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BitcoinWallet.com Domain Name Fetches $250,000 No Comments

Bitcoin has become big business, if you weren't already aware. So it should be no surprise that bitcoin-related domain names are going for a pretty penny while on the market. Such is the case with BitcoinWallet.com -- a domain name owned by entrepreneur Niko Younts. Younts tweeted that the domain fetched a whopping $250,000. But it doesn't end there. Younts has a similar domain, BitcoinWallets....

You Can Sell Bitcoin on eBay, But There's a Catch No Comments

If you thought selling a virtual currency like bitcoin was a huge no-no on an auction and sale websites, think again. You can actually sell bitcoin on eBay -- but there's a catch. The bitcoins have to come in physical form. That is, USB or hard disk drive form. Seems pretty straight-forward, doesn't it? eBay's president, John Donohoe, has previously hinted at the company's interest in the digit...