Default featured image’s 500,000th Wallet Creator Responds to Winning LogoYesterday I posted a news blurb surrounding the imminent creation of’s 500,000th online wallet. Whoever was to create this wallet would be the lucky recipient of 10 bitcoins, or over $2,000 USD.

As it were, it looks like someone has indeed won the prize, and they’re coming out with a statement, posted on Reddit.

Here it is:

This is so immeasurably awesome! Thank you so much!

The funny thing is, I had no idea you were running a contest! I used to dabble in Bitcoins a couple of years ago (bought 5 BTC back when they were like £5 each, gutted that I sold them for £6 a few months later once I found out they were £140 each now!), and thought I’d get back into using them, so I signed up for a Blockchain account because it seemed like the most reliable online wallet provider.

Looks like I got back into Bitcoin at just the right time!

Once again, thank you so much for the coins, this is amazing!

You can view the bitcoin transaction here.

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