Confideal’s crowdsale?

A: Well, on the one hand, I think it can have an impact on it, for the simple reason to lose the investors from China. However, on the other hand, we targeted our project globally and we don’t think will have an impact.

Q: Future plans?

A: We have built a very precise plan for the future in our Roadmap. You can take a look at it on our official website:

Well, looks like Petr aced it with the last question, by implying that the team has everything in place to make their vision a reality pretty soon. With the crowdsale round the corner, we will continue to keep an eye on the developments and appraise the readers of any significant news from their end.

The Alpha release of NakamotoX, a next-generation bitcoin, and digital asset trading platform, has been announced. Once the release is launched, the company will start inviting users to test its features and capabilities. The company, based in the Czech Republic, has been extensively working on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, their mining and system design, since 2012.

The Objective Behind NakamotoX

The company aims to offer the best quality, low-cost and highly user-friendly interface combined with a powerful trading platform for both beginners and experienced professionals. Apart from customization capabilities, its state-of-the-art technology provides the highest security and reliability.

The Project Background

The team started the platform’s development with a field-tested matching engine that is able to execute thousands of trades without any unresponsive UI or lags. The platform provides numerous decentralized features.

The team behind NakamotoX and its Alpha release, possesses expertise in digital assets, cryptocurrencies and trading. The strong technical background of the team has helped a great deal in forming one of the biggest cryptocurrencies exchanges in the world, in the form of NakamotoX.

The Features of NakamotoX Platform Alpha Release

The key features of NakamotoX platform includes highest security standards, integration of the fastest and most trustworthy trading engine that is capable to handle transactions at the rate of 1M/s, full data encryption and storage according to GDPR, voluntary compliance to EU AML directives, fully decentralized infrastructure, risk engines procedures derived from standard banking systems, quick settlements via pre-defined limits and extended support for FIAT withdrawal options.

Easy Sign-up Process

It takes just a few seconds to sign up for NakamotoX. Just enter your name and email address and you will get log-in credentials. The log-in process is completely secured by password-less login using TREZOR device. NakamotoX ensures that all user funds are secured by multi-sig, HSM and safely reserved in cold storage secured by HW wallets.

The NakamotoX team defined the platform as:

“NakamotoX has a simple and easy-to-use interface that ensures a straightforward trading experience for beginning and advanced traders. The exchange is also fully responsive [and] is available on all desktop and mobile browsers with Android and iPhone apps coming soon.”

With Alpha release, NakamotoX aims to bring a transparent, versatile and efficient Bitcoin exchange for the cryptocurrency community.

To know more about the platform and be updated with its latest news and happenings, please visit

DIGI Token is one of the prominent cryptocurrency platforms at the moment, trying to create an entire ecosystem including a revolutionary marketplace for the digital goods segment. We, at NewsBTC caught up with the founder of DIGI Platform — Faisal Ghaffar to know a bit more about what they have set out to achieve. We threw a set of questions at him, and Ghaffar’s response to those questions are listed below.

Q:  Can you please explain how DIGI aims to revolutionize the digital goods industry?

A: We feel creating a platform that is accessible without banking restrictions, aims to solve copyright issues and reduces the high commissions digital content creators face is the key formula which will ensure we are the largest platform of its kind.

Q: How is DIGI Platform different from other existing platforms and services?

A: The main difference is the DIGI Token, this will remove the need for commission levels that authors are used to and enable us to offer a solution to the issues faced in this industry that I have previously mentioned. The DIGI Token itself will be an exclusive token which will only be used on our platform giving us full control and focus on growing the value.

Q: Some of these platforms have already integrated or planning to integrate Bitcoin payments. How is that going to impact the DIGI ecosystem? 

A:  We do not feel this will have any impact on our ecosystem at all. One of the reasons is that we will be first to market with our opportunity and our offering. Platforms will be able to include cryptocurrency such as bitcoin as a form of payment but will find it extremely difficult to change their working business model, especially changing their commission models. Bitcoin and other cryptos can have volatile highs and lows based on external factors unrelated to the platform which they are compatible on, with the DIGI Token we aim to eliminate this as our focus is solely on the DIGI Platform and Token.

Q: What made you think of creating an alternative to the existing solutions?

A: It all stems from my previous experience with a website templates platform which I founded. It was successful to an extent but I faced many challenges and issues along the way. This was acquired in 2015, and ever since I have been trying to formulate a strategy for a worldwide platform that could solve these core issues. Raising the funds through an ICO, the creation of a digital currency and Blockchain technology has made it possible in many ways.

Q: At what stage is the project currently in?

A: We have already started Phase 1 of our roadmap. This includes the UI for the DIGI wallet and platform with an aim to start development earlier than projected. We are also in discussions with exchange platforms for listing the DIGI Token. We are very confident in the delivery of the project and are ahead of schedule.

Q: What does DIGI Token intend to do following the ICO? 

A: Following the ICO we will continue as per our roadmap and launch this project on or before schedule. The workload is immense but we are fully prepared and ready to go. It now falls down to contributors to help us get this project off the ground and make this a success.

Q: Do you have plans for any partnerships with existing players or digital content providers? 

A: Our plans are to partner with existing providers who create great digital products. I already have a lot of successful contacts in the industry who would be keen to join. The plan is there but we have to take a step at a time to ensure longevity and a successful business.

Q: Anything you would like our readers to know about?

A: Well the token sale ends in less than a week and we would love your readers to find out more about us and contribute. Also, the current rate for our token sale is 1 ETH = 600 DIGI, and we do have some fantastic bonus opportunities that are listed on our website for our contributors.

Visit to find out more and contribute!


As bears increase their sell pressure today, a tight trading range with decreasing volumes has been maintained. With $12 worth of NEO wiped out after that 3 –bar reversal pattern on Monday, bear momentum is still in place. Earlier today, price action dipped but rose to current levels at $31.55. Also, note that sellers are in charge as shown by those stochastics sell signal with anticipated price reaction at $26. This is 02.09.2017 and 29.09.2017 lows where buyers are likely to jump in as shown on those previous occasions. If there is a break below, then there is a big chance that our target takes profit zones of $20 and $14 will be hit. Ref: Figure 1 (above): NEOUSD-Daily Chart-05.10.2017


dash, altcoin, analysis
Figure 2: DASHUSD-Daily Chart-05.10.2017

As 03.10.2017 and 04.10.2017 candlesticks closed, it was clear that prices below $286 were being rejected. Despite increased buying pressure after yesterday’s long upper wick, our selling view is unaltered. Price action is also overextended to the downside with a stochastic buy signal. Therefore, depending on how today candlestick closes, our test resistance of $323- yesterday’s highs-will be our upper limit. Break above $323 means we cancel our sell projection and wait for bullish confirmation tomorrow.


IOTA, analysis, altcoin analysis
Figure 3: IOTUSD-Daily Chart-05.10.2017

Over two days, price action had a floor at $0.52 when buy pressure was building up as shown by those discernible long lower wicks. Likewise, today’s candlestick looks like following the same trend as price action rebounded from $0.52. However, it is still ranging within 03.10.2017 Hi-Los of $0.58 and $0.52. This behavior means consolidation in the lower time frames with obvious support at $0.52 which coincidentally is at 50 period MA. If anything, the price could retest $0.58 support turned resistance trend line before resuming original bear trend. Anyway, since there is a stochastic sell signal, we hold on to shorts and see if the price will react at $0.58.


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Figure 4: Monero-XMRUSD-Daily Chart-05.10.2017

If you are keen, then you will have noticed that there is a BB squeeze in progress. Today is also the second day of low volatility inside this squeeze. Price action is trending along the 3rd leg of M-Formation and on 03.10.2017 and 04.10.2017, tested the support turned resistance trend line at $96. Remember there was price consolidation at $96 before a dip lower to $84. In my opinion, as long as the 50 period MA acts as a flexible resistance and price fail to close as a bull candle above $96, then our bear trend is valid.


Figure 5: LSKUSD-Daily Chart-05.10.2017

In this pair, price is bound clearly by support and resistance trend lines as marked in the chart. The likelihood of a breakout is high especially now that price is near the apex. The 50 period moving MA is acting as resistance and price is within 03.10.2017 Hi-Los. If prices move down and today’s candlestick close as a bear, then we enter short tomorrow and aim at $4.

Contributed by Dalmas Ngetich, an expert with 3 years in Forex, Commodity and Cryptocurrency trading. All charts, courtesy of Trading View