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Financial Inclusion Bitcoin

Bitcoin Thrives In Countries Focusing On Financial Inclusion Efforts No Comments

Financial inclusion is not a topic most developing countries in the world can deal with right now. In some regions, very few people have convenient access to a bank account. However, thanks to the boom in mobile smart devices, financial inclusion becomes easier to achieve. In fact, the countries focusing on these efforts are also seeing a significant Bitcoin growth as of late. Financial Inclusio...

India Mobile Banking Bitcoin

Failed Mobile Banking Initiative In India Creates New Bitcoin Opportunity No Comments

Even though there has been a significant increase in mobile device usage among residents of India, mobile banking will not be coming anytime soon. The country has plans to improve financial inclusion through a new set of mobile banking services. Unfortunately for them, that project failed miserably. This leaves the door wide open for Bitcoin adoption in the country, as cryptocurrency allows anyone...

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Central Banks Working on Digital Cash to Counter Bitcoin No Comments

According to a recent press release, central banks are working on issuing digital cash to counter the rising Bitcoin. A philanthropic investment firm—Omidyar Network—today announced its investment in eCurrency Mint, a relatively unknown start-up developing a technology that enables central banks to issue their digital fiat currency called eCurrency. According to a WSJ report, founder and ch...

Digital currency major NUSPAY gets new chairman No Comments

  USA based tech start-up and digital currency industry pioneer NUSPAY International Incorporated has announced the appointment of veteran Greg Wooten as its Chairman and also the global CEO. The company’s appointment of Wooten is a testament to his leadership qualities which the President of NUSPAY MD Abul Mansur himself underlined by strongly expressing hope that the appointment wil...

Solving Last Mile Finance Problem with Bitcoins

Solving the Last Mile Finance Problem with Bitcoin | Opinion No Comments

Bitcoins are becoming a strong contender in the last mile finance space. I would like to begin this article with this brave claim. And prove along the article, as to why this is true. The Chief Information Officer of Western Union, Mr.John Thomson recently expressed his opinion on Bitcoins, on the Internet. Here is an important quote; “Bitcoin as a technology doesn’t solve any problems ...